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  • Natalie Graoroski

    I have put off writing this review for almost 10 months now because I haven’t been able to find the words to describe how absolutely amazing my experience with Dr Jake Lim & his team was. From my first consultation, I felt so comfortable with my decision for Dr Lim to go ahead with my lower body lift. My expectations were beyond exceeded. I have never loved my body so much. Thank you so much Dr Lim! You are a gift

  • Aurora Davis

    I am so incredibly happy with my breast augmentation done by Dr Jake Lim. Iv had two children and with both pregnancies my breast size grew a lot more then average. Probably around 5 sizes and then disappeared back to almost nothing. I had stretched skin and lost all volume. Dr Jake Lim and his team where so professional and knowledgeable during the whole process and made me feel so at ease about a life changing operation. Dr Lim helped me pick the perfect implant to create the desired look I was after. I wanted to create shape and fullness I had lost. My breasts look absolutely amazing and are even better then what I’d hoped for. I am so happy I chose Dr Lim over other plastic surgeons especially after I experienced unexpected Tachycardia after the surgery. I was so well looked after at Weastmead private hospital and By Dr Lim’s team I know I picked the best place to have my breast augmentation done.

  • taylah


    Never been happier with Dr jake lim and the teams service

    I travelled over 1 hour each way just to be with Dr lim and it was the best decision ever

    I highly recommend him and the team for any plastic surgery

  • More

    I had previously been to several doctors to compare for breast lift, implant and lower body lift. Dr Lim and his staff were extremely professional and his nature made me feel comfortable and reassured I was choosing the right procedure. He show d me all the options and how to get the best long lasting results. Post operative care is excellent. I have recommended Dr Lim already several times. It’s definitely worth seeing him for an initial consultation you won’t be disappointed

  • Kate Cole

    I had a great experience with Dr Lim and his team. Leading up to my surgery I had numerous questions and his team were always available to talk it through. Dr Lim is an incredibly skilled surgeon and understanding person. He was patient and kind, reassuring and professional. The results were more than I ever expected and I am completely happy with the outcome. Thanks to everyone at My Klinik.

  • Bianca Cardinale

    Once I hit puberty at the age of 14, my breasts began to grow. They grew gradually to a C/D cup which I was happy with. However, just as I thought they had stopped growing, they continued to grow until I was about 18 years of age and at a 12 E/F cup. I lost some weight a few years later in the hope that my breasts will decrease in size, however, they unfortunately remained the same size. I had one breast significantly larger than the other. They were extremely saggy- the nipple was basically in line with my belly button. They looked like I had given birth multiple times and they took over my entire body and life. I could never wear nice bras. I always had to resort to basic, full coverage, minimising bras which only came in three colours- black white and nude. I had to make the straps so tight to support the weight of my boobs, that I have permanent indents in my shoulders from the straps. I always had a rash under my breasts from where the skin folded and could never ever go braless. I always had I go up two sizes in all my tops and dresses just to cater for the size of my boobs. I couldn’t wear any nice tops, singlets, low cut or backless dresses. I couldn’t wear anything strapless or halter neck because no bras were suitable or supportive enough for my breasts. I couldn’t wear any nice bikinis or sports bras either. I am a small girl howeve, everything that I wore made me look fat because the size of my breasts gave that illusion. They made me extremely uncomfortable and not very confident. I couldn’t exercise properly as they hurt every time I ran, even though I would wear two sports bras to hold them in. They were just way too big for my body and held me back on so many levels.
    I decided it was time to do something about it.
    I found Dr Jake Lim through my local GP. I researched his site and read about his experiences and viewed some images of his work. The site was very informative and so I decided to book a consultation.
    When I went in for my consultation, Dr Lim was extremely informative, helpful, professional and comforting. He explained everything that would be happening to me throughout the procedure. He told me about all the risks involved and asked me exactly what I want to achieve from this procedure.
    He took some before shots and showed me the position and size that he endeavoured my breasts to look like after the surgery.
    The secretaries, other surgeons, anesthetist and nurse were all very warm, helpful, comforting and accommodating pre and post the operation.
    I am two weeks post recovery and I am already so pleased with the results. I have a bit more to go In my recovery process, however it has been as pleasant as a recovery can be. It has been very rewarding so far and I cannot wait to see what my breasts look and feel like in a months time. I am already going out, wearing much nicer clothes and have Regained all of my confidence. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this life changing experience.

  • Gemma

    I had a breast augmentation with Dr Jake Lim and am currently 2 week post op.

