The Corset Body Lift by USA Plastic Surgeon Dr Alex Moya

Dr Alex Moya – "The Corset Body Lift"

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alex Moya is a Miami USA native and has presented a number of talks on Major Brachioplasty, Corset Trunkoplasty (explained below), Reverse Abdominoplasty for Excess Skin Removal, plus much more.  Below is some further information on Dr. Alex Moya’s remarkable career.

Dr Alex Moya – The Corset Body Lift

Dr Alexander P. Moya is known for the revolutionary new surgical technique for comprehensive contouring of the abdomen and waistline after a significant weight loss, “The Corset Body Lift” (or corset trunkplasty). He is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon based in the United States. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He also participates in the American Board of Medical Specialities (ABMS).

Dr. Alex Moya was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He took B.S. Biology at Virginia Tech and graduated with honors. He then pursued his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine and took his internship and residency in general surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami from 1995 to 2000. He completed his surgical training with a fellowship in plastic surgery in 2002 from the University of Utah. Since then, Dr. Moya has been employed by Geisinger Health System / Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA. He is 1 of the 5 doctors at Geisinger Medical Center who specializes in Plastic surgery. He received an award for the Meaningful Use Stage 1 Certification at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in 2011.

Dr. Moya focused his clinical practice on all aspects of aesthetic / cosmetic surgery with a special interest in weight loss that led to the development of the “Corset Body Lift” or Corset Trunkplasty in 2006. Because of his new approach and abstract presentation of the “Modified Optimal Yield Abdominoplasty: A “Corset” Approach to Comprehensive Abdominal and Lateral Trunk Contouring in the Massive Weight Loss Patient,” Dr. Moya was awarded the “Sherell J Aston” in May 2009 at the ASAPS annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

For the past years, Dr. Alex Moya has presented his new technique, The Corset Body Lift (or corset trunkplasty) in numerous plastic surgery symposiums namely:

  • The Aesthetic Meeting (2003) – New York City, NY (ASAPS) – Teaching course.
  • Plastic Surgery (2012) – New Orleans, LA (ASAPS) – Instructional Course.
  • ISAPS 21st Congress (2012) – Geneva, Switzerland (ISAPS) – Free video presentation.
  • The Aesthetic Meeting (2012) – Boston, MA (ASAPS) – Teaching course.
  • Breast Surgery and Body Contouring Symposium – Santa Fe, NW (ASAPS)
  • The Aesthetic Meeting (2011) – Boston, MA (ASAPS) – Teaching course.
  • The Aesthetic Meeting (2010) – Washington, DC (ASAPS) – Video presentation.
  • The Breast Surgery and Body Contouring Symposium – Santa Fe, NM (ASAPS)
  • Plastic Surgery 2009 – Seattle, WA (ASAPS)
  • The Aesthetic Meeting (2009) – Las Vegas, NV (ASAPS) – Abstract presentation.
The Corset Body Lift overview:

According to Dr. Moya this procedure was developed to treat the mid-trunk region and can create a long-lasting feminine hourglass shape. It significantly addresses the repetitive skin rolls due to massive weight loss and greatly improves the abdominal and waistline contour to an aesthetically-pleasing body shape with less complications compared to other surgical procedures.

The Corset Body Lift requires 3 incisions that look like “H” in sideways, the midline incision which deals with the size of the waist, lower chest incision which deals with the upper waistline contour, and the lower pelvis incision which deals with the lower waistline contour. This procedure has a lasting improvement not only with the sagging skin on the lower abdomen but also the sagging on the upper abdomen which is often neglected.

Good candidates to undergo the Corset Body Lift surgery are those who are in good health, i.e., not overweight. Those who have undergone bariatric surgery such as the lapband, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, or have lost a massive amount of weight, are also good candidates for this procedure. Everybody should understand that the Corset Body lift is not intended as a procedure for overall weight loss but as a corrective procedure to help redefine the body shape after weightloss has been achieved.

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