Secrets of Ivanka’s celebrity look – what makes a beautiful face

Ivanka Trump

We have always looked to Hollywood celebrities to give us our definition of beauty. Plastic surgeons around the world are often asked to give their patients “Angelina’s lips”, Halle’s nose or Salma’s boobs. The latest celeb that seems to be taking our attention is Ivanka Trump. With her wide smile and her well-proportioned facial features, Ivanka’s look is being referred to by patients as their model to copy.

There are classic features that make someone beautiful. Typically, women and men seem to all agree that the following facial features are aesthetically pleasing, no matter what cultural background someone comes from:

Ivanka Trump

  • Full, luscious lips
  • Clear, vibrant skin
  • Well proportioned features
  • Larger eyes (not too large as to appear bug eyed)
  • A small, slightly upturned nose
  • High cheekbones and high forehead

There are other features said to be universally beautiful such as a heart shaped face, however this can be subjective depending on culture and the other facial features, and how they fit into the face. Another example is a smaller chin being said to be desirable in women. This is not always the case – in some women a stronger jawline is exactly what makes them attractive.

Why Ivanka?

People all over the world pay attention to her, and are impressed with her ability to hold her own beside her overly dominant father. Strength and poise are huge contributors to our attraction to someone and Ivanka has these in spades.

What Ivanka also has are wonderfully proportioned facial features including big eyes, cute little nose and full lips with a wide smile showing perfectly straight, white teeth. Whilst her forehead is lower than what might be typically beautiful, it actually fits in with the rest of her features perfectly and is part of what makes her unique. Not to mention her high cheekbones set into a full and heart shaped face. Of course, her perfectly plucked brows are designed perfectly to enhance and frame the rest of her face too. Her perfectly polished skin doesn’t hurt her case either.

We love unique

The tricky thing about beauty is that while we tend to love these “desirable features” on someone, it’s how it’s all put together that makes that person more alluring. In Ivanka’s case, we also love that while she’s obviously groomed and naturally beautiful, she’s also more natural and classic looking than many of the women we’ve been emulating in recent years. Take the Kardashians with their huge, overdone lips and obvious faces. Not to mention the various “housewives” reality shows taking over the world. Ivanka is the perfect antidote to this and we’re loving it.