There’s A Buzz In The Air For “Anti-wrinkle injections”

XEOMIN injectable - There's A Buzz In The Air For “Anti-wrinkle injections”

 “XEOMIN” could this be the next generation for injectable “Botulinium Toxin A”?

Earlier this year at Cosmetex on the Gold Coast there was a certain kind of buzz in the air for what has been termed the “next Generation” for the treatment of frown lines and wrinkles– it’s the newly released in Australia Botulinum Toxin A – and it’s called “Anti-wrinkle injections” (pronounced Zee-Oh-Min) “Xeomin” injectable – remember the name! If you’re into muscle relaxant injectibles such as “Anti-wrinkle injections” or “Anti-wrinkle injections”, well here’s the number 3 Botulinum Toxin A “Anti-wrinkle injections” which is finally presented to the Australian public. No doubt you will be hearing about it soon, if not, perhaps you should be asking your practitioner about it.

Dr Torsten Walker, who is the Lead field Clinical Specialist & Quality Control of Merz Aesthetics has been using Anti-wrinkle injections in Germany for 7 years. Although he was not one of the first to start using Anti-wrinkle injections in Germany, he says that in his opinion” the more repetitive patients use it, the longer it seems to last”. He said he has seen patients that have had the affects lasting up to a year, but generally about 4 to 6 months, ”that is really individual”.

Merz Aesthetics is the innovative Pharmaceutical Company responsible for developing the technology which enables Botulinum Toxin A (they’ve called it “Anti-wrinkle injections”) to remain unrefrigerated and capable of being stored for up to 3 years.

Check out our upcoming blogs for our exclusive interview with Dr Walker, where we ask him all the in’s and out’s of Anti-wrinkle injections and why it’s considered ‘next generation’.