Dr Steven Liew – He’s my hero

Dr Steven Liew

Dr Steven Liew – Shape ClinicTrish & Dr Liew

Whilst in Sydney recently, I was pretty excited for my appointment in Shape Clinic to see the amazing Dr Steven Liew – something I have been waiting for absolutely AGES to do! From the moment I walked into the Shape Clinic at Darlinghurst, I knew this was my kind of place.

I’m Blown Away

Dr Steven Liew's ClinicSo I’ve been having injectables off and on for about 6 years now. During this time I have been to nurses, doctor, and now a plastic surgeon, Dr Steven Liew. First, Dr Liew took the time to listen to my concerns, and he blew me away with his ability to identify exactly where on my face I needed a little recontouring to give me a refreshed and more youthful appearance. I didn’t ask what was happening, I just trusted in his ‘vision’. At one point I was like “OMG am I going to look like a blow fish?” BUT, it was only for a second!

When I finally got to look in the mirror I was so excited that I still looked like me – only better! There’s no other way to explain it. I believe I look the best I’ve looked for many years! I feel as though gravity has been given the boot and the fine lines and ‘droop’ that were starting to really bug me, have been made to almost magically disappear. What the???

I used to cringe at the thought of needles. I was one of those people who just didn’t know if I’d let anything resembling a sharp pointy thing near my face, let alone to risk it making me more beautiful! I can still remember being in my early 40’s and saying “never will I ever” – ummmm well all I can say is “never say never”.

Dr Steven Liew's ClinicI’m a Believer

I’m converted. Well, I have been for a few years now – i’ve just become another raving fan of Dr Liew anyway! His gentleness, intuitiveness and understanding of my face was a thing of awe. He was like an artist with his easel and my face was the painting. He refined my chin, wiped away the signs of ageing under my eyes and gave my jaw a lift without having a facelift!

I’m excited by the whole experience, and wanted you all to know about it! Thanks Dr Liew, I’ll be back!!

If you’d like more information about my experience with Dr Liew, or you’d like more information on how to contact him email me at [email protected]