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  • Kelly

    After having a baby and gaining over 20kg and breastfeeding for months I noticed that I had lost volume and the perk to my breasts. This was starting to really impact how I felt about myself and also to have an effect on my marriage. I would not feel comfortable unless I was wearing padded push up bras and swim wear was a “no go” area for me.

    I decided I wanted a breast augmentation, and after months of research, looking online through photos, phone calls and asking around I decided to go with Dr. Jeremy Hunt.

    I had looked at Dr. Hunts work and thought that it was great, and the price point definitely matched the results. Every review I read was great and the before and after photos were amazing.

    Dr. Hunt himself is an amazing, intelligent man who is so professional and informative. I felt comfortable and confident in every consult and the process was so easy and fun. Dr. Hunts team made every step so relaxed and they let me be excited and confident with absolutely no judgement.

    I was terrified on the day of my surgery and the whole team came to see me to make sure I was ok and assure me that the surgery would go well. I felt prepared and cared for every step of the way.

    The surgery itself went well, I was sore for approx 6 days before I was up and about with my new body. I felt great, I couldn’t stop looking at my new self. I was back at work within a couple of weeks with a brand new attitude and full of confidence and I would recommend the surgery and Dr Hunt and his team to anyone.

    The scars are so thin and precise that soon they won’t even be there. I have received so many compliments about how happy I am and this is a direct result of how great I feel.

    I can’t thank the entire team enough for the care and support throughout the process. It has been the best money I have ever spent and it has changed my life in so many ways, i feel like my old self.

    Thank you! Keep up the good work, you’re changing lives.

  • Danielle

    I had a breast reduction done by Dr Hunt and I am overjoyed with my results, not only have all my back neck and shoulder pain gone but I am more confident and happy within myself. Dr Hunt is very experienced with over 10 years of practice, he was up front with all risks and costs and got me in as soon as I wanted, all of his staff are also extremely helpful and made the whole process an easy and smooth.

  • DIANNE Chandler

    Day 4 after breast reduction surgery at St.Lukes Hospital, I have no pain just a soreness and bruising around the trunk area under the arms where liposuction was done. I had expected to have sore nipples but absolutely nothing there. I remain a little foggy in the head, no leakage but this bra is extremely tight. I go back to the surgery on Friday to have the dressing removed, looking forward to seeing the end results although I know it can take up to a year for the final result. I can recommend St.Lukes Hospital and their fabulous staff and Dr.Jeremy Hunt and his nurse, receptionist who have all given full explanations throughout the procedure.

  • Sophie Barnes

    After a lot of consideration and research, I decided to book a consultation with Dr Jeremy Hunt, and I am so happy that I did! All my worries and stress was gone after a quick chat and I knew he was the best person to do my surgery with his extensive experience and qualifications. Over 6 months later I am still so happy with my results!

  • Linda

    I had a triple face lift in december. I had my neck / face and endoscopic brow lift. I was very bruised for 2 weeks post surgery but expected that as i bruise easily. I love the result – not overdone. Just look younger and fresher.

    Im 60 and should look good into my 70s! No regrets except maybe i should hv done it earlier!

  • Anne Marie

    Amazing results. Great team all round. Not a single migraine since my breast reduction and lift. Dr Hunt very friendly and caring; such a skilled surgeon.

  • anne marie

    Amazing results. Great team all round. Not a single migraine since my breast reduction and lift. Dr Hunt very friendly and caring, such a skilled surgeon.

  • Jelly

    I had a breast augmentation performed by Dr Jeremy Hunt and I am absolutely thrilled with my result, not only did he do a fantastic job but he has a great way with his patients.
    I felt comfortable from start to finish throughout my whole experience including his staff who were friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr Jeremy Hunt.

