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  • Louise

    Mummy Make Over (Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck) 2018
    I am a mother of 2 gorgeous boys who had to come to this world via Cesareans. Pre-babies I was always a small size (even in the boob department) but from my first pregnancy I had gained 40kg and I struggled for years to try and lose it. By the time my first child turned 8 I had finally managed to get back to within 5kg of my original weight. Unfortunately my body was very stretched and I had lost all my strength in my stomach muscles.
    I had always wanted to feel comfortable with my body and thought it was something outside of my reach. There are other priorities when you have a family after all.
    Dr Anh was recommended to me via a family member and I made the leap and booked an appointment. I was truly amazed at how down to earth and realistic Dr Anh was with her vision of what my body could look like. She explained exactly what she would have to do and what the best options would be for me.
    Her amazing staff helped me in the weeks leading up to the surgery to deal with the emotional roller-coaster of making such a life changing decision. The level of care from Dr Anh and her nurses and staff is second to NONE! Pre- & Post-surgery I had either Dr Anh herself or one of her lovely nurses checking on me and answering any questions I had.
    To be able to have such a high quality of surgery and support in my home city and not have to travel interstate or overseas made this possible.
    It has been 8 months since the surgery and I can’t help looking in wonder at my new body. I have a flat stomach and core strength again (no more saggy skin) The scar sits below my pantie line and fades every day – though I am proud of that scar! My breasts sit perfectly and I feel that they are now the right size for my body.
    I am finally comfortable with myself and I can’t recommend Dr Anh enough. She is a talented and unique woman and surgeon.
    Thank you for giving my confidence back.

    1. Wendy Gordon

      Hello Louise, thank you so much for the review. I am wondering about having a tummy tuck procedure done. I am wondering about the core strength that you gained through having the operation. I have read about the surgeon fixing muscles in the tummy area. Is this correct. Is there anything else you can tell me about your experience with the tummy tuck. Kind regards Wendy Gordon

  • Sharyn

    Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation
    I had lost 30kgs through exercising and had a lot of loose skin around my tummy and saggy boobs. My stretch marks were horrendous after having kids and I felt extremely self concious. I visited Dr Anh for a consultation in July 2016 and she was so lovely. She explained everything and she was so generous with her time and knowledge. After my consultation I booked my surgery for 2 weeks later. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m now 6 months post-op and I couldn’t be happier. The whole process with Dr Anh and her amazing team, especially Tahnee was wonderful. I can’t fault anything. My results far exceeded my expectations and I now have the body I’ve always dreamed of. I’m so happy that I chose Dr Anh to do my procedure, she is one very talented surgeon and her bedside manner is first class. I had 6 post-op visits to her beautiful clinic and her staff were fantastic. Thank you Dr Anh and your fabulous team of gorgeous girls, you have changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

  • Elaine

    My plastic surgery journey started in Rio de Janeiro at the start of the new millennium with a mini tummy tuck and breast implants. Dr. Paulo Muller was the surgeon, excellent, and very well renowned in his field of expertise – facial reconstruction. All went well, scars from appendectomy (performed in a field hospital in Lagos, Nigeria) and hysterectomy all gone. Nearly died of fright when he told me 15 minutes before the op that he was conducting it by means of an epidural plus sleeping drug, he could have probably done it without as I was numb with shock, true to his word I didn’t feel a thing.

    2014. My boobs had “bottomed out” as the implants were not behind the muscle wall and now looked fake. A lovely man Dr Luka performed the removal of the old and in with the new,in Stirling, Scotland, and they are lovely, have even been admired by the surgeons and clinic staff in recent months. Sounds a bit kinky but everyone seems to think that he did a great job. Happy husband as well – bonus.

    I moved to Perth, WA in August 2014 and fell in love with Australia all over again. I had previously lived here for a short assignment with my husband in 2009. Although 60, with 4 children and 7 grandchildren I still wear bikinis but time had taken its toll on my ab work. The middle crease had deepened, like to think with sleeping on my side, but probably too many days, weeks, even months of champagne shopping days! Whatever the cause the sight of non wrinkled bellies was making me think of doing something about it.

    Research took a few months, but I finally decided to go with a prominent plastic surgeon in Perth, well known on Youtube, CH 9 and CH 7, by all accounts a master at his trade. Surgery scheduled for October 2015.

    Surgery went well, was persuaded to have neck lift and eye bag removal at same time, so looked like I had been hit by a Boeing 747 never mind a bus, but in general first day of recovery was ok. Fluid had accumulated in ab area but wasn’t removed until post op 1 week later. Subsequent aspirations (1.5 litre) in all over the next 2 weeks was sucked out but was assured that was normal and would disappear with time. NOT with this lady it didn’t.

