Breast Augmentation Sydney with Dr Pouria Moradi

Breast Augmentation Sydney

What size breast implant will you choose? What shape? What about projection? Placement? Under or over the muscle? Navigating through all your implant choices can be overwhelming. We recently hosted Dr Pouria Moradi, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Sydney, on our closed Facebook group to talk to answer all our questions about breast augmentation and he talked about many of these things, and he’s kindly shared some breast augmentation before and after photos to highlight different patients with different results, including examples of what is referred to as an empty canvas, tuberous breasts, scarless breast lifts and asymmetry.

Choosing Implants

With all the different brands and types available on the market today it can be tricky to know which implants to go with. Dr Moradi tells us it’s important to choose a surgeon who understands the importance of form and symmetry, without just the sole focus of making breasts larger. Dr Moradi says he generally prefers Motiva implants due to their ability to hold their quality, integrity and ability to hold shape. “I like the gel they use. It has better elasticity and I can trust they will hold their shape unlike some other implants on the market.”

Breast Augmentation Sydney
Dr Pouria Moradi

It’s important to remember that what suits one woman won’t look good on the next. Dr Moradi says different sized and shaped implants will look different on each woman. “Think of building your breasts like building a house. Your chest wall is your parcel of land. You want to put a house on that’s going to match the parcel of land, so you need to put an implant that’s going to match the size of the breast wall. Everyone’s breast wall is a different size. The first thing a surgeon should do is measure the patient. I am quite aggressive with my measuring. I really like to get the width of the breast wall, the width of the new implant and then you can move onto projection. Using the house analogy it’s like building stories on top of each other. You can choose a moderate projection – some implant companies call it profile – which is one storey, and then you can build on that for a bigger projection or profile.”

Implants under or over the muscle?

Whether to place implants under or over the muscle is a hotly debated topic, however Dr Moradi says he generally has a bit of a rule not to put smooth implants over the muscle. “Above the muscle can have a faker look. I personally would never put a traditional smooth round implant on top of the muscle in a thin lady because you’re likely to see the rippling that implant will have just under the skin. I also think above the muscle ages the breast more because – it exerts force on the breast tissue that subsequently thins that breast tissue, whereas when you go under the muscle, the muscle protects any force put on the implant.”

To hear more about choosing the right implant for you listen to Dr Moradi’s FB Live video, or email him on [email protected]. If you’d like to see more before and afters of Dr Moradi’s check out his profile on the Hub, or visit his website.

Breast Augmentation Sydney
Dr Pouria Moradi discusses Motiva Breast Implants
Breast Augmentation Sydney
A Facebook Live with Dr Pouria Moradi on Breast Augmentation and Implants

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