  • Jodi

    Having lost 55kg and completing a 2 year weight loss journey was bitter sweet. I had successfully changed my eating patterns, had a regular Personal Trainer and running program something that I was proud of. I just had this one niggle when I ran I could feel and hear the excess skin on my stomach and my oversized bust slapping around no matter how tight the pants or bra. Not to mention my busty bust was almost down to my belly button. The nice clothes I wanted to wear I couldn’t I felt cheated.
    I went to Dr Jeremy Hunt for a consultation instantly he echoed my concerns and he believed he could give me the shape and size I was looking for. I had two previous consults with other surgeons however Dr Hunt’s manner understanding and confidence to deliver was all that I needed to move forward.
    The surgery pre and post support was great no questions were frowned upon and Dr Hunt was supportive of me training for the operation and even completing the City to Surf three days pre -op. I am now 3 months post – op and I look and feel amazing. I am back at the gym and running I have a beautiful shape with slender hips, the start of a six pack no gross belly overhang, my newly shaped and sized bust sits up on my chest where it rightfully belongs. An added bonus to the surgery I now have a booty that looks and feels amazing. Dr. Jeremy Hunt is a genius he has a keen eye for detail, listens to your concerns and then creates the master piece you always imagined you wanted. I still catch myself looking at my reflection in the mirror or the shop window as I walk past and thinking oh that’s me. Your body is the temple that houses your soul so why not allow Dr Hunt to help create the shrine you so rightly deserve for your inner and outer beauty.

  • Jenny

    After thinking about surgery for over 10 years I decided to speak with Dr Hunt after a bad experience with another Surgeon. I knew straight away I had made the right decision and instantly felt reassured. He spent time to understand my health history and what I was looking to achieve. He showed me lots of before and after pictures and I did research to confirm that I was making the correct decision (every review was positive). I also spoke to a friend of a friend who had the same surgery.
    I had only wished I had done the surgery earlier. Dr Hunt’s staff are professional and caring (especially Ciara) and not being based in Sydney they responded to all emails/phone calls straight away. I am so happy with the results and highly recommend Dr Hunt. My girlfriends were very impressed with the results and what a delicate neat job he has done. The before and after care was amazing, listen and follow his advice and you will benefit from the results. I only took pain killers for one day and then paracetamol and ice packs were all I needed. Back and neck pain gone and lots of new bra and clothes shopping.

  • Lisa

    I underwent surgery on the 18th April 2018 having breast implants with a breast lift. I cannot speak highly enough about the service and support I have received from the moment of my first consultation right up until now. Dr. Hunt and his entire staff have been nothing but professional, they answered every question I had with such thoroughness and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. I am so pleased I had such a wonderful environment to undergo this surgery in, and cannot thank everyone involved enough. I am extremely happy with the results. I never thought they would look so perfect in every way. I am now so grateful that I listened to all the people that highly recommended him to me that had the same procedure done, and years down the track are still extremely happy and have never looked back.

  • Rach

    I had a large congenital nevus birthmark on my right shoulder (an egg shape and roughly egg-sized) which I felt ‘ruined’ how I looked. It lowered my confidence, and I wasn’t brave enough to wear any clothing without sleeves.

    I had tried camouflage make up, but my birthmark was too dark and had thick hairs, so this didn’t work for me. I went to 2 different plastic surgeons in England about the surgical removal of my birthmark and they told me that it couldn’t be an option which was incredibly upsetting. They said that the location of the birthmark would make it impossible. I was informed that shoulder skin is very tight and a very difficult place to have surgery without resulting in an ugly scar.

    I mentioned to one of them that I was moving to Australia and they suggested that I contact Dr Jeremy Hunt because he had an excellent reputation (even in England) and was known to be extremely skilled.

    Before I had met Dr Hunt, I had researched his work and seen a YouTube video of him performing skull surgery which was really impressive. It made me recognise his problem solving abilities and the precision in his work, which made me think he would be perfect for removing my ‘difficult’ birthmark.

