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  • Andrew & Allison Warwick

    Allison & Andrew
    Dr Mark McGovern, FRACS, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Maroochydore QLD
    14 Sep 2017
    My wife developed a significant BCC in the left nasal region over a period of approximately 12 months . She had had previous surgeries for other similar cancers over several years and her reticence to do anything about this one was eventually worn down by me and we were referred to Dr McGovern.
    After the initial consultation and a detailed ‘inspection’ it was determined that in addition to the obvious nose BCC there was another lesion in the proximity of the right jaw. A date was set for an operation for removal of both and Dr McGovern provided a detailed view of what would transpire, answering all questions. His conduct and that of reception staff was of the highest order and professionalism.
    The operation was successfully carried out in day surgery, with Dr Mark discussing the post operative result and observations immediately afterwards in ‘recovery’. The eventually pathology result proved the operation success.
    Follow up appointments were conducted where we were offered a program of “HeaLite” LED light treatment to assist healing combined with some products to prevent/deter further skin damage.
    My wife and I are totally at ease and significantly impressed with the holistic approach and the friendly, efficient and extremely professional carriage of this practice.

  • Katie

    It has now been approximately four months since my sister and I both underwent a labiaplasty procedure at Vie Institute and we are extremely happy with the results – we were both quite shocked when we saw the pre-operative photos in comparison to how we look now. There is no longer any discomfort when I exercise and I can wear all types of clothing (even tight denim jeans!). Even after only four months the scarring is minimal and will only improve with time. Even though the thought of any type of surgery was quite daunting for the both of us, we both agree that we would go through it again – we were reassured and clearly informed throughout the whole process, the after-care instructions were clear and simple, and we always knew that help was only a phone-call away (not that it was ever needed!). All of the staff at the Vie Institute were friendly and professional, abating any sense of embarrassment that I used to feel.

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  • Karen

    It has been 6 months since my Breast Augmentation, Eyelid Surgery and Endoscopic Brow/Forehead Lift and the compliments haven’t slowed. Everyday I look in the mirror and it brings a smile to my face. That tired lined look has gone and my face is looking younger and more vibrant. As for my breasts, the shape and size are exactly what we discussed prior to surgery and I love the fact I can now wear the clothes I always dreamed of. It has made me feel more confident. As a single mother and business owner, I was concerned with the recovery time, but the postoperative pain was minimal, and within one week I was functioning very well. Your team of professional staff are a delight, always helpful and reassuring. With their help I have now adopted great skin care and can see the difference in my skin after such a short time. The pigmentation is even and my skin has a healthy glow to it. Dr McGovern you have worked wonders and I couldn’t be any happier with my results. I thank you again and again…

  • Alena

    I would like to say a big thank you to Michelle for asking me first, then for your knowledge and professionalism, and then Vie Institute for allowing me this opportunity.

    I have had Rosacea for a few years now and my cheeks were always red looking and flushed. On bad days I would also have small lumps (which could be mistaken for pimples) these were triggered mainly when I would have things like spicy food, wine or from heat by exercising or that time of the month. I was quite unhappy with my skin.

    Then I was asked if I would like to trial some new products to Vie Institute called the Rosaclear System by “Obagi” for a couple of months. Within a few weeks I could notice the difference already, my redness had calmed right down and I wasn’t as inflamed in my cheeks.

    After a month or so my skin hadn’t looked this great in years. Even when I would have my triggers like wine, spicy food etc. my skin never inflamed like it used to, I was smiling a lot more and not so insecure about my face.

    I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone who has Rosacea to give it a go.

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