    3 month post op visit in January presented a seratoma, and shortness of breath which I had been complaining about since November. Ultra sound exam showed a large seratoma which could not be aspirated as had hardened, about 25cm long so quite large by any standards. Was told “time and patience” would heal all.

    6 month post op visit in March. Breathing no better, stomach looked like the surface of Mars all lumps and bumps, plus very swollen. Had CT Angiogram and a stress test to see if heart or lungs were compromised – nothing. All clear, lungs and heart healthy, fitness level of a woman 10 years younger.

    Tearful and depressed I begged the surgeon to do something, to revisit the ab site and find out the cause of my shortness of breath and the odd lumps. Once more was told ” time and patience” and he definitely did NOT revisit a site before 12 months. Exasperated, I said I would go for a second opinion, and was told ” that is your right, but if you do and decide to go with that person, then I wash my hands of you”. With those words of encouragement I left the office determined to seek out another surgeon’s advice. Here enters my saviour Dr Anh Nguyen.

    My first consultation was pretty emotional and I was fearful of the same response, but Dr. Anh put me completely at ease. She told me if I had been her patient she would not hesitate to revisit there and then, as nothing would improve in another 6 months. She suggested to give my original surgeon another chance to improve things. I did, and after much persuasion he agreed to revisit in August, 10 months post op, very reluctantly I have to say.

    Due to his reluctance, I decided to ask Dr Anh to operate as quite honestly my confidence with the original surgeon had faded beyond the pale. I have never made a better decision in all my now 62 years.

    The op went ahead on 6th August. I was very nervous as had no idea what to expect and I had no high hopes of a good outcome. What she found was in her own words ” nothing that I have ever seen in my whole career as a surgeon, trauma or plastic” It was a mass of tissue adhered to my stomach and diaphragm – 8cms thick, 16cms wide and 26cms long even wrapped around my side. Under the mass was brown fluid – everywhere. Due to the thickness of the tissue she had great difficulty to cut in and at one time even considered calling a general surgeon but persevered and managed to free it all. On removal, there was my stomach and diaphragm, normal and intact. Pathology results are not back at this time, but nothing sinister is suspected.

    The result is amazing. Truly amazing. She has a video and photos of the op for her own records as she may write a paper on the experience.

    I am now 4 weeks post op, flat stomach and no more shortness of breath. When I first saw my stomach after dressing was removed at first post op visit I burst into tears, the thought that I had carried around that mass for all that time with the words “time and patience will sort this” ringing in my ears, not to discount the absolute notion that I had finally lost my marbles and was spiralling towards early senility, it was all too much.

    Today, as I write this I’m smiling. Still to take it easy but its all looking good.

    This is a testimony to Dr Anh Nguyen and the fact that she listened, and believed me. She has not got the ego the size of the planet, like other plastic surgeons, but has a heart of gold and dedication to ensuring her patients are healthy and most of all happy.

    So ladies everywhere if in Perth WA look no further for a plastic surgeon, she is the ONE.

  • debbie

    in march 2015 I had the gastric sleeve operation, weighed in at 115.5kg lost 54kg to date…I needed a tummy tuck to complement my weight loss to fit into clothes properly…I saw dr Anh and she made me feel very comfortable straight away, although I weighed when I went in for fld tummy tuck 69kg and they took only 2 and a bit kg it made a huge difference to my size over all and body shape, now wearing size 10.
    the after care was amazing with her, a weekly check up and redressed and put under a special light to heal ,my scars are 6 months old now and looks amazing. it was the best decision I have ever made with both operations and living the dream now and loving life !!

  • Sanja

    After having four children, being one set of twins i gained a huge amount of weight. Since the twins birth now 3years old ive lost 60kgs. Regardless of the weight loss i still wasnt confident in myself because my excess skin held me back from doing what i wanted to do. My tummy needed surgeryand went to two male surgeons here in WA and Dr Ahn eas my lucky third. We finally did the op and i couldnt be happier! Nothing holds me back anymore! I have gained so much with the op! Im so happy i went to her because she really knew what a women needed…she was so patient on all appointments and treated you like a person not a number. I loved that she was a women and most importantly a mother herself so really felt she knew exactly what i was going thru and you can tell she just wanted to make the client as happy as possible. The aftercare was wonderful too but i was mainly impressed with post op recovery. I experienced very little pain afterwards. I recommened Dr Ahn to many people…she was fantastic!Thank you so much for changing the way i look at myself and gaining back my life 🙂