    I couldn’t be happier with the results, and in such early stages they already look amazing!
    Dr Lim and his team were fantastic, I would 100% recommend!! I am a very petite person and he really catered to that. He made me feel so comfortable and answered all of my questions. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. His staff are also wonderful, kind and extremely helpful.

    I went with 300cc round implants. I was an A cup pre op.

    I honestly couldn’t speak higher of my experience, results and their team!
    Thank you Dr Lim and team!

  • Lucinda Musolino

    I had a breast lift and implant with Dr Lim 6 weeks ago and could not be happier with the results.
    From the consultation to the post surgery appointments and after care, Dr Lim and his staff are wonderful.

    I had so many questions and doubts and after a lot of research I am so glad I chose Dr Lim.

    Dr Lim and his staff answered all my questions honestly and told me everything I needed to know, from what the surgery involved to post surgery and what to expect.

    I was very nervous as I have never had an operation and although it was my choice I still was scared and even teary before my surgery, but Dr Lim was able to settle my nerves and all the staff made me feel much better and at ease.

    After care has been amazing also. Dr Lims nurse Catherine called me 3 times in the first week post surgery to make sure I was ok and answer any questions I may have. I had a follow up appointment every week for the first 3 weeks and then another one at 6 weeks.

    Dr Lim’s needle work can not be faulted, I was worried about the scarring but they are very neat, faint lines which will clear even more over the next few weeks.

    All his staff are very helpful, Catherine and Robyn are amazing, patient, caring and nothing was a problem.

    I am so glad I chose Dr Lim he is very professional and doesn’t pressure you into making a decision you are unsure of. His results speak for themself.

  • Michelle

    My experience was exceptional from the very beginning, from the 1st phone call the receptionist were extremely helpful and friendly as I was quiet nervous about breast augmentation. Upon meeting Dr Lim I felt at ease and very comfortable and he spent as long as it took to go through the whole process and answer all my questions, Catherine the nurse was just beautiful and I’m so happy with the outcome it was beyond my expectations and the recovery was so much better than I anticipated. My only regret is I didn’t do it years ago I feel so much happier in myself and will be recommending Dr Lim and his beautiful staff to all my friends .. I can’t thank them enough!

  • Tiffany

    10/10 I would recommend Dr Jake Lim to everyone! I was so incredibly
    pleased with my results. Dr Lim went through every possible outcome
    with me to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. The
    support and attention that I was given was incredible.
    Worth every penny!

  • Tania

    3 weeks ago i had a tummy tuck procedure done by dr jake lim, i just
    want to say how happy i have been from the very beginning of my
    journey right up until the end with dr lim & his whole staff &
    team…they have all been amazing with me from my appointments to the
    surgery & after. I couldn’t recommend dr lim & his team enough…i
    will 100% be a very happy returning patient..i highly recommend dr lim
    & his staff for any cosmetic procedures.

  • Alison

    Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

    I am 13 days post op and thrilled with my results.
    After 3 pregnancies I now have my body back!
    Dr Lim and his team are all fabulous.

  • Annette

    Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift & Implant
    Thank you Dr Lim and Nurse Cat. You both are amazing and I love the outcome of my surgery. Cannot thank you both enough.

  • Brooke

    Dr Jake Lim has changed my life so much. I can’t even describe how happy I am with his work. This year I have had the procedure of a breast argumentation done as my breast were very uneven due to my back it made it look worse and made me feel extremely uncomfortable for myself I can’t thank Dr Jake Lim and all of his staff that have helped me achieve my goal. I not only feel more comfortable within myself but I’m a happier person .

  • Missy

    After having my surgery 20 days ago, I’m recovering well. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Jake Lim and all his staff. They all go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Dr Jake is wonderful. He is very informative and makes sure you understand everything really well. He has done the most amazing surgery. I couldn’t be happier. My scars are very neat, clean and healing really well.
    You are not forgotten after the surgery is complete, Catherine ( Dr Jake’s nurse) makes follow up phone calls every couple of days to see how you are going. Then you go in and have checkups with Dr Jake as well.
    A very down to earth Dr and all his staff. I would recommend you choose Dr Jake Lim as your choice of surgeon.
    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Erin

    Dr jake lim performed my breast augmentation. He is very honest and professional and I’m very happy with my results. I cannot recommend him enough.

  • Amber

    Ever since I was young, I always wanted bigger boobs. I always thought they would just get bigger by age 21 I realised that this was it and this is how big they would be. I would buy bras and make sure they were 2x booster padding. I would even wear 2 bras out some times, I just felt like it was false advertisement. So the hunt started to find a plastic surgeon, I looked around everywhere, all over facebook, I googled it and I started to ask people. Someone mentioned Dr Lim’s name, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to go for a consultation, from my first appointment through to my surgery he was lovely, the girls that work there are so helpful and so polite and caring. Overall I had a lovely experience and would recommend him 100%. I am so happy, he is very honest and not pushy lovely.

