Do Men Like Breast Implants?

Do Men Like Breast Implants?

Saying that all men like breast implants is just like saying all women like the color pink. Even so, women often associate their desirability with the size of their breasts. Society does a great job of letting us know what it thinks of big breasts, so it’s hard to look past Hollywood to the real men out there in the world.

No matter how a man personally feels about breast implants, you can bet there are men who both love them and hate them, and everything in between. But is this really the most important question to be asking?

The World of Dating

When a man is out in the world dating women, he’ll probably put more emphasis on how much he likes large breasts. When he’s talking about them with his friends, he’ll always notice the size and shape. It’s just another part of the bonding experience among men, regardless of how any particular man feels about them or not. Men are more inclined to care about breast implants when around his buddies, and it’s not always a reflection of how he actually feels about them.

Honestly, when a man gets into a serious relationship with a woman, those sorts of things start to become a perk rather than a necessity. Most of the time, the only requirement for a man is that they are present – small or large. Some may even tell you that they are averse to unusually large breasts. There are men out there who may not date a woman because they don’t like the feel of breast implants.

There have been stories of men who started off thoroughly enjoying breast implants, but as time wore on, they became more of a nuisance. No matter what the opinion, it’s been thought and said by a man before. You can bet that men have said they prefer small breasts and others have said they don’t care at all and honestly meant it.

Many men will tell you that they are far more interested in a woman’s attitude rather than the size of the parts of her body. A confident attitude in a woman can override any of her shortcomings, or perceived shortcomings.

What Men Really Care About

When it comes to sex and sexuality, men can overlook the size of breasts. Just like women appreciate a confident man, men appreciate a confident woman in bed who can freely express her sexuality. So, if you are enjoying sex to the fullest and you feel comfortable in your own skin, then there’s no reason to change. If you have a hard time really letting go in bed and expressing yourself, then you may benefit from plastic surgery. If it helps you be more confident in bed, then it might make a man’s experience more pleasurable. But don’t confuse the confidence with the breasts.

What it comes down to in this case is personal preference. No one person is going to give you the same answer as the last, so here’s a better question for you:

“Do I like breast implants?”

This is the question that really makes a difference. If you’re getting breast implants because you think other people will like you better, or someone has pressured you into doing so, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. The point of any breast augmentation is to make you feel better about yourself – not anyone else.

A breast implant takes a significant amount of financial and personal investment, so just as much investment should be made when thinking about why you are getting one or not. If you are having trouble with men or attracting men, then getting breast implants is not the answer for you.

Maybe you’ve decided you want breast implants, but you’re unsure what your partner will think of them. If you’re already planning to have surgery, then the best option is to sit down with your partner and discuss your decision. If it is a decision that you feel confident in, then they will likely be supportive.

If you’re thinking about having breast augmentation, then it’s best to have a discussion with someone you love and a qualified plastic surgeon. A surgeon from breast augmentation clinic can help you find the answer to the question that’s truly important. Once you know exactly what you want for yourself and what will make you feel better as a person, what the rest of the world wants will slowly start to slip away.

Ask yourself what you want, first.

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