Breast Lift Advantages – A Longer, Leaner Looking Torso with Dr Nick Moncrieff

Breast Lift Advantages – A Longer, Leaner Looking Torso with Dr Nick Moncrieff

With Hunter Plastic Surgery’s Dr Moncrieff

There are MANY Breast Lift Advantages and Benefits. One specific advantage to a breast lift and breast reduction is the elongating effect it has on the appearance of your waist and torso. As Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery knows after thousands of breast surgeries, there are so many advantages and benefits from breast lift surgery – some that you may not have considered.

Over time, our breasts undergo many changes in response to factors such as genetics, pregnancy, nursing, weight loss, or lack of skin elasticity that comes with sun damage and the ageing process. Lax breasts hanging down the abdomen tends to cover the torso and make a woman look older and heavier than she actually is.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a procedure that raises and reshapes lax breasts. It can provide a more youthful appearance, reduce discomfort and rashes, and increase self-esteem and confidence.

Not only do your breasts appear younger, lifted and more attractive, but the torso can also appear more elongated, slimmer and more feminine!


For those who are happy with the size and volume of their breasts and perhaps just want them to be more rejuvenated and lifted to a more youthful position, many women opt for a lift only.

When Dr Moncrieff performs this surgery he lifts and reshapes the breast and reduces the areola using an incision under the breast and then up the breast and around the areola (like a lollipop). Over the following year the incision lines fade considerably and many women can’t see them at all after 2 years.

The same technique is used for a breast reduction which also lifts the breasts, but with more breast tissue removed than a lift alone.


Some women want a lift and a little extra volume. For them, Dr Moncrieff can also perform fat transfer (from areas such as inner thigh or lower tummy) to give a modest extra boost.

For those who want their breasts lifted and more obvious volume to be added, a breast lift by Dr Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery can be performed in conjunction with an implant.

Dr Moncrieff generally stages the lift and then augmentation as two surgeries separated by 9-12 months. He finds this approach helps to give the longest lasting results and reduced scars when compared to doing both a lift and augmentation on the same day as you are effectively trying to do opposite things.

To visualise the results for yourself, it is worth checking these before and after photos to see the difference and benefits of a longer and leaner torso, thanks to a variety of breast surgeries by the qualified and highly experienced Dr Moncrieff! His Hunter Plastic Surgery website and social media pages feature even more examples!

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