  • Anonymous

    I highly recommend Dr. Jake Lim

    I used to have ears that protrude outwards from my head and always wanted to get my ears pinned back. So I booked a consultation with Dr. Lim to get my ears pinned back, formally known as Otoplasty.

    In the consultation, Dr. Lim told me about the procedure and answered all my questions and concerns. He told me exactly how to procedure would be done and what he would do to achieve the ears pinning back how I wished. He was very helpful, professional and honest I felt very comfortable to go through the procedure with him.

    Not only was he helpful, but his nurse Catherine was very friendly and helpful and made me feel really comfortable about the operation as well. After my consultation with Dr. Lim, she briefed me on how to prepare for the operation to ensure I would get a great healing process. She also called me two days before the surgery and after the surgery to ensure everything was okay. The service Dr. Lim’s staff provides is the best.

    It has been 2 weeks after my operation and I am very pleased with the results already. Dr. Lim’s work on my ears have made me feel very happy and confident. I would highly recommend Dr. Lim and his team.

  • Paola

    5 STAR!!

    Everything from the start to finish is 5 STAR! The service, the surgery, everything!! What i liked the most was Dr Lim guided me to what was the best for me and my body.

    Very Happy and I highly recommend Dr Lim and his fabulous team!!

  • Anonymous

    Best Recommendation Ever

    Eight years ago my obstetrician told me that my stomach would never be the same. My muscles were torn and split after having 2 children and I was told that no amount of sit ups or exercise would fix it. Time had passed, and my husband and I decided that we would not be having any more children so I started to ask around about plastic surgeons to correct my stomach. Dr Lim’s name came up in conversation with a friend. She had a breast augmentation and was wrapped with his work. My friend highly recommended Dr Lim and his team and I can tell you, it was the best recommendation ever.

    Dr Lim listened to what I wanted and he told me exactly how it will be and that’s what made me feel so comfortable and have the upmost confidence in Dr Lim.

    I decided that I would have a breast augmentation first. I am really happy with the results. They look amazing, very natural and in proportion with my body. The follow up care was fantastic which made the decision for my tummy tuck procedure with Dr Lim that much easier. On my last BA check- up I booked my tummy tuck procedure.

    Wow, 2 weeks post op from my tummy tuck, I already feel like a new person. I don’t look pregnant anymore and I can actually see my toes and feet when I look down. My body looks in proportion as Dr Lim said it would.

    Hat’s off to Dr Lim, Cat and Robyn. They are professional, caring, friendly and very understanding. They have changed my life and I am ever so grateful. I highly recommend Dr Lim and his wonderful staff. Thank you.

  • Laura

    I had the best experience imaginable with Dr Jake Lim for my BA

    When I was researching plastic surgeons and came across Dr Lim, he really stood out for me. His experience in the field and high qualification gave me confidence in him, which only grew from the second I met with him for my first consultation. He is so genuine, caring, helpful and kind hearted and I felt so comfortable to have him operate on me. He helped me choose the size that was right for me after listening to what I wanted to achieve. I am now over one month post op (19 years old, 325cc high profile, round, silicon implants) and have had the best experience and am more than happy with my results. His whole team were exceptional during the whole experience, so I have Robyn (receptionist) and Cat (nurse) to thank as well. Cat was so lovely, I really enjoyed talking with her. She made me feel so comfortable and was very helpful with all my questions. I look forward to dealing with Dr Lim again in 10-15 years down the track when I get my implants replaced as I wouldn’t want any other surgeon to operate on me after my fantastic experience with Dr Lim.

  • Guest

    A Breast reduction changed my life!

    I am in my early 20’s, and was in desperate need of a breast reduction. With neck and back pain, and my heavy breasts causing breathing problems, I knew i would not be happy, confident and healthy unless I went through with the procedure. I went from about a F cup (never properly measured) to a C/small D. Worth every penny and the pain. This has changed my life!

    Dr Jake Lim and his wonderful staff at the office and in the medical team were amazing! I felt comfortable from the get go, with many people referring me to Dr lim, and after my first consultation I knew there was no need to shop around. He has done a fantastic job and I could not be happier with the result. Dr Lim is very professional and knowledgeable but also very friendly and comforting. I never hesitated to ask questions, and all the staff at Dr Lim’s office were there for me every step of the way. Would not change a thing, besides having the operation sooner than I did! Dr Jake Lim and his team have changed my life, and I can not recommend them enough!

