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  • Alica

    Dr. Bloom is the absolute best surgeon that you will ever find. Amongst all the so called experts, Dr. Bloom actually is. From the moment you meet him, to the day of surgery and to the post op care you will never regret your decision.
    I am truly grateful for the amazing transformation that he has performed on my body and don’t even know how to begin to Thank him enough.
    Truly an amazing person with a fantastic team behind him!

  • Maggie

    Transforming Me (38yo Busy Working Mum)

    After years of yo-yo dieting to lose weight gained from thyroid cancer in my mid 20’s.
    Plus two c-sections delivering my amazing little boys aged 8 and 6, my 38 yo body was looking more like that of a 58 yo.
    Add to that frequently recurring back problems, suspected hernia pain and core weakness caused by diastasis recti, my osteopath was the first person to say to me: “Have you ever thought of having surgery to get your muscles fixed?”

    I had no idea I even had a problem with my muscles let alone that surgery could fix them! So I consulted Dr. Google to find out what the osteopath was referring to. My search led me to the real self site and various other social media groups that became my research tools to find out all I could about abdominoplasty.

    Making the decision to have the surgery wasn’t the most difficult. My research showed me that it was pretty much a win-win. I could fix my medical issues and improve my quality of life while at the same time improving my body’s appearance aesthetically.

    The hardest decision for me was finding the right surgeon. I learnt all there was to know about abdominoplasty and with that knowledge came the realisation that this was a huge operation that had the potential to be great or not so great. I knew that if I was to go through with this decision I would only feel comfortable knowing that I was having the best surgeon I could performing the operation.

    From my very first consultation with Dr. Bloom, I felt at ease and that he knew EXACTLY what he was talking about. Of all the Plastic Surgeons I had met with, Dr. Bloom was the only one to suggest that the Circumferential Abdominoplasty (Lower Body Lift) was what I would require to get me the best possible results for my shape and loose skin and problem areas.
    He immediately noticed my confusion and went on to explain in great detail by drawing on large photos of my body the 2 options (tummy tuck, vs lower body lift) and explaining why he would recommend one over the other.
    He repeatedly told me that I was a really great candidate and he was confident that I would have excellent results.
    He then spent time going through before and after photos of this recommended procedure that he had performed (and there were loads) to indicate which ones were the closest results that we could achieve. I love that he was honest and that it was important to him that I had fair and reasonable expectations. He was very equitable showing me some not so great results and explaining why he knew my results would be better, and some truly amazing hot body results and explaining where my surgery would fall short. Then he went back to showing me what he realistically believed we could achieve / which looked amazing to me. My decision was made and I had such a peace that I had picked the right guy for the job.

    All his staff administrative and clinical were amazing to deal with in the time leading up to my procedure. Every time you spoke on the phone, read an email or went into the stunning offices you felt cared for and that you were a VIP. In the week before my operation I had problems with my Private Health fund and Dr. Bloom’s assistant Brooke was an amazing support and assistance in getting it sorted with empathy and urgency.

    On the day of the operation, my pre-op with Dr. Bloom was fantastic. Inside I was feeling very nervous and scared but Dr. Bloom’s manner and perfectionism relaxed me and even had me laughing.

    Post-op he came to see me every morning while I was in hospital and would call the nurses to get updates on my condition in the afternoons.
    I required 3 drain tubes that stayed in for only about 48 hours and he was incredibly supportive of me staying an extra night when I wasn’t feeling strong enough to be discharged.
    I had his mobile number to contact him in the event of emergency or if I had any concerns. The level of patient care is first class and the results of his actual handiwork…. well I am completely OVERWHELMED and amazed at only 9 days post operative. The man is a miracle worker and I feel my results and my body look more like the truly amazing hot bodies that he had told me we would fall just short of achieving.

    My surgical scar is one of the lowest I’ve seen in any of the photos online and I am looking forward to wearing a bikini this summer which I NEVER thought would be possible.

    The hospital he performs his operations in was absolutely fantastic. With first rate patient care being given by all staff involved. Rooms and facilities were wonderful and I truly didn’t want to go home.

    I would NOT hesitate in recommending this incredible surgeon and his team to anyone.

    1. Lee

      Hi Maggie, your review was quite detailed so I thank you for that. As someone looking at needing a body lift, I’ve lost 94kgs and now weight 50kgs but look completely monstrous and live with considerable pain and discomfort from the excessive skin. I’ve been this weight now for 14months and yet I’ve never felt so utterly miserable in my entire life. Finding this review and having the same issue with my abdominal muscle separation as well has given some hope to an actual Plastic Surgeon who sees their patient as an actual human being and not just that as another means to make $$$ whilst providing sub human bedside manner and patient care.

      I’m wondering if you perhaps had an update to your surgery 4yrs on?

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