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  • Meg

    Recently had my second surgery with Mark Hanikeri, I had previously had removal of a ruptured PIP implant with him in October. This time had bilateral breast augmentation. Right from the first consultation through to now Mark has been fantastic, so professional & respectful. Honest about each step & what to expect. Answers any question no matter how basic & never once made me feel like I was just another patient on a long list but rather I felt he was genuinely invested in getting me the result that I needed & wanted. And for a woman who has never had any body confidence with her breasts I can honestly say Mark put me at complete ease with his kindness & professionalism.

    Recovery was a bit rough for the first 48hours but after that I was amazed at how good I felt. It was hard to remember what I could & couldn’t do based on the fact I had minimal discomfort after that initial 2 days.

    His staff are all great also, from the reception staff & nurses in his rooms to the delightful Cheree his secretary. They made the entire process so easy & enjoyable. Thanks to all of them!

    I couldn’t be happier with the result, the shape & size is perfect for my frame. For the first time in my life I have confidence with my breasts, simply shopping for bathers or summer dresses has been a delight!

  • Meg

    After ‘shopping around’ for the right surgeon I am so thankful I found Mark Hankeri for removal of a ruptured implant & mastopexy/autoaugmentation. I can’t recommend him highly enough – Mark is highly skilled, very knowledgeable & experienced, honest & open in communication, I felt very confident in him & am beyond pleased with the result so far (I will have a second surgery with him in 3-6mths to complete the work). Thank you Mark for the thoughtful & careful work you have done!

    I’ve previously had surgery to correct severe breast asymmetry starting from when I was 16 years old, while the first surgeon was fantastic she was no longer available for my second surgery so I rushed into choosing someone around 4 years later. I’ve had nothing but regrets since then with an oversized implant being put in that led to contracture, buckling at the pole, pain & further asymmetry in the reverse (the ‘small’ breast was now larger than the natural breast by 2 cup sizes). That Dr & his staff washed their hands of my concerns immediately. This implant went on to rupture in 2016 & by the time I met with Hanikeri it was grossly inflamed & misshapen – I knew it would be a challenging surgery but I was adamant I find a surgeon that cared about not only his work but his patient this time around.

    As a health care worker myself I asked nursing colleagues & friends about plastic & reconstructive surgeons for recommendations based on a number of things. Firstly I wanted a great surgeon who was amazing at his/her job; a plastic, reconstructive & cosmetic surgeon. Secondly I wanted someone who was honest & transparent, I don’t care for a sugary sweet bedside manner if you aren’t being honest with me about surgery required to achieve what I need/want. Thirdly I wanted to know does the Dr have a good working relationship with his colleagues across the board, because if he/she doesn’t respect the staff they work with then I don’t want to risk them not respecting my body. The work Mark Hanker has done outside of private practice was also appealing. I saw 2 other surgeons in my hunt for the right one.

    Once I met with Mark & he was brutally honest with me about the challenge I presented (versus other Drs I met with who were overly optimistic & somewhat vague about possible ‘further’ surgery) I felt confident I’d found the right surgeon. He was very respectful, knowledgeable, open. He discussed the removal of the implant that had caused me so much grief for years, about the risks & potential for serious damage to the remaining breast tissue as my blood supply by this stage was greatly compromised. He openly explained it would require a minimum of 2 surgeries to not only remove the implant but then achieve symmetrical breasts once again once the damaged tissue had healed. He instilled a lot of confidence in me that he was the right choice by giving me the facts & information I needed, without any fluff. He made no unrealistic promises or guarantees.

    Stage 1 of my surgery was done approx 2 weeks ago, while there is still a way to go with the second surgery in 3-6mths I am extremely happy with the work he has done. The deformed breast with the ruptured implant is healing well, he was able to remove the entire implant that had basically migrated across my chest, up to my collar bone & across to my mid axillary line. He removed the excess skin while taking care to leave enough for the future implant. My other breast that until now has been 100% natural (& has breastfed 2 children) he lifted & performed what he described as auto/self augmentation using my natural breast tissue. I’ve never had such a perky breast! Needless to say I’m very impressed & have no doubt that in 6mths time once stage 2 is complete I’ll finally have 2 breasts that look like they belong on the same body.

  • Bessie

    I was extremely happy with Dr Hanikeri and his staff in Subiaco. He
    was very informative and professional, and his lovely staff were very
    open and made it obvious they were available if I had an queries or
    questions. Would recommend him to anyone who wanted an uncomplicated
    and smooth experience.