  • Guest

    Mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation

    I recently had a mini tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Dr Jake Lim. I really just wanted to revert to my pre-baby body. After having three children there was visible ‘wear and tear’. I am 10 days ‘post op’ so yet to see my final results. However, I am more than happy with my progress and results so far. Dr Lim is very easily to talk to and discuss any concerns with. His staff are helpful friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr Lim for your cosmetic surgical needs.

  • Megan

    I’ve waited 10 years to find the best Breast Augmentation Surgeon.. and I DID!!

    I’ve pretty much summed up how I feel about Dr Jake Lim. From my first Consultation with him I felt comfortable. I am now 2 weeks post-op and my breasts look amazing! I am still a little swollen but he gave me exactly what I wanted! The staff were amazing and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr Jake Lim for Breast Augmentation, I have no regrets and I knew I was in good hands. Goodluck!

  • Natalie

    My Rhinoseptoplasty Experience with Dr Jake Lim

    I am a 22 year old female and ever since I can remember always had self esteem issues with my nose. I have a bad accident when I was 8 that caused my nose to be crocked and with my ethnic background, I thought it was a little too long for my face anyways. So earlier this year I went to see Dr Jake Lim for my consultation to ask some questions about the process and what could be done to help improve my facial appearance.

    I was greeted with a smile and Dr Lim answered all the questions I wanted to know on the spot. He made me feel very comfortable and assured me that surgery is not about reaching perfection its just about improvement. Dr Lim was very realistic and helped me to manage my expectations with reasonable and realistic outcomes. He was very honest and showed me a computer image of what I should be expecting to see after the surgery. After the consolation I spoke with Catherine, Dr Lim’s nurse and she was extremely friendly and lovely. She was very bubbly and had a big smile on her face whenever I spoke with her, we got prices and then booked the surgery for the following month.

    I booked the surgery and after having to re-schedule once (due to being sick) finally got the surgery done a few months later!

    When going into the surgery I was a little bit nervous but mainly very excited to get it done. Just before I went under Dr Lim came to see me and we went over what he was going to do with my nose in the surgery, I had all the faith in the world in him and was very happy with our talk before the surgery.

    The next thing I knew I was in recovery and waking up slowly. The pain was minimal at this point and I could see how different i already looked even with the bandages on. My nose already was shorter and I was so happy. I stayed overnight in the hospital and with great medication was comfortable. After being released the next day I stayed home in bed resting for week afterwards.

    There were times the pain was bad and uncomfortable but with beauty comes pain. The swelling was the worst at day 2-5 and on day 7 I went to Dr Lim’s office where I would be getting my bandages and stitches out.

    I was very excited to get off the bandages and be able to wash my face and see the results of my new nose! Catherine the nurse was amazing, she was so lovely and helped me with the pain as she took off the bandages and stitches. She made me feel better and made me smile the whole time.

    Dr Lim then came into the room and we told me how I need to be careful for the next 6 weeks we was happy with the nose so far, but we could all see how much swelling there still was especially around the tip of my nose (due to thick skin).

    After getting the bandages off I unfortunately got skin irritation all over my face. It was dry, red, flaky and very itchy. I called the office of Dr Lim and spoke through it with Catherine, I sent through photos of my face (because i was too embarrassed to go in public) and she with Dr Lim, suggested some cream to help ease my skin. After 2 days of use already my skin was so much better and I really appreciated all the follow up calls, Robyn and Catherine made to ensure I was okay and getting better by the day. There efforts of support and guidance really helped to make the experience pleasant.

    Now it has been 7 weeks since my surgery and I saw Dr Lim for my 6 week check up last week.
    I told him how happy I was with my new nose and he was pleased, although the tip is still quite swollen and will take 6months to a year to see the final result, everyday I can see small changes in my nose.

    The service and experience from Dr Lim, Catherine and Robyn the office manager was overall great. They helped me and answered all my questions about the surgery and before and after care. The assistance didn’t stop at the surgery, and I really appreciated all the helped and support they offered me throughout the whole process.

    I would recommend Dr Lim and his staff to everyone wanting surgery.

  • Jen

    Professional & friendly surgeon

    Dr Jake Lim was extremely professional, friendly & made me feel comfortable almost instantly. He was very thorough, explained the procedure as well as all the risks involved and gave me all the information that was required for my BA surgery.

    Professional & friendly surgeon

    I am currently 10 days post op ATM and am so happy and pleased with my results already! By 6-7 day post op all my pain was gone and I felt fabulous! I definitely had a speedy recovery and I believe that it was due to the skills and expertise of this remarkable surgeon!!