    Upon meeting Dr Hunt I really appreciated the way he discussed my birthmark. There was no ‘you don’t need to get that removed, you’re fine’ or the other comment I always received ‘I can see why you’d want that removed’. He was kind but very to the point – after all, at this stage I already knew that I wanted it removed – so the discussion was specifics as to how we would remove it. He was entirely transparent and agreed that the shoulder area is a more difficult area, but did not feel like this was beyond his abilities, and I believed in his confidence.

    We decided to make the ‘bigger problem, into a smaller problem’ by removing the birthmark across two operations with a break in-between. His team are lovely people, who made organising the surgery very straightforward. I had never been in hospital before but I felt very confident and excited on the day. He removed about 60% of the birthmark – I was out the hospital and home a few hours later with a water resistant dressing on my arm. I was prescribed antibiotics, and painkillers which made it very easy to manage at home. I only took 3 days off at work, followed by the weekend and was back on the Monday. His nurse also rang me a couple of times to check up on how I was and I felt like I recovered very smoothly/quickly.

    After another consultation a week or so later, he removed the dressing and my arm already looked dramatically better. I couldn’t believe how neat his work was! Even though the whole birthmark had not yet gone, my shoulder/arm looked so much better already and there was so absolutely no puckering – SO NEAT. I had a dip in my arm from the skin pulling, which we were ready for and I had to wait for it to bounce back fully before we did the final removal. The surgery site healed very well and I was able to get on with everyday life very easily.

    I had another 2 consultations in this break and 12 months after the first surgery, I had the final removal. I felt very comfortable having already done it once, and having the surgery with the same anaesthetist and same hospital. It was flawless and straightforward with his team, pre and post op.

    I have had my dressing removed again this week and finally seen my arm/shoulder without my birthmark. It just looks absolutely incredible because you’d never of known that anything was there. I can’t really believe that it’s gone and I never have to have any of these worries again. Dr Hunt’s is clearly very very clever and experienced, because this plastic surgery that wasn’t entirely straightforward/common and not only has he done it, but he has done it perfectly. The stitching is so neat and precise and a week later I am not feeling any pain. All I have to do now is let the dipping fix itself again and apply silicone (given by Dr Hunt) for several months to ensure an aesthetically pleasing scar forms, as it did last time.

    I don’t imagine that anyone else would have been better for this, and I don’t think that there is anything that Dr Hunt couldn’t fix. I feel so lucky that he was my plastic surgeon because this has been a very professional, comfortable and friendly journey, with a beautiful and tidy result. I think anyone who has thought about their own birthmark, no matter what size, location, or what someone else has told you, I’d recommend you book an appointment with Dr Hunt, because he is a genius and will figure it out for you.

  • Melanie

    I am thrilled with the results of the upper and lower lid blepharoplasties I had less than 8 weeks ago by Dr Jeremy Hunt. I saw Dr Jeremy hunt as I felt that I looked tired even when I was well rested, my eyelids sat on my eyelashes and I could see a shadow in my upper field of view. I am a very active 46 year old mother of 2 and felt that what I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect how I felt on the inside.
    Dr Hunts is friendly, knowledgeable and professional which is fabulous but what really impresses me is his surgical skill. Dr Hunts incisions perfectly follow the natural fold of my upper eyelid, both upper and lower incisions marry exactly. The result is a very fine scar which completely disappears into the upper eyelid crease. At just under 8 weeks I am not having to wear make up or concealer to hide the surgery site. I feel that the symmetry of my eyes is actually better now after surgery than it was before. Even my close friends cant tell that I’ve had surgery, the result is subtle and natural looking. I’m feeling fresh and confident and best yet I still look like me.

    1. michelle matts

      Hi there

      I was wondering how much the surgery cost as I am thinking of doing the same.

  • Sally

    I underwent breast reduction surgery with Jeremy Hunt in September 2017. It’s now November 2017 and I am healed with minimal scaring and could not be happier!! I went from a 10E down to a 10C. My headaches are gone, I have no more back pain and have not woken with a sore neck since.
    From the moment I walked into his clinic I was met with friendly faces and genuine smiles. Dr Hunt is so down to earth and approachable and his staff are lovely. There is nothing I can fault and would recommend Dr Hunt in a heartbeat.

