I have had Ear Surgery (Bi-lateral Otoplasty) and this is my experience

I have had Ear Surgery (Bi-lateral Otoplasty) and this is my experience

My ear surgery was done as a 17yo by Dr Jake Lim at Castle Hill Day surgery. I remember that the first time we went to his office I was really nervous, as I had never had any form of operation/surgery before. After the initial consultation with him and speaking to his nurse Catherine, who was incredibly sweet and aided in easing my nerves, I decided to go through with the surgery.

The following visit or two (for some reason I cannot remember how many there were), ensured that I was aware of everything and was certain that this was what I wanted, and that the surgery was booked. Everyone was really helpful with it, I remember being quite picky about it being in the final week of term so that I would have lots of time to recover. After that, all I had to do was wait until the day. I received a call the day before, informing me of all the details of tomorrow (what time I had to be there, when I had to fast, etc.). I recall being quite happy that I could have breakfast and trying to eat as much as I possibly could, I thought I could make up for the fact that I was not allowed to eat anything later on. This did not exactly go plan and I remember complaining about it.

When it came to the surgery itself, the nurses were very understanding of the fact that I absolutely hate needles. They worked with my fear and I was given some “magic cream” that would numb the area and apparently, according to the anaesthesiologist, make him look like Tom Cruise or Zac Efron. I remember laughing at this before going to sleep and waking up hours later, with a nice big bandage around my head. There was a lot of Elastoplasts and tape around my head and underneath my chin.

When I slowly became coherent, the nurses helped me change and gave me something to eat. Walking was a new feeling due to the weight on my head! I vaguely remember going home, but the pain I had the next day compensated for that. I cried a couple of times because of the pain, and went through quite a few strong painkillers. Codeine was very useful.

Catherine called a few days later to check up on me and to book when I would get the bandages off. I had to have the phone on speakerphone in a quiet place to hear her! The bandages were so thick! When I finally did get them off, it did not take very long and I was surprised by the amount of bandages there were and the relatively small amount of blood on some of them. I did not look at my reflection until my mum took me to the bathroom to put a headband and beanie on. I was too scared to look initially because of what was said about the bruising. I remember being very shocked at the result. I hardly recognised myself and my hair was really gross!

Being able to finally wash my hair was a relief and nerve-wracking. I was terrified that I was going to pull a stitch, that my ears would revert, or that my ears would actually fall off!! I slept with two headbands and a beanie on for the following six weeks (the beanie was not necessary, but it made me feel more secure). I also had to sleep somewhat upright during that time period. This was kind of hard as I remember constantly waking up initially because I was uncomfortable. I did manage to adjust to it eventually.

I am looking forward to my next appointment with Dr Lim where I will hopefully be told that I can sleep properly now, and that everything is fine. I am also really pleased with the results of the surgery. It was definitely worthwhile.

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