Patient Consultation for Fat Transfer to the Breasts with Dr Simone Matousek

Consultation with Dr Simone Matousek – Fat Transfer to the Breasts

I recently had a consultation regarding fat transfer to the breasts, with Plastic Surgeon Dr Simone Matousek, who practices out of rooms in Potts Point.

From the time I walked in I was really impressed with the helpful friendly staff, especially as I was there in the early hours of a rare Saturday morning consult.

So the reason for my visit? Well, about 4 years ago I had breast reduction surgery. When I had my consultation with my Plastic Surgeon he suggested a small implant to give me a bit of volume towards the top of the breasts. I said no, but in hindsight I should have listened to my surgeon. Hence, I thought I would meet with Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeon for Fat Transfer to the Breast – Dr Simone Matousek.

Dr Matousek started the consultation with a series of questions to identify exactly what it was I was after. She gave me a detailed description of fat and how it behaves in the transfer process. I was advised of the difference between an implant and fat transfer. Basically ‘fat behaves like fat, so it goes with gravity, it won’t stay as high as implants’. An easy explanation of the difference is that with an implant it would sit where it is put and you would expect to have more ‘structure’.

Having lost a massive amount of weight (around 55kgs as of today) Dr Matousek explained it is often the case that there would be a bit of skin laxity after weightloss. Makes sense really. As far as my body and breasts go, I was happy to know that I would be an ideal patient.

A lot of patients having this procedure may have to go through a pre-surgery preparation of ‘expansion’ which is done using the “Brava”, a breast enhancement and shaping system device, which helps with tissue expansion. Because of my ‘looser skin’ I would not need to pre-op prepare with the Brava. I could expect a good volume increase, but of course it’s necessary to bear in mind that like a natural breast, it will drop over time. This suits me fine, I’m all about my boobs looking and feeling natural. The percentage of fat that ‘holds’ or ‘remains’ after the transfer can be around 60-70%, and even higher for those that have used the Brava. Of course you have to maintain a stable weight, and there could be variances with any major hormonal changes such as pregnancy.

Dr Matousek asked me which areas of my body I had excess fat that I would like to get rid of (I LOVED this question, she made no presumption!). I was quizzed in detail about family history of breast cancer, when was my last mammogram if I’d ever had one, ultrasounds, breast biopsies, medicines, allergies, and a whole lot more about treatments I have had.

With my examination and the rest of the formalities over, it was time for the fun part of the consultation – the before and after photos. Dr Matousek has done over 60 fat transfer procedures so there were a number of pics for me to look at. The results of course vary for each individual, but basically the more fat you have to transfer, the better the results you can expect. The pics were great! No high profile round looking breasts – if that’s what you want, then I would suggest this is not the procedure for you. However if you want an enhancement that looks natural and not ‘over the top’ – then this could be just the procedure you have been looking for.

Dr Matousek likes her clients to have MRI screening before a fat transfer to the breast procedure. The reason for this is because it is an extremely sensitive test which provides a baseline of what your breast looks like.

So my final question relates to recovery. How long, what to expect? Well you’ll be happy to know that it’s a lot quicker than implants. Everyone of course is different, but you will have a follow-up visit a week later to remove your stitches, and of course any follow-up that you may need.

This is a really exciting procedure, and I can see as developments in the fat transfer process happen it will become more and more popular. Think I might need to start saving my $$$$$.

To read Dr Matousek’s White Paper on this procedure, click here.

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