  • Sally

    Breast Reduction Surgery. 35 year old woman, 12E down to a 12C.

    I would absolutely recommend Dr Hunt and his team for anyone considering surgery.

    I recently underwent a breast reduction with Dr Hunt and right from the first consult I found Dr Hunt and his staff to be warm, friendly and welcoming.
    Dr Hunt explained the entire process simply and with confidence. He didn’t use medical terminology and jargon, so I knew exactly what would happen, when and why. I was also able to ask questions without feeling stupid.
    The team supported me with documentation to support my medical leave, and my husbands carers leave without any problems whatsoever.
    The care that was provided to me on the day of, and immediately following my surgery was of the highest standard, as was my follow up care.

    Honestly, I cannot fault a single aspect of my experience with Dr Hunt.

    I am so very happy with the results! Best decision of my life. You won’t regret it!

  • Amanda

    I had my first consultation with Dr Hunt in March 2017 and immediately knew he was ‘the one’. Surgery was booked straight away for June 2017 as this was a convenient time for me.
    Dr Hunt carried out a bilateral breast reduction, taking me from a JJ cup to a DD cup.
    I highly recommend Dr Hunt.

  • Melissa

    Deciding to go ahead with a rhinoplasty was a hard decision in itself
    but also trying to find the right surgeon in Sydney was an even harder
    one. As I am new to Sydney I didn’t know much about the plastic
    surgeons in the area however I started to do my research and I came
    across Jeremy Hunt. I decided instantly that he would be my surgeon
    after reading all the really nice reviews about him I could already
    tell that he would be perfect for me. I also found out that a friend
    had been to him and she only had amazing things to say so I decided to
    book my consult. This was my first and only consultation as after
    seeing Jeremy it only had reassured my confidence in him and I didn’t
    want to see anyone else. One thing I liked about Dr Hunt was that he
    listened to what I wanted and he didn’t try to persuade me into
    something he thought was best for me. I had my surgery at Royal North
    Shore Hospital. The nurses there were really lovely and I loved my
    anaesthetist Dr Steel, he was very professional and I could tell
    extremely experienced. After the surgery I felt no pain. I have heard
    with nose jobs that it all depends on the surgeon’s techniques whether
    you will be in pain or not and I truly had none of that. I had a bit
    of bruising and swelling but that’s normal. It’s now three months
    since my surgery and I love my nose more and more everyday. It takes a
    while for the full result to happen due to the swelling but I’m
    already so happy so early. I work in the beauty Industry myself so i’m
    constantly exposed to patients who have had plastic surgery and
    everyone who has had a rhino done previously and who has seen mine has
    said how amazing and natural my nose looks. I also have seen a lot of
    patients who have had bad ones also so I know how well my nose was
    done. I’m so happy that I chose Jeremy for my rhinoplasty he has made
    the whole experience as pain-free and stress-free as possible. I would
    not hesitate to highly recommend him enough to anyone seeking a
    rhinoplasty in Sydney. Thanks Jeremy for all you have done for me 🙂

  • Jade

    I researched surgeons prior to choosing Dr Hunt and everything I
    read was true. He is fantastic not only does he make you feel at ease
    and comfortable he and his team are beyond amazing. I couldn’t be
    happier with my results. In fact I have recommended him to others
    based on my experience and trey too have gone to see him. Everyone in
    his team are equally as fantastic as he is.

  • Rosemary

    After losing 60kg, I had a lot of loose, saggy skin. I saw Dr Jeremy Hunt in February 2016 for consultation. He said the greatest thing, “You’ve done the hard work, let me fix what you can’t do yourself”. I initally had bilateral brachioplasty, breast lift, and lower body lift. In 2017, I went back for a bilateral thigh lift to fix my legs. It has been the best decision I made. Everything is now firm and back in place. It has helped me see the work I’ve done, increased my confidence and helped me to keep the weight off. Jeremy was a complete professional. I had no worries going for surgery last year or this year. His staff are terrific, caring and helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon.

