What’s the best product to use for scarring after Breast Augmentation?


Scarring is something anyone who’s having a breast augmentation will have to deal with. Scarring is the result of incisions, and these are absolutely necessary when you’re getting a boob job. Depending on your surgeon and the technique they use will determine where the scars are and how large, and usually the better the surgeon, the less obvious the scarring (usually!).

We, as patients, can also assist in our own healing to minimise scarring by using quality products designed specifically for that purpose. The one I use and love is the Stratpharma products. They have a range designed for use on all sorts of wounds, scars and stretchmarks at all stages. Here’s some info on the best product to use for scarring after breast augmentation.

Stratamed for Scarring after Breast Augmentation

Stratamed is a self-drying gel specifically designed to assist with wound healing. It was formulated for use on non epithelialised wounds, which means you can use it straight after surgery on the fresh incisions made during the breast augmentation procedure. It is completely fine to use it on the broken surface of skin and can work to heal the skin before the scarring process even begins. It is this feature of Stratamed which sets it apart from other products where you often have to wait until the wound has fully closed to start use, which can sometimes take weeks.

Stratamed will will help protect and hydrate the wound and the sooner you start using it the better. It can help prevent abnormal scarring right from the beginning and is suitable for all surgical incisions, particularly those made from a procedure such as a breast augmentation.

Scars start to develop in the first 48 hours after the wound closes

A scar usually starts to develop in the first 48 hours after the wound closes and over the next 3 to 12 months will start to fade. That’s why Stratamed is so great – you can start using it straight away.

One of the biggest things you need to monitor after a breast augmentation is the surgical incisions to identify any infection. Using a product like Stratamed with it’s thin film helps to protect the wound from any bacteria greatly lowering your chances of infection. This in turn leads to the minimising of the risk of scarring.

Stratamed is suitable for pregnant women or any skin type. It is not necessary to use it in conjunction with any other product. It should be used once daily or as directed by your physician.

If you’d like more information on Stratamed or any of the other Stratpharma products check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to purchase Stratamed, head over to our shop.

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