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  • Gail Gregory

    I have been seeing Justin for 2.5years. After a weight loss of about 50kg I have had a circumferential body lift, thigh reduction, brachioplasty, breast reduction & lift and a couple of revisions. He was also kind enough to suture my arm and leg back together after a dog attack, for which I am so thankful. A truly amazing, wonderfully gifted surgeon. Easy to talk to. So over the moon with my results.

  • Hayley

    Very happy with my lower body lift and breast reduction/lift with Dr Perron! Highly skilled surgeon, his team are very helpful with sorting all concerns in an efficient manner. Results are better than I expected.

  • Lee

    Justin is amazing I’m so happy and comfortable with him during consultation

  • Sheryl

    My large breast had always been the bane of my life from age 13. I felt dowdy and couldn’t get clothes to fit me nicely. I thought many times about breast reduction but because my sister in law had passed away from breast cancer, I felt I should be grateful for healthy breasts. Then at the age of 60 – I thought stuff it. I made an appointment to see Dr Justin Perron of Form and Function Clinic Brisbane, lost 12 kgs in weight before surgery (my own choice- no pressure from anyone) and I am thrilled with the results. It’s never too late. I bought a Size M $4 t-shirt from Kmart for the garden and it brought tears to my eyes. I feel fantastic and just between you and me – I look fantastic. I can’t thank Dr Perron and his team enough for the way they looked after my procedure from the first consultation onwards. My bra lady who sees a lot of surgical cases was also extremely impressed with the look of my new breasts. Trust me – there is no higher praise even if she is now going to lose money as I won’t be buying my 14G bras.

  • Emmy Downes

    Dr Justin Perron performed my breast lift and brachioplasty In November last year. Very happy with the results and would not trust any other surgeon to do my further surgeries. He is not only brilliant at what he does, he treats you with respect and genuinely cares.
    Can’t wait to have my bodylift and thigh lift done by him in the new year !

  • kerensa bell

    On February 10th 2017 Justin performed a Circumferential body lift, abdominoplasty, butt lift, thigh reduction and thigh lipo. I am over the moon with the results already. Justin has the patience of a saint, really listens to all your concerns and creates a plan to get you the exact outcome you are looking for. I would 110% recommend him to everyone.

  • Jennifer

    My name is Jennifer Learmont.I had a explant with Justin Perron almost 3 weeks ago, went from ruptured implants E cup to a full.B/C natural, they look just how they used to before I had implants. Justin is lovely patient and kind and he exceeded my expectations I couldn’t be happier

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      It’s so great to have found and read your review and that you had such a positive experience with your explant.
      I’m hoping to have my implants removed this year with a lift as well but was concerned at how it would turn out.
      From reading, it seems most women are happy with the outcome.
      The hardest part has been finding a surgeon – I’ve been coming back to Justin Perron for months now and think he may be the one I book my consultation with.

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