  • julie keenan from berry nsw

    I would like to thank jermery hunt for my surgery.
    I saw jermery hunt in november 2016 and had my surgery a lower body
    lift on the 26th april 2017.
    Its been just over a week now and im walking, showering myself and doing fine.
    After having 4 children and losing 25kilos i had so much loose skin in
    my tummy and my lower body had just collasped , i saw jermery hunt and
    he suggested a lower body lift is the answer, i now have a flat tummy
    no stretched skin any more a bum that is now where is should be not
    hanging down towards the ground and my legs are also not as big from
    being pushed up and lipo done as well there.
    Looking forward to round 2 in a few mths time for a breast lift and
    nose reshaped and inner thigh lift.
    I had 4 consults and some where cheaper then jermery hunt but his
    caring nature and listening to what i needed i chose dr hunt.
    His staff are caring and i cant believe i havent done this before age
    43 as my kids are all grown up and there was nothing stopping me
    except being scared.
    Thankyou again

  • Lee-Ann

    I began my consultations with Dr Hunt at the start of last year.
    After having my two beautiful boys and being diagnosed with an under
    active thyroid condition after the second pregnancy, I struggled to
    lose weight through normal dieting and exercise. I was also left with
    lose skin around my tummy after two c-sections and huge boobs. My
    surgery was in December and included a tummy tuck, breast reduction
    and liposuction. I now feel amazing. I lost 6kgs throughout the whole
    process, my stomach is back to normal and my breasts are a good D cup
    size. I have my confidence back as well as increased energy. The
    recovery wasn’t easy, but I was lucky to have a supportive husband and
    family around me. Dr Hunt made me feel comfortable about my decision
    and his team were unreal! I would highly recommend Dr Hunt to anyone
    without hesitation.

  • Michelina

    In November 2016 I had a bilateral breast reduction and Dr Hunt
    reduced my breast size from a G cup to a D cup. It was the best life
    decision I have made. Not only did it cure my severe neck, shoulder
    and back pain, it greatly increased my motivation and self confidence.
    Dr Hunt was the ultimate professional. He explained the procedure and
    post operative requirements thoroughly and made sure I felt confident
    with my decision before undergoing the surgery. He was always friendly
    and helpful and was always happy to answer any questions or concerns I
    had. I would highly recommend Dr Hunt to any body considering a breast
    reduction 🙂

  • Susanna

    Dr Jeremy Hunt is a very professional and caring surgeon . When you
    are going to have surgery on your face you need to make the right
    decision about who is doing it.
    Jeremy’s skills are amazing I would highly recommend him. He made me
    feel comfortable and confident about the surgery after the first
    appointment. He was very genuine about what I needed to feel and look
    great and the results were amazing. His bedside manner in the hospital
    was fantastic even phoning my family after surgery. His nurse also had
    a very caring attitude. The follow up post op was great my emails with
    questions were answered immediately. Very happy with my facelift!

  • Tarni

    Late 2016 I underwent a Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty
    and I could not be happier with the results. I feel as though my body
    looks the way it should have all along. I was confident that Dr Hunt
    knew what I wanted from the beginning and he certainly delivered.
    Would recommend to anyone!

  • Susan Tyson

    I was delighted at the entire process relevant to my procedure: the clinic staff were helpful, Dr Hunt professional and understanding, a choice of dates was available and the procedure was efficient. My results are excellent, I am delighted and wish I had done this earlier.

  • Ria

    Dr Hunt and his team are awesome. Plastic surgery is still surgery with unknown outcomes.
    Dr Hunt will guide you through it, he is patient, kind and a top knot specialist in his field of practise.
    Everyone tells you how easy the blepharoplasty procedure is, however it’s only easy with a trained specialist. If you wish to have this done ask the right questions. Safety & hygiene is your first consideration.

