6 Plastic Surgery Myths that need to be Squashed Right Away

Let’s face it; there are tons and tons of misconceptions and oversimplified ideas out there when it comes to plastic surgery. However, you’d be surprised to know that in reality, plastic surgery is pretty much just like any other medical surgery. In fact, with advances in technology, plastic surgery has come of age and these days the procedures are way safer, quicker, and effective than they used to be. Nevertheless, there is still a widening gulf between the reality of plastic surgery and the myths that revolve around it. Listed below are 6 such plastic surgery myths busted, that will change your opinion about plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery leaves a lot of noticeable scars

One of the most common myths revolving around plastic surgery is that it leaves a lot of noticeable scars. Well, typically all forms of plastic surgery will generally cause some type of scar formation. Nonetheless, thanks to medical advancements, plastic surgeons can perform a number of procedures to reduce scars, making them appear more refined and smaller. Besides, many surgeries use ‘closed’ type of surgical procedures such as endoscopic or laparoscopic procedures that reduce the risk of scarring. The visibility of a scar will also be determined by how the incision is closed, where it is made, and how it is cared for post-operation.

Plastic surgeries are very expensive

You’d be surprised to know that most aesthetic patients of plastic surgery are not the rich and famous as per popular belief, but instead, are average income people who’re just looking to improve their lives and give their confidence a boost by enhancing their physical appearance. Besides, owing to recent advancements in plastic surgery, not only are the procedures safer, but are also more affordable. Nowadays, many surgeries can be conducted in a surgeon’s outpatient facility itself, enabling patients to dodge the medical expenses involved in an overnight hospital stay.

Plastic surgeries are only for women

Only women can reap the benefits of plastic surgery? Says who? For some weird reason, it is widely believed that plastic surgeries are only for women. Well, yes, no doubt women have been the main customers in the history of plastic surgery, but more and more men are now choosing to go under the knife to look fitter and younger. With tough competition in the work place as well as in social settings, men these days are as concerned about their appearance as women. As a result, the rate of men opting for plastic surgery is constantly on the rise. Less invasive procedures such as laser treatments, Anti-wrinkle injections, and dermal fillers are known to give men a youthful appearance at a relatively low cost. Nose reshaping and liposuction are also among the few treatments popular with male patients.

Breastfeeding is unsafe with breast implants

Another popular plastic surgery myth that needs to be squashed right away is that breast implants affect the ability to breastfeed. Well, no, it most certainly doesn’t. Under any given normal circumstances, breast implants do not interfere with breastfeeding whatsoever. During the surgery, there are several possible incision sites for breast augmentation, and most of these incisions avoid the milk ducts entirely. Most women carry on breastfeeding as normal after a breast augmentation surgery and there hasn’t been any evidence as such of silicone implants being harmful to the baby.

Breast augmentation increases the risk of getting breast cancer

Yet another popular belief associated with breast augmentation surgeries is that breast implants increase the risk of getting breast cancer. This is certainly not true since evidence has been found that there is no scientific link between silicone or saline breast implants and breast cancer. However, the pumped up implants can hide the evidence of cancer from standard mammograms, making it a tad difficult to detect the cancel cells. Therefore, it is advisable for women with implants to undergo additional screening, or X-rays to detect or interpret breast cancer.

Liposuction is a weight loss tool

More emphasis needs to be put on the fact that liposuction is not a tool to treat obesity or to lose overall weight. Surgeons do not recommend this procedure to patients who seeks to reduce overall body mass. Rather, liposuction is a procedure that is used to get rid of fat from particular problem zones, commonly described via terms like thunder thighs, saddle bags, bat wings, muffin top, and what not. Liposuction candidates are ones who are close to their ideal weight, but yet need help in getting rid of fat from a few targeted zones. So if you’re looking to lose overall weight, you’d better start dieting or exercising!