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  • Loretta

    I am very fortunate to have been in Dr Bayley’s care

    My first appointment with Dr.Bayley was in January 2013 to ask about the removal of a large lump next to my nose which I’d had for many years but seemed to have become a bit bigger.I thought it was an old scar resulting from an injury in childhood.

    However, he immediately recognised it as a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and wanted to do a biopsy the following week.

    I procrastinated and cancelled the appointment – a very silly decision in hindsight. Being a fifty something menopausal woman ,I guess irrational behaviour can sometimes be a symptom ! That’s my excuse anyway!

    Fortunately, Dr Bayley took the time to follow up with my GP,who rang me and explained the importance of having this dealt with and the problems that can arise from having a BCC close to the nose.

    So I rescheduled the appointment for late March and waited 4 days over the Easter break to find out the pathology result.
    Yes, he was right – it was a BCC and it would need to be excised.

    So the following week I went to have it done under a local anaesthetic in his rooms. He did a flap surgery which involved making two cuts from my nose down to my chin.

    He did warn me at the time that it may not be all out after this,so I was very nervous during the following week until I went to have the stitches out and find out the pathology results.

    When the nurse told me that I would need further surgery to get rid of it I just burst into tears. Of all the areas on your body, I think the face is the part that most people would not want to be cut with a surgeons scalpel.

    It’s not as if you can just put a dressing over it and cover it up.It’s very confronting to say the least. However,the nurse and receptionist were really lovely and supportive and took the time to make me a cup of tea and reassure me that it would be alright in the end.

    So, five weeks later I went back to see Dr.Bayley and he arranged for me to have the second op at the PA Hospital.This time I was having a general anaesthetic – much easier to just drift off to sleep and wake up when it’s all over.

    He told me that my cheek would be pulled a bit tighter this time,but it was a case of doing what he had to do to get rid of this cancer which had been spreading into my face.

    Well, to cut a long story short, it’s been just over a week now.After the initial couple of days of pain and not being able to eat normally,I feel a great sense of relief as the stitches are out and more importantly, the pathology came back with the words “complete excision”.

    Apart from the two long red scars and a feeling of tightness in my face,my appearance is basically the same.
    Considering I’d had this skin cancer for a long time,it was a great result and I believe I am very fortunate to have been in the care of such a skilled surgeon and also for his ability to recognise the problem straight away – a problem which had not been noticed at a skin cancer clinic check up last year.

    So to sum it up Thanks a million Dr. Gerard Bayley!!

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