  • katherine

    Breast Reconstruction
    I cannot thank you enough for your quality of care, professionalism and concern that was demonstrated by all the staff.

    To you Dr Hunt I cannot say enough about your skills and talent,Amazing!!!!!

    Researching and deciding to have my procedure was a very exciting yet uncertain experience.You made it very comfortable and pleasing.

    Anyone reading this, I feel very fortunate to have Dr Hunt as my surgent. I highly recommend Dr Hunt and he will not disappoint you.

    Thank you, you have truly changed my life!!!!!

  • Jen

    I’ll start off by saying if you read nothing else, read this – Dr Hunt is an extraordinarily gifted plastic surgeon and all round people person. Now for the details…

    On my initial consultation with Dr Hunt I was immediately made to feel comfortable, and he asked me to explain what I felt were my issues. I had a large ridge in the bridge of my nose, bulbous tip and a deviated septum from breaking my nose twice which created lots of sinus congestion, pain and breathing problems. I was also very flat-chested and lopsided with my left breast an A-cup and right breast an AA-cup. I said that it was important to me that I still look like me, just with improved breathing and proportions. Dr Hunt listened attentively throughout, took all the relevant measurements and showed me relevant before/after photos of prior patients. Dr Hunt then explained his plan and techniques, what type of implants he used, drew diagrams and gave me the relevant information packages to take home. I was introduced to his practice nurse who was incredibly friendly, also putting me at ease while helping me try on and select implant sizes. The administration staff were unbelievably helpful with hospital bookings, paperwork and deposit.

    On the day of surgery Dr Hunt and his nursing team at North Shore Specialist Day Centre we extremely competent, helpful, and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Dr Hunt came to check on me post procedure and explained how the surgery went, what to look out for should there be any complications and the immediate post care. I was given scripts for the appropriate pain relief and antibiotics, one of Dr Hunt’s nursing team explained all post care instructions and showed me how to adjust my compression garment for my breasts. I was discharged home in the early afternoon and received a follow up phone call at home the next day from Dr Hunt to check on my progress. I’ve since had three follow up appointments to remove nasal splints, stitches, dressings and be issued with new post care instructions. At each appointment I found Dr Hunt and his nursing team to be incredibly competent, thorough and friendly.

    I have had my turbinates reduced, septum straightened, ridge on my nose decreased and tip reduced. Most importantly, it still looks like my nose but I can breathe through it and I’ve had no issues with sinus congestion or pain. I had two different sized silicone implants with under the breast incisions to create even C-cups, which are completely natural looking and in proportion to the rest of my body. I feel like a better version of myself and am so incredibly happy with the results.

    I absolutely cannot give Dr Hunt higher praise he listened to what my concerns were and delivered exactly what I had pictured. His reputation as Sydney’s number one plastic surgeon is absolutely deserved.

  • Tracey

    I have seen Dr Hunt for a number of procedures to reduce the amount of excess skin after losing over 100kg. The procedures I have had performed by Dr Hunt are a 360 body lift, my arms reshaped, a thigh lift and breast implants. I never had any complications and am overjoyed with the results. The recovery time is not that long and it is all worth it in the end. The staff at Dr Hunts office are professional and lovely. They make you feel very comfortable and they really do everything they can to look after you and make you feel at ease. Dr Hunt knows what he is talking about and his work really does speak for itself.

  • Trish

    I would recommend Dr Hunt to anyone. I’m very very happy with the work Dr Hunt did on me – tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. The ladies in the office are amazing too. The whole experience has been amazing ?

  • Lisa

    Eyebrow Lift / Upper Blepharoplasty / MACS / Neck Lift

    I started holding up my eyebrows at 20. The rest of my face followed the eyebrow decent as I neared 50. The thought of going under the knife never scared me. Who would be wielding that knife my biggest concern.

