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All You Need to Know About a Nose Job - Australian Rhinoplasty

Australian Rhinoplasty – A nose is central to a person’s face. The size of the nose, the shape and the proportion of the nose to the other facial features has a dramatic impact on the overall attractiveness of a person’s face. While there is no one size-fits all, or a perfect nose, there are many people who may have concerns with their nose for a variety of reasons.

Generally, people – men and women – seek attention for a nose job because they may feel that their nose is too big for their face or too small or too wide. Sometimes they may not be happy with parts of nose such as the middle – where some may have a ‘hump’, or tip, which may be too wide or too ‘bulbous’ looking.

Sometimes – and not very uncommonly – the nose may be quite crooked either from its growth or after an injury or sort. However, in more than 50 per cent of these men and women seeking a ‘nose-job’ there is an element of obstructed breathing. This is often from a crooked ‘septum’ (the partition wall between the two nasal cavities) or enlarged internal bones such as ‘turbinates’. Occasionally there may be other internal reasons for obstructed breathing that your surgeon will investigate prior to nose surgery.

The good news is the Rhinoplasty procedure today has vastly advanced in knowledge, technology and techniques. It is also often less invasive, often performed as a day surgery procedure, and with relatively quick recovery. No wonder the nose job is the world’s most popular facial surgery!

Australian Rhinoplasty

Why Do People Choose to Have a Rhinoplasty in Australia?

There are many benefits of having this procedure, which is why having a nose job is the most in-demand facial surgery procedure. A re-shaped nose can improve the overall attractiveness of the face by creating balance, symmetry and refinement. Successful Australian Rhinoplasty surgery can – and often does – increase a person’s self-confidence.

While people choose to have a nose job procedure for a variety of reasons, the most common motivation involves reducing the size or altering the shape of the nose and also improving breathing at the same time. A refined nose is considered in our culture as desirable – as long as it is within proportion to the rest of the face.

Patients who have breathing problems because of irregularities in the internal structure of their nose can also have this remedied at the same time as the visible nose alterations are being undertaken.

What about the Chin?

“Well, it is surprisingly common to see that men and women expressing their ‘concern’ about their rather ‘big’ nose, actually have smaller ‘chin’ and believe it or not, a relatively smaller or retruded (set back) chin can make the nose ‘stick out’ a bit more on face and makes it look bigger,”

Importantly, most nose surgeons have a 3D imaging software and a 3D camera system called Vectra in the office, and this cool software – is quite clever in determining asymmetries, size and shape estimation and also assessing the relationship of size of nose and chin to the rest of the face.

Your plastic surgeon will normally use this Vectra system to educate his clients about their nose and chin and would be able to modify (simulate the surgery results) of your nose. This helps him to know your expectations and to assist in explaining the possible results that he may be able to offer you by nose surgery.

Choosing Your Australian Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is acknowledged, for good reason, to be one of the more complicated and specialised plastic surgeries. A successful nose job will require a highly trained, qualified and experienced Plastic surgeon . The success or failure of a Rhinoplasty procedure can come down to mere millimetres, which is why you should only choose someone who is both highly qualified and experienced.

It takes a trained eye and years of experience to achieve the specialised qualifications in the field of Rhinoplasty. Do not risk your nose, your face or your health with anyone less than an Australian qualified Plastic Surgeon with the letter FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) after his or her name or a member of the esteemed Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

What to Expect at Your Initial Nose Job Consultation

At your pre-operative consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine the proportions of your nose and perform an intra-nasal examination. A discussion will then follow, outlining your expectations and discussing what is possible and what you can realistically expect.

Your plastic surgeon may also use medical image morphing software to simulate the predicted results of your rhinoplasty surgery. It is important to understand that everyone is different, your rhinoplasty may involve only a small procedure – such as removing a small bump on the nose, or a more extensive rhinoplasty procedure may be required to reshape your nose in accordance with your expectations. All this will be discussed in detail with your surgeon

The earliest recommended age most surgeons recommend for having this procedure is the mid-teens (with parental consult) because the nose may still be growing. There is generally no upper age limit providing the patient is in good health.

What is the Procedure for an Australian Rhinoplasty?

With rhinoplasty, there are two common methods used, the Open technique and the Closed technique. In the Closed technique, incisions are made inside the nose and the cartilage is worked from with the nostrils.

In the Open technique, in addition to any internal incisions, there is a small incision that is made across your columella (at the base of the cartilage that separates your nostrils). The skin is then lifted, allowing the surgeon greater access to perform the procedure. The open technique is more common, more predictable and usually more successful.

A Rhinoplasty procedure usually lasts between two to three hours however, this depends on the individual and what kind of nasal surgery they are having.

Recovery from a Nose Job

Immediately after the procedure there will be discolouration, swelling and some bleeding and  bruising. It is important to understand – as with any facial surgery –it will look worse before it looks better.

Patience is required to allow time for the swelling of the nose to go down. Again, the amount of swelling will depend on the type of Rhinoplasty you are having. Closed Rhinoplasty tends to heal quicker, than the more invasive, Open Rhinoplasty procedure.

In many cases, a Rhinoplasty is completed as a day surgery procedure, though some patients may be more comfortable staying overnight in hospital. If nasal packs are used, they are removed between 24 – 48 hrs and the external splint is worn continuously for at least 7-10 days after surgery. Most of the swelling of the nose and eyes subsides within a month of the rhinoplasty, however, subtle bruising and swelling subsides gradually and may take up to 6 months to one year to completely subside.

What Results Can I Expect from a Rhinoplasty?

Once the swelling starts to go down you will begin to see your new nose. A modern Australian rhinoplasty can achieve very natural results with very little (if at all) visible scarring. The vast majority of patients after healing and the swelling has subsided are extremely happy with their results.

Again, it is important to know that everyone’s circumstances, expectations and rate of recovery is different. In other words, the results of any nose job are unique to each individual – and the skill of your surgeon. In the qualified hands of a plastic surgeon, your nose surgery can result in better facial balance and an improved and enhanced overall appearance.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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