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About Breast Reduction

Women in Australia have large breasts. So large that they are, in fact, 10th in the world by breast size. Although large breasts are a source of pride and femininity for many women, overly large breasts can cause significant issues. If you experience upper and lower backache, shoulder ache, sore neck or repeated migraines and have large breasts, you may want to consider a breast reduction surgical procedure. Luckily, the Breast Reduction procedure can do wonders for any aches and migraines that you may experience daily if your breasts are too big. Furthermore, bigger breasts tend to become saggy and droopy, and the breasts’ skin can stretch over time, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Some women may also experience asymmetrical breasts where one boob is bigger than the other. In this case, unilateral breast reduction is the best solution for you. Breast reduction surgery can also be used to reshape your areola, making it smaller and more attractive-looking. Many women report having a much more satisfying intimate life after a breast reduction procedure, and they experience less pain and discomfort in their daily lives.

With more celebrities being open about their plastic surgeries, the taboo around breast reduction seems to be dissipating. The open attitude towards a healthy and fit body that is made even healthier is more present than ever as many women realise that their pride can also be a burden. If you consider having a breast reduction, consider some celebrities that have undergone that same procedure and look at their breast reduction before and after photos.

Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a common surgical procedure that reshapes your breasts, making them smaller and giving you more comfort in your daily life. To best understand the benefits of breast reduction, take into consideration the following:

  • Do you frequently experience migraines from slouching forward?
  • Do you find it difficult to sit or stand up straight?
  • or, do you feel that your breasts are pulling you forward and that you need extra support for them?

If any or all of these are true, you should know that overly large breasts can decrease the quality of your life as well as your health. Many women with breasts that are too large and floppy report having:

  • Migraines,
  • Sore neck,
  • Sore shoulders and shoulder pain,
  • Upper back pain,
  • Lower back pain,
  • Less than ideal posture, resulting in the spine bending forward.

A Breast reduction can help restore the quality of your life. After your specialist plastic surgeon removes a part of the breast tissue, your breasts will be around a cup size smaller, and you will start to experience all the benefits that smaller breasts have to offer.

Summary list of celebs

There are many celebrities who have had a breast reduction procedure. Most of these celebrities decided to have their breasts reduced to alleviate the discomfort that came with too large breasts. They either experienced pain and soreness or even embarrassment and bullying when they were younger. These celebrities decided to take their life into their own hands and change what they did not like.

Celebrities that have undergone a breast reduction include;

  1. Phyllis Diller – one of the pioneers, she had a breast reduction in 1974,
  2. Soleil Moon Frye – decided to have a breast reduction at the age of 16,
  3. Queen Latifah – had a breast reduction in 2003,
  4. Janeane Garofalo – had breast reduction surgery in her 20s,
  5. Patricia Heaton – decided to have breast reduction after breastfeeding in 2003,
  6. Dina Manzo – had two breast reductions: one in 2000 and one in 2010,
  7. Marie Osmond – had breast reduction surgery when she was in her 20s,
  8. Pattie Stanger – had a breast reduction in 2013,
  9. Star Jones – had a breast reduction and lift in 2003,
  10. Stassi Schroeder – has had breast reduction back in 2015,
  11. Kelly Dodd – had a breast reduction in 2017,
  12. Katie Price – had a breast reduction in 2008,
  13. Ariel Winter – had a breast reduction at the age of 15,
  14. Roseanne Barr – had a breast reduction back in the mid-1990s,
  15. Amber Rose – has had breast reduction back in 2018,
  16. Drew Barrymore – made her breasts smaller in 2007,
  17. Heidi Montag – had an implant removal breast reduction in 2013,
  18. Patty Stanger – had breast reduction surgery in 2009.

Feature Celebs  – their story and what they said about its benefits

Phyllis Diller Breast Reduction - Phyllis Diller PhotoPhyllis Diller Breast Reduction

Phyllis Diller had a few plastic surgeries. As she says, a woman hits 40 at about 90 miles per hour. She then hits the panic button and enhances what she already has, reversing the clock and making sure that she looks as youthful as possible. This star celebrity even wrote songs about plastic surgery. Back then, they were kind of taboo.

This pioneer in plastic surgery had a complete facelift, a breast reduction, a tummy tuck, a mini facelift, a brow lift, a nose job, under eye lift, cheek implants, tattooed eyeliner, and a chemical peel, all back in the 20th century. As she is sometimes called, the ambassador of plastic surgery was never hesitant to speak about her plastic surgeries.

Queen Latifah Breast ReductionQueen Latifah Breast Reduction - queen-latifah

Queen Latifah is well known for her curves, but eye candy for all sitting in front of the TV was a life filled with pain for this star. She suffered a lifetime of back pain, strained shoulders and, after dropping 25 pounds, was disappointed to realise that her breasts stayed the same. The E or F cup had to go.

