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  • Jennifer

    I had a Breast Reduction done with Dr Damian Marucci & I am so happy with the results.

    From the very first visit to the last Dr Marucci & his team have been wonderful & supportive.

    After seeing many surgeons before him that I wasn’t confident with I was able to book in my surgery straight after the first visit as his level of service & experience was next level.

  • Ruth

    I recently had rhinoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Marucci and I
    couldn’t be happier with the result. I found Dr. Marucci extremely
    professional. He addressed all my concerns and took the time to
    explain all aspects of the surgery in detail. I felt very confident
    and at ease because I found him very approachable. My recovery was
    much better than expected and bruising was minimal. I was also very
    impressed with post surgery care .
    Thank you Dr Marucci, I’m thrilled.

  • Naomi

    I saw Dr. Damian Marucci for breast reconstruction.. He was absolutely
    fantastic and I can’t say enough good things about him – he is a
    caring, empathetic, professional and talented surgeon and I am so
    happy with my outcome. He made me feel completely comfortable and I
    really did feel like he genuinely wanted to get the best possible
    result for me. He was extremely thorough and explained everything
    clearly throughout and I always felt like he had time to answer all of
    my questions.
    I honestly can’t recommend Dr. Marucci highly enough.

  • cheryl

    I was referred to Dr Damian Marucci for reconstruction surgery after my implants from 20 years ago ruptured after having a mastectomy,What an amazing man so caring and being there for you every step of the way he has a heart of gold and I thankyou for making me feel blessed.

  • Annette Saadeh

    My story is actually about my 87 year old Mother Lucy Camilleri.

    Mum was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer (BSC) to the right nasal flap in 2011. She had surgery to remove it, which left her with a significant void. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with BSC predominantly in the columella, which is the bridge of tissue that separates the nostrils at the nasal base. Mum had Mohs surgery to remove the cancer.

    Once the cancer was removed we were referred to Dr Damian Marucci to undertake the reconstruction of the nose. Dr Marucci assured Mum he would do his utmost to give her the best possible outcome bearing in mind this was a very challenging reconstruction.

    This was done in 3 main stages. Stage 1 involved a right cheek flap + forehead flap and rib cartilage graft to create the columella strut and a full thickness skin graft to defect on nose.

    Stage 2 was done 1 month later and involved the raising and thinning of both the forehead and nasolabial flaps. The rib graft unfortunately wasn’t viable and therefore was removed and cartilage was harvested from her right ear and used instead.

    Stage 3 was done 1 month after and completed the procedure.

    To have seen mum from the 1st stage through to the final stage was absolutely remarkable. The healing of the scars is absolutely amazing.

    Throughout the entire procedure Dr Marucci was caring, empathetic and very attentive to Mum’s requirements. He put Mum’s mind at ease, which resulted in her coping far better with the procedures than one would expect for a woman of her age. She is extremely happy with the outcome.

    We cannot thank Dr Marucci enough for the wonderful work he did for Mum, which has resulted in her having self-confidence and the best possible outcome.

  • Nicole

    I was so impressed from the beginning with Dr Marucci. Initially, I had the idea that I would want implants as well as a lift, but after meeting with Dr Marucci, he advised me that he didn’t think it would be necessary and that a breast lift would be enough to get the results I wanted. I also wanted a tummy tuck, and Dr Marucci advised me that he would be able to do the two procedures at the same time. He listened, he changed my mind about having the implants – which he was definitely right about – and I saved $7,000. Not only that, he did a whole lot of liposuction at the same time for no extra cost.

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