    After my first consultation with Dr. Hunt, the worry was no more. I threw every question, concern, opinion at him and with great patience, ease and straight forwardness he answered everything and asked a few of his own. He gets to the heart of what you want and lets you guide the process while helping you through each step. He has corrected something I had been dealing with for almost 30 years, plus a few extras thrown in and he’s done it masterfully. He is more than qualified, you can see this just by reading the other reviews and looking at his accomplishments. I can’t find a rooftop high enough to shout just how happy I am with the results!

    Dr. Hunt is beyond competent, thorough, honest and easy to talk to. It comes down to responsibility, trust, ability and he has this in spades. His office and surgical staff are extremely professional and so warm to deal with.

    Those that knew I was getting it done were blown away. My Aesthetician (who’s seen a lot of surgical faces over the last 25 years) took one look at my face and asked for his card. Those that didn’t, still don’t. I wanted significant changes but most importantly I still look wanted to look like me and that was something I was concerned about. Dr. Hunt’s true ability is well hidden and he delivered everything I wanted without my Father even batting an eye. I love that no one knows (yes he’s that good). I know. I’m happy and I love it.

    1. Kylie

      Hi Lisa
      I’m looking at getting this done, can I please ask what the cost was?

  • Carol

    Cannot thank Dr Hunt enough for the results. Better than expected. Professional, friendly and engaging. Dr Hunts staff at his clinic are a super bunch of friendly woman who made this easy for me on the phone and in his offices.

  • kim

    Amazing results and i couldnt be happier. I chose to go with Dr Jeremy Hunt as he was my surgeon for a previous procedure a couple years ago, so naturally i went with him for my breast augmentation and rhinoplasty as i was extremely satisfied with my previous surgery.
    As always Dr Hunt was professional, his team very efficient and made the entire process effortless.
    My breasts look amazing, i chose 550cc high profile implants and they extremely natural. My rhinoplasty was successful and my nose looks very natural and exactly what i wanted.
    I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Hunt to anyone and definately suggest booking a consultation with him if your considering plastic surgery.

  • Victoria

    What a life changing experience!!! After 90kg weight loss I approached Dr Jeremy Hunt to have my excess skin removed.

    I cannot praise Jeremy and his team enough. Jeremy is not only an excellent surgeon but a wonderful human being who treated me with respect, kindness and compassion throughout the whole experience. He is an absolute credit to his field and the way he has transformed my body is sheer genius!!!

    1. Trish Listing Owner

      Huge huge congratulations on your weightloss! That’s an awesome effort. Well done for choosing a great surgeon for your excess skin removal.

  • Wendy

    My experience having a breast lift and augmentation was an extremely positive one. I had carefully considered the pros and cons and was very happy that I chose Dr Hunt to perform the surgery. I had read good reviews and once I met him knew I had made the right choice. He was friendly and informative and clearly went through the steps involved in the procedure. He also made certain my own expectations were realistic, which I really appreciated. The surgery went well and the recovery was much less difficult than I had expected. The staff at St Luke’s hospital made me feel very special indeed! It’s been almost 12 months since I had my procedure and I have no regrets whatsoever. I highly recommend Dr Hunt and his staff. I have regained my self confidence and have him to thank for that.

  • Janelle

    My experience was fantastic. Dr Hunt and his staff were very friendly & professional. I’m so pleased with my result and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Daryl

    I’d always wanted to do something about my nose for many years and recently thought – it’s now or never! I researched thoroughly and chose Dr Hunt to initially visit on the basis of his qualifications and his website. He was the first on my list to visit and, based on that initial experience, I ended up looking no further!

    Dr Hunt’s manner is exactly what you want from someone who is going to have such an impact on you – personable, empathetic, easy to understand and very professional. And every single member of his staff that I subsequently dealt with were nothing short of delightful.

    All up, I’m extremely pleased with the results and delighted that I entrusted myself to his care. I would enthusiastically endorse him for inclusion in your own research.