  • Jo

    I had a gastric sleeve in 2014 and lost 50kgs. Because of this I had empty skin that exercise just didn’t get rid of. My arms bothered me the most – they were big and floppy. Also, my inner thighs were drooping down to my knees.

    I initially tossed up going overseas for her surgery but never got around to organising it. One of the girls at my work had had surgery with Dr Mark Hanikeri, so I decided to make an appointment with him. I just decided that I liked what he was talking about. I couldn’t quite understand how he was going to do it, but he told me exactly what he was going to do and he seemed confident and I thought – yes, it’s a long surgery but I’m confident he can achieve it! I have a nursing background and I think people think that makes it easier, but sometimes it’s harder. I think it’s better you don’t know. I now realise I could not have done this overseas and can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t.

    I decided to get a circumferential lower body lift, brachioplasty, thigh lift, abdominoplasty and liposuction. I also had muscle repair with my abdominoplasty, and my thigh lift was a cut my her knee up to my groin.

    I went into hospital the night before the surgery because I wanted to be more relaxed. I didn’t want to go in the morning and go straight into surgery. I was at the St John of God hospital at Subiaco. The nurses were great – their hand hygiene was marvellous! I felt like everybody that I talked to from the person when I first got to the hospital to the domestic staff to the orderlies were extremely professional. That was so good for me.

    The anaesthetist was good – he came and visited me and we had a chat. He explained the PCA (patient controlled analgesia) asked if I had any concerns, I felt very confident afterwards.

    The surgery ended up taking 7 hours with two surgeons – Dr Hanikeri and his assistant. The first 36 hours after the surgery are the hardest. I remember Mark coming to see me. I had a bit of a problem with my blood pressure so they gave me extra fluids – that was sorted straight away. I had the PCA so I decided to myself that if I was awake and in pain I’d press the button. If you get behind in your pain relief sometimes you have to have too much to get back on track – ie. I might need 1 tablet and that will relieve the pain but if I let my pain get out of control I might need 2 and that wipes me out.

    I’m now 7 weeks post op. I do get tired at the end of day – but I think I’m back to normal. I don’t have to wear my compression suit anymore but I like to wear them while I’m at work because I feel more comfortable. Everyone who sees me is amazed – I look good!

    I was 109 kg and am now 60.5kg. I am 161 cm tall. Dr Hanikeri took 7kgs of skin off me during the operation. I can now buy clothes that will fit my whole body. That was a huge problem as my arms were 2 sizes different to my body. I just have more confidence. I hated my arms drooping and I didn’t like my legs dangling down to my knees. My stomach didn’t bother me that much but now – if I live for the next 20 years I’ll just age normally now.

    Dr Hanikeri was an artist, an expert. I feel great, and I’m so glad I found him.

  • Vanessa

    Dr Hanikeri was very open and honest, and made me feel very safe from the beginning. He was continually happy to answer any questions that I would think of. I was extremely confident and knew I was in good hands.

    We discussed and went through everything again thoroughly with no pressure or hurry. We then booked in a date for my surgery and it all became very exciting.

    While booking the surgery and going through the paperwork, Dr Hanikeri’s secretaries were amazing and very helpful. They corresponded with me often, and kept me informed on all the information I needed. Their knowledge of the procedures and what I was required to do for all my paperwork was terrific.

    I had a breast lift, augmentation and abdominoplasty. Dr Hanikeri came to see me before the operation along with his lovely anaesthetist he was working with. I felt very safe and comfortable with them.
    The operation went amazing and my recovery also. Dr Hanikeri visited every day whilst I was in hospital to see how I was going and recovering.

    My after care was outstanding. I had my stitches and wound checked once a week for the first few weeks. Also Dr Hanikeri checked everything and made sure it was all healing nicely. I couldn’t be happier with how it has all healed.

    I am only Week 6 after the surgery and feeling amazing. The scars are looking great and I am recovering very well. We cannot thank Dr Hanikeri and his staff enough. They have made the whole procedure a breeze. I would highly recommend Dr Hanikeri to anyone considering similar surgeries. He is highly skilled and absolutely amazing at what he does. Thank you so very much.

  • Stephanie

    I look good for my age and I wanted to look on the outside, how I see myself on the inside, so it was part of completing my journey – feeling good about myself again. Since 2011, I had lost 46kg and everything was loose, wrinkly and empty. My breasts had gone from a DD to empty B cup after having my last baby. I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and it was affecting my self esteem.

