Jennifer Hawkins and Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Hawkins and Plastic Surgery

You may have noticed that the former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has been accused a number of times for committing to plastic surgery to enhance her looks over the years. Jen has always denied ever going under the knife and has stood by her statement of eating healthy and exercising regularly.

“Women get better with age, because they are more confident with themselves. It’s all about make-up and health.” Jennifer has explained to media on a number of occasions when asked about her cosmetic enhancements.

In the past couple of days the plastic surgery accusations have upped the ante, particularly from Australian designer Tali Jatali who openly slammed Jennifer Hawkins on her Facebook page alongside a photo of Jen sporting lips that look puffier than usual and exclaiming;

“If you put more stuff in your lips, Jen, Daffy is going to want to date you. Kind regards, Queen of Fashion ME.”

We here at Plastic Surgery Hub have a great respect for the admirable supermodel/entrepreneur/businesswoman who has created a $10 million business and property empire for herself.

We think maybe Jen has had plastic surgery. We wonder why it’s so hard to admit that she has? The subject is not as taboo as it used to be with many people including celebs openly admitting that they change their look with a little help from cosmetic surgery, or should we say ‘cosmetic enhancements’ such as injectables like Botulinum Toxin (commonly known as Anti-wrinkle injections, Anti-wrinkle injections), laser and fillers.

Jennifer Hawkins is a massive role model for many young women, denying an obvious truth sets herself up as someone that doesn’t believe in the intelligence of her fans. And perhaps if she did admit to the subtle changes created by plastic surgery or enhancements, then there may not be the mass amount of public attention that always gets dished to the star when the topic of plastic surgery is raised.

Either way, it is her personal choice and her life. And yes, perhaps she is correct in saying that she hasn’t undergone plastic surgery but we can sure see some cosmetic enhancements there, yet either way we believe she looks fantastic.

From the pictures below we thought we could see Anti-wrinkle injections and a lip filler, maybe a little jaw refinement, and possibly a nose job. Can you see anything else?

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