  • Elizabeth

    Jeremy Hunt was the perfect choice of surgeon for my breast augmentation. He made the whole process easy. He was so professional and understanding. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Dr Hunt.

  • Di

    After having breast implants 33 years ago and not being happy with the results or how my body looked I decided to do something about it. Breastfeeding 2 children and then losing 12 kilos did not help at all but made me feel worse about my body. I went to see Dr Jeremy Hunt after reading only positive reviews about what a talented surgeon he was. I would highly recommend Dr Hunt to anyone considering surgery as he made me feel totally at ease on my very first consultation. He knew exactly what I wanted and the results were even better than I expected. I have never felt as comfortable with any other surgeon. Dr Jeremy Hunt is a talented, professional and totally amazing surgeon. I had no idea what to expect after my surgery and the results of my breast implant replacement were amazing. I have never felt happier with how I look and the confidence I feel.His staff were also very friendly, helpful and available to answer any questions I had before and after surgery. Fantastic results from the most amazing surgeon ever!

  • Alice

    I am 4 weeks out from a face and neck lift and couldn’t be more thrilled. It was great to get the procedure done in my Home town and it made me feel a lot more confident if anything went wrong. I can recommend Dr Hunt in Sydney as he is well qualified and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Brad Walker

    In April this year I underwent Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty surgery with Dr Jeremy Hunt. I was very happy with the outcome and extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, care and experience that Dr Hunt demonstrated through-out the entire process. Thank you and congrats for a great job and keep up the great work.

  • Amanda

    After wanting to have a breast reduction for years I finally decided to seek a highly regarded surgeon and after an exhaustive research process the only surgeon that I would consider was Dr Jeremy Hunt. After my very first consultation I was instantly convinced that he was a great decision and the surgeon for me. My confidence in his surgical abilities did not let me down. I am thrilled with my results- I went from a 10G-H down to a 10D-C. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Jeremy is very professional yet approachable and down to earth and more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

  • Kelsey

    Breast Augmentation

    Dr Hunt was lovely and always answered all of my questions. He made me feel really comfortable and made sure i was aware of all the risks as well. My surgery went perfectly and i could not be more happier with my results.

  • Moe E

    31 year old male tummy tuck after 40kg weightloss

    After losing 40kg and getting down to 10% body fat I did absolutely everything I could naturally to get my stomach as flat as possible. Excess skin continued to bother me and hinder my confidence. It’s been 3 months now since the procedure and I couldn’t be happier with my flat stomach.

    I was pretty lucky to stumble on Dr Jeremy Hunt. I had seen a few surgeons before him and the level of care and service was over and above any of the other Dr’s I had seen. I immediately felt comfortable and knew he was the right surgeon for me.

    He was a complete professional but also really friendly and caring through the whole process. Naturally I was quite anxious and he worked with me to make the right decision and talk through any concerns I had. The result has been outstanding and when I have shown friends who have had the same surgery they are really surprised at how amazing the result is when compared to theirs.

    The ladies in the office were extremely friendly and the aftercare was fantastic. They would take my concerned calls at any time and offer assistance whenever I needed it.

    I highly recommend Dr Hunt if you’re considering this procedure. Since completing my surgery I recommended Dr Hunt to my best friend and she has since had breast augmentation with him. She could not be happier with the result too. I now recommend him to any friends or family considering surgery.

  • Andrew

    Body lift after 70kg weight loss

    After a successful gastric sleeve operation i lost 70 kilograms. I was left with a “spare tyre” around my mid section, and i made the decision to get a body lift to rectify that. After a lot of research i found Dr Hunt and decided that he would best suit what i was after. Since that decision i have been so happy ever since. Dr Hunt ensured i understood all aspects of the procedure before hand and explained any risks involved. His work was incredible and post op care second to none. Dr Hunt is a genuine person who cares what you are going through and doesn’t just treat you like another patient. Anyone interested in some sort of surgical procedure should speak to Dr Hunt as he is by far the best.

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