    I had been to Bethesda hospital in Claremont before, and only had positive experiences there, and so it was my preference to go there this time. Also, I work as a Patient Care Assistant in a hospital; I know what is good and what is not good care. Additionally, a friend of mine had her surgery via Western Australian Plastic Surgery Centre (WAPSC), and was very satisfied with her results; I felt it was a reputable place to have my surgery. I looked through their website, and I knew from the first appointment that Mr Mark Hanikeri was the right surgeon for me.

    My husband met Mr Hanikeri, who exceeded our expectations. My husband is a great judge of character and very both felt very comfortable with him. Mr Hanikeri was very supportive of my request to undergo the procedures all at once, and clearly explained to me what the risks and benefits might be.

    I always felt like Mr Hanikeri had my best interests at heart, he has a warm manner and a wonderful sense of humour, which put me very much at ease. His secretary Cheree is a superstar, and she’s such a helpful, professional and amiable person. She’s been a lifesaver for me, she’s just been wonderful!

    The very first time I looked down after the surgery, I cracked a small smile. The first time in the bathroom, I stood there and was quite literally fixated on the image in front of me in the mirror; I had a few tears and couldn’t believe it was me. I peeked under my garments again, and I couldn’t believe it… it was so surreal – the results I got were so much more than I anticipated.

    I used my own homemade body butter, had Arnica and Bepanthen cream to use, and took arnica tablets. I also went to the WAPSC where they offer weekly dressing changes with the lovely nurses on site at the clinic, and I then undertook LED light therapy at Assure cosmetic centre, twice weekly for four weeks, which has greatly enhanced the healing process.

  • Toni

    So, initially I had a small lump in my armpit. I had been quite unwell with various colds and things that I couldn’t shake, and I thought it was perhaps it was a by-product of that. One day I had a doctor’s appointment booked for my son who no longer needed it; so I thought I would go and get the lump checked. The GP sent me for a mammogram and ultrasound. The technician didn’t pick anything up in the ultrasound but decided to biopsy the lump. I also had the mammogram. All these results came back clear.

    The night of the biopsy I started to discharge from my left nipple. I immediately went down to the GP. He said it was likely to be a breast infection, but it wasn’t anything sinister as we had the all clear. After several weeks and many courses of antibiotic the discharge wouldn’t clear up and I felt frustrated. The GP sent me on to Royal Perth Breast Clinic. The doctor there said it looked like a breast infection that was at this point starting to clear up. She said before you go though, we will do an ultrasound. Right away I could tell something was wrong. Supervisors came in and I ended up having six core biopsies, and they told me the results would be available later that day. You know when results come in that quickly, the news probably isn’t going to be very good!

    I went back in the next morning and was told I had 10cm of high grade DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ). I was also told I had a little bit of time to get surgery sorted, but not a lot. I went first to a general surgeon who said the only option with so much cancer was a mastectomy. I was only too happy to just get rid of it all. The plastic surgeon that normally works with David Oliver was unavailable. My sister’s friend worked for Mark Hanikeri and he agreed to do my surgery which would be scheduled for December 22nd. I was sad as this meant I would be in hospital for Christmas and I had two young boys aged 2 and 3.

    Next stop was Mark Hanikeri’s office. He outlined my options. I didn’t have enough belly fat to do a tram flap, so he explained that he could do a lat dorsi reconstruction, and then later do a breast lift on the other side to match them. I remember being completely overwhelmed by all this as I was still struggling with the fact that I had cancer. Mark was very professional on this first day. I remember him saying later that he had to remain somewhat cool on the first visit as he understood how overwhelmed I was then. Since then, Mark has operated on me another 6 times so it’s like being reunited with a friend.

    The operation involved removing all of my breast tissue, including the nipple. Then a flap of my lattimus dorsi muscle was removed but still attached by blood vessels and threaded around to my breast to cover the nipple hole and provide something for the implant to sit inside. The operation took about 6 hours. When I woke up I was quite amazed to see I had somewhat of a breast there still. It was sitting very high as it was so swollen and it was black and blue. I got quite sick from the painkillers so I had to cease all medication until the nausea had subsided and then slowly introduce everything. The pain was by no means unmanageable. My sister would come in and shower me and I had my own pj’s which helped me feel better. I had been given a pretty bag to put my four drains in and also a breast pillow which sat under my arm and helped get comfortable.

