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  • canderson

    I highly recommend this brilliant plastic surgeon. Derek reconstructed both my breasts immediately following mastectomies due to cancer. A friend who had the same procedure told me his work was so good that he is like an artist so I felt confident choosing him as my surgeon. During the DIEP procedure Derek noticed a swollen lymph node, removed it and sent it off for testing. It was an aggressive cancer. His finding may result in me having significantly longer to live. However Derek refused to accept my gratitude wanting the entire surgical team from Melbourne Breast Unit to be acknowledged. I have to mention my anaesthetist Kai Ching was also amazing. When I woke from surgery I didn’t feel bad about losing my own breasts as Derek had made new breasts that looked pretty darn good from the annoying tummy fat above my caesarean scar. So it felt like a bonus! I found Derek to be extremely stylish, quite quirky and straight forward just saying it how it is – he definitely doesn’t waste words as I probably have here! My oncologist told me he is technically brilliant and I can say I really like the guy for what he has done for me but also as a person!

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