Breast Removal (Mastectomy)


After the surgery it is quite common for the surgeon to insert a couple of plastic tubes into certain areas of the breast, in order to help the drainage of excess fluid. If this fluid builds up this can cause pain, but it can also create cysts that might need a further surgical procedure to aspirate them. As this is another invasive surgery, your surgeon will actively avoid putting you through more pain and potential problems.
A mastectomy is an extremely difficult procedure to go through as some women feel that the surgeon has not only removed their breast but also their womanhood. Your surgeon may suggest that it is necessary to speak to a counsellor before and after having this type of surgery, as the individual may feel very disconnected with real life.

After a Mastectomy, a patient may even find it hard to accept what has happened to them. This is why seeking professional help is necessary to bring the individual back to real life and help to cope with and accept what has happened. It can be a devastating experience not only for the woman going through the procedure, but also for their families. Some surgeons feel it is necessary to have a counsellor speak to the family in order to help them accept and assist each other with the recovery process.

Q. Does my insurance cover the cost for my mastectomy?

A. The majority of insurance companies will cover the costs of your mastectomy and with this, they then must also cover the costs for any reconstructive surgeries you may have in the future. Of course it depends on the insurance company so the best way to find out is to contact them directly.

Q. How long does a mastectomy operation take?

A. Normally, a mastectomy will take around 2 to 3 hours without complications.

Q. How long do I have to stay in hospital after my mastectomy?

A. Depending on whether or not there have been any complications during your procedure, the normal stay is around 4 to 7 days. If your surgeon has inserted drains into the breasts then as soon as the drains run clear and do not have blood in them, then they can be removed and the individual can be accessed to go home.