  • Leeanne Hilton

    My name is Leeanne Hilton. I’m 50 in July , I started my weight loss journey 5 years ago , after loosing nearly 60 kilos and looking like a melted candle I started to think about getting it all removed I went and had quite a few different consults but never felt totally comfortable until I met with Dr Anh. I really needed to feel comfortable and not vulnerable. So the journey began.
    A year and a half ago I had a fleur di lie abdominoplasty and a breast lift and reduction, my first week was uncomfortable but not painful I did have some small amount of nerve pain but it all wasn’t to bad. So a year and a half has passed and I still can’t believe how different my life is.
    I was so happy with my previous surgery I have just undergone a blephaplasty under a local anaesthetic and wow . I don’t look so tired and I returned to work one week later with just a little bruising underneath my eyes apart from that which I was able to cover with concealer , people at work were saying wow you look so fresh , have you had a face lift? I told them no.
    I am pleased beyond words at my transformation and my confidence has increased I feel I have come full circle. Thanks to Dr Anh and her team.
    You’ve made such a difference to my life words simply don’t seem enough

  • Abbie

    My name is Abbie and I am 26.

    I had always wanted a breast augmentation and finally decided to go ahead. I met with many plastic surgeons but then met Dr Anh in January of 2015. Instantly I warmed to her and her team – they were all so lovely and supportive. No question was too silly to ask, she made me feel comfortable and safe.

    I went ahead with my surgery with her and had my breasts done in June of that year. Aftercare was amazing and I am SO happy with my results one year on. It has literally changed my life. She listens to your concerns and what you would like to achieve. My confidence is now tenfold and it’s all down to Dr Anh and her team.

    The medispa itself is beautiful and so relaxing, you’ll want to go there as often as you can! All the girls are lovely aswell, so friendly and you can have a laugh with them.

    I recently got my lips done by Nurse Tahnee and I am SO happy with them. She did an incredible job.

    All in all I highly recommend Dr Anh and her team for ANY treatment you may be thinking of. I certainly will never go anywhere else 🙂

  • Teeghan

    My name is Teeghan and I am a 23 year old female. I have always considered having a breast augmentation, but it wasn’t a decision I wanted to take lightly.

    I knew that it would be something that I would have to live with for, basically the rest of my life, and was concerned about not liking the end results, the pain and what surgeon to choose.

    My original breast size was already a C cup, so some would say, it wasn’t completely necessary, but for me, it was all about my confidence and my own image of what I thought my breasts should look like. I always felt like my breasts were to low and just wanted a rounder, fuller shape.

    After having a number of consults with surgeons in Tasmania and Perth, when meeting Dr Anh Nguyen, I felt completely comfortable and the extra bonus was she was a female. I was given all the information to go away with and make an informed decision with no pressure to book any surgery, until I knew it was absolutely what I wanted. Once I decided to continue, I met with Dr Nguyen and her nurse, to go through my measurements and what implants would be suitable for my size, and what I wanted. I was also able to test some actual implants to see what they would actually feel like in a bra, which not a lot of surgeons I had seen allow you to do. Previously I was told to go home and put rice in a sock and put it in my bra, which trust me feels nothing like implants.

    I like a natural looking breast, so my choice for my frame was a 390H, once this was all decided it was actually a pretty quick process.

    I had never had any surgery like this at all before, and I was very scared. Once I was in the hospital, I was made feel so comfortable and relaxed with the whole surgical team that Dr. Nguyen had with her, and it felt like it was all over in minutes. (Obviously I was asleep and it was more like 1 hour and a half).

    I left hospital within a few hours, and lucky for me had a great partner to help me around the house with the cooking and cleaning for a few days. All in all I found the pain and the healing after my surgery really quick and very tolerable. I wasn’t able to sleep on my side for about a week, but I just nestled myself in a cocoon of pillows, so sleeping wasn’t too bad either. The days following my surgery I received calls from Dr Nguyen herself and her nurses, to check in on me and make sure I was ok,and see how I was feeling. She even gave me her mobile number in case I had any issues, and I don’t know any other surgeon that would do that.

    The few days following my surgery, they did feel very firm and unusual, but as each day passed, they settled in and molded to my body shape.

    The end results are AMAZING; I didn’t know how happy it could actually make me. But I feel so great. I have so much more confidence. It’s defiantly a personal decision to get any sort of surgery but I would highly recommend Dr. Anh Nguyen to anyone. She is a fantastic surgeon and a lovely person, as are the rest of her surgical team. I can’t thank her enough.

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