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  • Gloria

    My name is Gloria and I’m 41 yrs of age. I’m a wife and mother of three beautiful boys. After having my baby’s and breast feeding I noticed that my breast were not full and looked deflated and wrinkley and saggy skin was left. I started to feel very uncomfortable with the way they looked. I got to a stage that even undressing in front of my husband became a concern! After five years I decided to do something about it! I spoke to friends who also have had breast implants done and how happy they were with the results ! Resent friend who had just got implants put in by Jane Patterson was thrilled with her results and I got to see janes work and tell you they looked amazing! I new then that booking with Jane that I felt sure I was doing the right thing. My beautiful husband booked my consultation in and we both spoke to Jane. Jane went through all the details that we needed and answered every question asked . Husband and I felt so comfortable and decided to go with the booking their and then! Jane is a perfectionist and marking with an eye was perfected! I new that I was in good hands and trusted Jane with my life! Jane has changed me completely. I am more confident in my body and my husband is pleased as well! Thank you Jane for changing my life! Xo


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