Consulting with a professional is essential – but so is independent research!

Do your research - consulting with a professional

When I was going through my plastic surgery journey, I wanted to speak to others who had been through a similar experience – someone who had walked in my shoes. We are a social world, and now with the wonders of social media and networking, the consumer can do just that – speak to others! As a result of this, we are becoming more and more savvy in researching the right surgeon or practitioner for treatments or procedures.

At the Hub we are constantly encouraging you to consult with a surgeon for any procedural questions or concerns you might have. We also believe it is extremely important to do your research when it comes to being prepared and getting the best results from any procedure or treatment – before choosing your surgeon, deciding if a procedure is right for you, all the little things you do before you get to actually consulting with a surgeon… These are things you can get from independent research and talking to others that have or are going through the same journey you might be thinking of embarking upon.

Without a doubt, surgeons and practitioners are definitely the ones with a professional and clinical knowledge and opinion, and indeed here at the Hub we consult with them on a daily basis to make sure we are providing our readers with the right (and updated) information. But sometimes you might have a more random, personal question, concern, emotional meltdown, or need to speak and relate and connect with others who have gone through exactly the same journey and get their advice, support or hints for their own journey. Sometimes it’s more important to simply know that someone has been through exactly what you have, and you feel more able to allow yourself to speak and share exactly what’s on your mind and what concerns or struggles you might have.

Where Do You Get Your Information

I just want to reiterate that Plastic Surgery Hub was created as a forum for independent research, and how important it is for any of us considering surgery or treatments. The cosmetic and aesthetic industry is indeed growing so quickly the industry has struggled to keep up. It’s never been more essential for websites such as ours to encourage patients to become more knowledgeable about the often life changing decision of surgery. Here at the Hub we put in hours of research, and we have surgeons and practitioners on board who we refer to time and time again to make sure we are a valuable and trustworthy source of information. Make sure you do your homework before putting your trust in any surgeon, practitioner, clinic or procedure, whether it’s here at the Hub or anywhere else you find it.

Any website or source of information dedicated to the safety of patients is good. It’s not a matter of one is better than another… it might just be that a patient gets one thing off one website and something off another. That’s not a bad thing. If it means that patient makes the right decision for them, then we feel like we’ve done our job.

If you’d like more information on our closed Facebook groups where others are going through their own plastic and cosmetic procedure journeys, email me at [email protected]. If you’d like here’s a link to the Australian surgeons and practitioners we have listed on our website.