    It was a difficult time to be in hospital as being Christmas, the staff numbers were reduced and I certainly wouldn’t ever choose elective surgery anywhere close to that time. I spent 6 nights in hospital, as I had to wait until the drains were below a certain amount before leaving.
    The next step was to go back and check in so they could redress the wounds if necessary. I had a very decent size scar on my back to attend to as well as the breast. The tissue expander felt very uncomfortable and foreign in my chest but that passed as the swelling decreased. All of Mark Hanikeri’s nurses were so kind and considerate. They were sympathetic to the journey I had been on. I never had to wait long at appointment time. I felt comfortable to ask any questions. I had to get one injection into my breast to expand the tissue expander further, in order to stretch the skin out ready for the implant. You have to wait three months for the exchange from expander to implant, as it takes this long for the swelling to go down. The exchange is relatively simple, and Mark just went in to the existing scar and swapped them over.

    About a year later after getting my other breast checked, I realised with children as young as mine, I just did not feel comfortable that the cancer might not be missed again so I decided to have the other breast off as a precaution. There was no question about who I would have that done with and went back to see Mark. The whole process was a lot easier this time as I didn’t have the cancer cloud over me. I was able to laugh and joke along the way. I was able to manage my pain better the second time around. This time I did have a haematoma, which is just an unlucky complication. It meant I had a large collection of fluid in my back. It was just a case of getting it drained out with a needle and really wasn’t much of an issue.

    When it came time to take out that expander and put the implant in, I asked Mark if he would give me a tummy tuck at the same time. I had always loathed my tummy, even prior to pregnancy; it was always protruding compared to the rest of my body. I felt completely safe in Marks hands – it was not something I had ever considered prior to getting cancer as after the surgeries. I realised how amazing a job Mark did and recovery was nothing like I had imagined – it was much easier. My tummy hurt considerably for a couple of days. After that if I coughed, it hurt, but apart from that it was okay. Initially, you can’t stand up straight, which is an unusual feeling but this frees up more and more each day. One week after the operation, I was attending meetings at my children’s school. Two weeks later, I was back at the gym, only doing things like the treadmill of course. I always followed post-surgery instructions to the letter, as I didn’t want to waste the excellent results by lifting when I wasn’t supposed to. You wear compression garments for 6 weeks. Mark would always lean on the side of caution when it came to post surgery and I appreciated that.

    Mark then was able to create nipples from the back skin where my nipple had been removed. I don’t know how he did it, but they look like real nipples! Then I later got them tattooed so they look real. My breasts look so real, so perky and amazing, my friends are all totally jealous.

    I felt really blessed to have Mark Hanikeri as my surgeon. He is just such a nice person and his results surpassed anything I could have dreamt of.

  • Katie

    I was never really overweight but have wanted to have a tummy tuck for a number of years. Being 6 feet tall and finding it tricky to lose my little belly even with an active and healthy lifestyle, having children just reinforced my resolve and I decided to do some research that led to my “Trifecta”, three in one surgery!

    I joined online groups and started chatting with others who had already gone through the experience. I researched the procedures, different doctors and other patients’ experiences.

    It was around this time that I decided I wanted to have not just the tummy tuck but a thigh lift and some liposuction too. I thought it would be great if I could have all three surgeries done at the same time. It would save me a bit of money and a lot of recovery time, not to mention less time off work and time away from my kids.

    I had a few consults with a few doctors before finally meeting Dr Hanikeri. I felt comfortable with him straight away. He was very realistic, and gave me a good experience from the beginning.
    Dr Hanikeri is a wonderful man. I cannot praise him enough. He and his staff were great. Not only was he able to make me feel comfortable before the surgery but post-surgery he was also fantastic. My wounds healed up perfectly; although I did have a slight infection on one side due to the stitches, I emailed Dr Hanikeri one Sunday night to ask him about it and he answered me back straight away!

    Recovery was so easy. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I had the surgery on a Monday and was out of hospital on the Friday. I was taking the normal painkillers straight after the surgery but having always been a lightweight with drugs, I felt a bit nauseous and generally unwell. I made the decision to try to stop taking them on the Tuesday, only a day and a half after the surgery. My recovery flew from there. I even walked out of the hospital via the stairs much to everyone’s disbelief! All 12 flights of them!! After I returned home on the Friday, I was able to do almost every day to day activity I normally do without any pain. There was a little discomfort but I wouldn’t say pain and that is without any painkillers!

    I now have a whole new lease on life. It takes a little while for your mind to remember what you look like now. As you walk past the mirror you are reminded that you have shaved that little bit of fat off the outside of your thighs. Although I only had 500 grams liposuctioned off my thighs the results I can see are a massive change for me. It encourages you to stick on your diet and healthy lifestyle to keep the feeling going.

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