Upper Body Lift


The surgeon will first examine the body and the procedure will be tailored according to each individual’s condition. Depending on the consultation and outcomes required, it may be decided that a variety of plastic surgeries be undertaken. These can include brachioplastyliposuctiontummy tuckbreast lift and or breast reduction, and or breast implants.

Reasons why people undergo this procedure really vary, here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Gets rid of upper back rolls.
  • Takes away the upper arm excess.
  • Removes the breast/chest rolls.
  • Lifts the infra mammary crease to its proper position.
  • Correct positioning of the infra mammary crease will result in proper position proportion of the entire chest, and is helpful for breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation.
  • Results to smooth, tighten and sculpt body shape.
  • Eliminates chafing and rashes due to loose skin.
Risks and Complications
  • Infection (which is possible in all surgical procedures).
  • Long recovery time.
  • Large scars (which your surgeon may hide or minimize).

Note: These recovery instructions are simply an example. If undergoing an upper body lift always follow the steps directed by your surgeon.

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