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  • Jennifer Pratten

    I took my daughter to see Dr Rizk for tuberous breasts. We were both very nervous. He made us feel comfortable he allowed me to ask as many questions as a worried mother would, without making me feel rushed or like i was wasting his time. I appreciated this. My daughter has recovered well and is very happy and confident with her new shape. Her appearance is very natural and he even gave her a talk about confidence and how it always comes from within. Really sincere and great surgeon.

  • Anita Lai

    Wonderful Surgeon, Wonderful results ! Dr Joseph follow up is immaculate, I had many post ops, as I had a pre existing medical condition. Very ethical, humane. A real Doctor. I trust Dr Joseph.

  • Justine Emeral

    I had a breast reconstruction with Dr Rizk starting from 1 year ago. he did my operation in stages including reconstructing the skin from my own skin. he is now in the process of shaping my breasts with fat transfer. his attention to detail is impeccable both medical considerations ( as I had cancer) and cosmetic. he completely understands everything that is important to me and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. he is a truly talented surgeon and my breast reconstruction has really changed my life.

  • Hala

    Dr Rizk is a wonderful surgeon. I had a tummy tuck last year with him. my scar healed wonderfully and he helped me through all my concerns and anxieties before surgery. His staff were an absolute credit to his practice, they are most knowledgable, very well trained and un- intimidating. I have been to other plastic surgeons for other procedures and will definitely stay with Dr Rizk for any future procedure from now on. Thankyou Dr Rizk and girls.

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