    My experience with Dr Jake Lim and his team has so far been has been a complete pleasure and I am strongly recommending Dr Jake Lim and his team to anyone that is considering Breast augmentation!!

  • Moe

    Male breast reduction after weight loss

    Dr Jake Lim and his team come highly recommended.

    I went in for my initial appointment just before Christmas 2014. I wanted a man breast reduction and a tummy tuck. Dr Lim explained that a tummy tuck isn’t going to achieve what I wanted it to achieve and suggested a body lift instead. Dr Lim also suggested I get each procedure done separately, as both procedures means I am under anaesthetic dangerously to long. I decided to go for the Male Breast removal first, then the tummy tuck later in the year. I was booked in for the 28th January. I attended an appointment 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. Dr Jake and his team explained the steps I would need to take prior to my surgery, which was very well written down and easy to understand. Dr Lim’s team also took care of all of the health care/Medicare aspects of things. I was told to fill out an online admission form for the hospital I was getting surgery at, which saved a lot of time on the day.

    Surgery was at Westmead private hospital. After going through the hospital’s ‘check in’ procedure, I was taken to theatre which is were Dr Lim and his team were there. They are all very helpful and compassionate. I had very bad anxiety and it was such a relief to see everyone, and they eased my anxiety in a huge way, The anaesthetic was very kind, gentle and helpful also.

    I remember waking up to Dr Lim saying how everything went well and I will be happy with the results, and he will see me in my room later on. Dr Lim checked on me every day in my room, and made sure I only went home when I was comfortable to do so. I’m not sure If I can add photos at a later date, because this surgery is very fresh so I still have padding on my nipples. I am very, very happy with the surgery. The cut is very neat and tidy. The follow up’s have been great. They explain how to care for the wounds at every follow up. I highly recommend Dr Jake Lim and his lovely team for anyone thinking of getting this procedure done. Hopefully in a few months I can put some photo’s up on here!

    Here’s some photos 1 month post-op.

    Moe's Gynaecomastia

  • Paula

    My breast lift and augmentation

    I had waited 20 years to have this procedure and kept putting it off because I was uncertain about what the end result would be. In that time I have seen over ten surgeons. Dr Lim was the first surgeon that gave me confidence in his ability to perform this surgery. I felt he listened to what I wanted and was truthful with what he could deliver. I was thrilled with the service and attention of his staff Katherine and Robyn with both before and after care to date.

    The surgery was performed at Castle Hill Day Clinic. I had the surgery and went home that evening after Dr Lim’s visit. I had no real pain to speak of that evening that was not dulled by pain relief medication. I was on Panadeine Forte fort for about a week and then went on Paracetamol for few more days.

    I saw Dr Lim a week after surgery and all was well. Had steri stripes removed end of second week and my breast looked clean and amazing. I am so please with the results and I know I still have a little more healing over the next few weeks until I can get back to my normal routine. My next visit is in a month’s time, in the meantime I have been instructed to continue sleeping slightly elevated and on my back for the next 4 weeks which is not that comfortable.

    I would recommend Dr Lim to anyone wanting a breast lift and augmentation, he is an amazing surgeon but for me he is an artist and a nice human being.

    Paula's Breast Lift and Augmentation

  • Charlotte

    Dr Lim & his nurse Catherine ROCK!

    I’m only just over 2 weeks post surgery (bilateral breast augmentation) and I’m already so happy with my results 🙂

    The whole process was so easy, all my questions were answered in plain english and they were there for me and my partner through every step.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Lim to anyone!

  • Brooke

    This doctor is the best!

    This doctor is the best! He has a great manner and his staff are really helpful. I had a BA 3 months ago and I am soooo happy with my results! I’ve gone from a B cup to a delicious DD!! From the first time I saw him I knew he was the surgeon for me – I saw him at Parramatta, Robyn was great and Catherine was fantastic – THANKS GIRLS!

  • Michelle

    Breast Augmentation with Dr Lim

    I had a breast augmentation with Dr Jake Lim approx 2 years ago. Prior to surgery I was a cup Size A and never wanted breast implants, however after having my daughter I was ashamed of the look of my breasts, they had lost volume & a bit ‘saggy’ . I decided to have a consultation with Dr Lim & from initial contact, he was the surgeon for me! (your gut feeling is always the way to go) and found him not only very professional , but very warm & honest as well. My whole surgery experience was wonderful, I am now a wonderful DD to E just depending on the brand of bra I wear. The whole practice was very accommodating. Catherine his nurse was always there to listen to me, even if I had the stupidest questions, & always had a smile on her face. Robyn & Lalyn were the best secretaries who would go out of their way for anything! I would recommend Dr Lim & his girls any day.

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