Treat Sagging Jowls with Face Lift Surgery

How to Reduce Sagging Jowls

As we age, the effects of gravity on our skin are inevitable. One of the most common issues associated with facial ageing is sagging jowls. Sagging jowls can make us appear older than we are and can give us a tired appearance. Fortunately, there is an effective way to reduce the appearance of sagging jowls and restore a more youthful look: face lift surgery.

Jowl surgery can restore a youthful appearance by lifting and tightening the underlying muscles and tissues in your face, as well as removing excess fat or loose skin if necessary. Read on to learn more about how this procedure can help treat sagging jowls!

What Are Jowls?

Jowls refer to the loose skin and fat that hang along your jawline. This area often looks droopy or sagging, and can be caused by a variety of factors such as age, weight fluctuations, genetics or hormonal changes.

What Causes Jowls to Sag?

Several factors can cause the appearance of jowls in the lower face. These include:


The main culprit behind sagging jowls is age, as the skin loses its elasticity and firmness over time. This exaggerates the effect of gravity on the skin.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can also cause damage to the delicate structures of your face, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.

Weight Fluctuations

Additionally, weight fluctuations can also contribute to jowls due to changes in the facial fat pads. This leads to deeper wrinkles and a slackening of the skin around the jawline


Genetics can be linked to jowls too, as some people are more predisposed to facial ageing than others.

Injectable Treatments to Help Sagging Jowls

There are a few ways of treating sagging lower face skin. If sagging is mild, cosmetic injectables can help.

  • Dermal filler in the jawline helps to tighten sagging skin by adding volume
  • Cheek filler can also help to lift the jowl area through additional volume.

Please note that these injectable solutions can reduce the appearance of jowls but not eliminate them entirely. It is also a temporary solution and you may need regular visits (every 12-18 months) to maintain your result.

Because jowls are the result of loose skin, the best method of treating loose skin in the jowl area is plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery to Treat Sagging Jowls

Jowl Lift Surgery

The most effective way to treat sagging jowls is face lift surgery. Face lift can help restore a youthful appearance and reduce the signs of facial ageing such as sagging jowls. It is a highly effective procedure which involves removing excess skin or fat, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

During this procedure, your surgeon will make small incisions along the hairline and around your ears, to access the underlying layers of tissue and muscle. They will then tighten these structures to create a lifted result.

Neck Lift for Jowls

Neck lift surgery is often combined with jowl lift surgery as it helps to create a more natural and harmonious result. This procedure can improve the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles and creases in the neck area, creating a smoother and firmer neck contour.

How Can Jowl Lift Surgery Help?

Face Lift Surgery for Jowls

Face/jowl lift can help improve the appearance of jowls by lifting and tightening the underlying muscles and tissues in your face. This can help to restore a more youthful contour, reduce wrinkles and create definition around the jawline.

The benefits of lower facial surgery are extensive. This cosmetic surgery procedure can:

  • Tighten and lift underlying muscles and tissues in your face
  • Reduce wrinkles around the jawline
  • Enhance the definition of the neck area
  • Create a more youthful contour
  • Remove excess fat and loose skin, and
  • Restore firmness to sagging jowls.

And when combined with a neck lift, it can:

  • Create a more harmonious facial contour
  • Smooth out wrinkles and creases in the neck area
  • Restore firmness to the neck area, and
  • Improve your overall facial appearance.

Face Lift Surgery Results

The results of face lift surgery are typically long-lasting, with many patients being able to enjoy their refreshed appearance for up to 10 years. However, it is important to keep in mind that the effects of age, sun exposure and weight fluctuations can still affect the results of your surgery over time.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to sagging jowls, facelift may be the right choice for you. This procedure can help give your face an instant lift and make you look more youthful and alert. And when performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon it is highly effective and can deliver long-term results with subtle scarring.

Consult With a Plastic Surgeon

Consult With a Plastic Surgeon - FRACs

Whether you prefer injectables or surgery to treat sagging jowl skin, there is a range of options available to you.

Always consult with a Plastic Surgeon before undergoing any treatment for sagging jowls, as they will be able to advise which option is best suited to you and your needs. They can also provide further information about the treatments available and any potential risks or side effects.

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