So, in 2003, she went for breast reduction surgery. She does not regret it. The surgeon who did her breast reduction was skilled enough to remove just enough tissue so that her new breasts would match her frame a little better. She reported wishing they were bigger, but she also states that the change was for the better since she now has virtually no pain and can enjoy her everyday activities with comfort. Her current breast size is DD.

Soleil Moon Frye Breast Reduction

Soleil Moon Frye Breast Reduction - soleil-moonSoleil Moon Frye went through an emotional roller coaster while she was growing up. At first, when her body started developing, there was nothing wrong with her body: a teenager growing up and learning about her body and how it changes over time. However, since her breasts started developing very fast, she ended up with a pair of breasts that were the focal point of her body.

The large breasts brought a lot of unwanted attention to this star, and as she says, she was called names wherever she would go. She was offered only the roles that relied on her body and attributes, and she did not enjoy it. She decided to have breast reduction surgery at the age of 16.

Soleil Moon Frye’s breast reduction brought her a lot of relief. Although she was very young, she was also very determined to change her life for the better. After her breast surgery, the back pain was gone, and her shoulders lost the indentations. She feels and looks much happier and healthier now that she has breasts of a more appropriate size.

Stassi Schroeder Breast Reduction

Stassi Schroeder Breast Reduction - Stassi-SchroederStassi Schroeder opened up about her breast reduction. Enjoying daily activities and being physically active was a pain in the neck for this young woman. She had to regularly double up on her sports bras to avoid indentations and injuries to her shoulders, and she had a hard time enjoying life. Finally, she decided to change something – she got a breast reduction and got her DDDs reduced.

Stassi Schroeder went from a DDD to a D cup size and said that this was one of the best decisions in her life.

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction - Ariel-WinterAriel Winter, the Modern Family star, never had breasts that she could be proud of. When this then teenager started to develop her breasts seemed as if they would not stop. They grew and grew and became more of a burden than pride for this young woman. As she was going through a lot of physical and mental strain, she decided to have breast reduction surgery.

Ariel Winter also decided to be fully open about her breast surgery. She says that she decided to better her life and that she hopes that her amazing breast reduction experience would inspire other girls who may have overly large breasts to go down the same path.

Ariel Winter went from an F cup to a D cup.

Amber Rose Breast Reduction

Amber-roseAmber Rose, a young mother and a model, had her breast reduction in 2018. This celebrity tweeted on several occasions that she hated that she could not wear what she wanted and that her breasts were pulling her down.

Her back hurt, and she had a hard time shopping for bras. She finally decided to have breast reduction surgery after almost two years of thinking about it.

Now, Amber Rose is proud of her new breasts: she went down to a DDD cup size and has never felt better. Amber says it feels like a dream come true, as she can now shop for clothes freely and now even worry about her bra size. She was both scared and excited before her surgery, but it paid off: now she can enjoy her life and be a mom with no pain.

Patricia Heaton Breast Reduction

Patricia-heatonPatricia Heaton, the Everybody Loves Raymond star, had four pregnancies, and her body shows the signs. After four C-sections, the proud mom was struggling with breasts that had become saggy and droopy. Now in her 60s, this TV star decided to go for a breast reduction.

Patricia Heaton decided to have both a breast reduction and a tummy tuck at the same time.

Her body is now rejuvenated and her breasts smaller and firmer, which are exactly the results she wanted to achieve.


Did January Jones have a breast reduction?

  • No, January Jones did not have a breast reduction.
  • The rumours appeared amid the pandemic lockdown when she posted a picture in which her breasts were visible.
  • Amid several comments that complemented her youthful looks, some specified that it might be the plastic surgery to thank for her womanly attributes.
  • January Jones denied these rumours, saying that only genes could be thanked for her beautiful breasts.

Did Queen Latifah get breast reduction surgery?

  • Yes, Queen Latifah got a breast reduction surgery.
  • The diva complained that even after losing over 25 pounds of weight, her overly large breasts stayed the same size.
  • She underwent breast reduction surgery to adjust the size of her breasts.

When did Queen Latifah have her breast reduction?

  • Queen Latifah had her breast reduction back in 2003.
  • She did it to minimise the back pain that she was experiencing daily.
  • After the surgery, she felt skinny and young again, as the pain had mostly subsided.

Did Soleil Moon Frye get a boob reduction?

  • Yes, Soleil Moon Fry had a boob reduction.
  • She had this procedure when she was only 15, which put her under the spotlight and scrutiny of many plastic surgery nay-sayers.
  • However, she decided to have surgery to reduce her gigantomastia, which the breasts grow to gigantic size.

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