The Lip Lift Procedure with Dr Raymond Goh

Lip Lift Surgery with Dr Raymond Goh

For most of us, thanks to Mr Gravity as we age the distance between the top of our upper lip to the bottom of our nose lip lengthens. This lengthened upper lip can make us look older. Added to that, as our upper lip lengthens, it can also look thinner, as well as showing less of our upper teeth when we smile.

While this change is mostly due to gravity, it can also be as a result of our decreased skin laxity, plus other changes that occur to our facial skeleton with age. A lip lift surgery can permanently reduce the distance between the top lip and base of nose. The result of this surgery exposes more of the top lip, making it look bigger, as well as showing more teeth when smiling – all of which results in a more attractive and youthful look.

What is a Lip Lift?

Unlike lip fillers, a lip lift is a surgical and permanent solution to a too long upper lip area of the face. A lip lift is a good option for people who want to add height instead of volume to their upper lip. In certain circumstances a lip lift can be performed as an in-office surgical procedure. The procedure, while straight forward, requires great skill from a highly qualified and specialist plastic surgeon, such as Dr Raymond Goh.

Types of Lip Lifts

While there are several types of lip lifts, the most popular is the ‘bullhorn’ lip lift procedure.
With this type of lip lift procedure, Dr Raymond Goh will make an incision that’s hidden along the base and under the nose where it’s less visible. The incision is often made in the shape of a bullhorn, hence the name of this procedure. Once the incision has been made, the lip is pulled up toward the nose and stitched.

Why Have a Lip Lift?

A lip lift can be a great option for women (typically) who wish to reduce the space between the lips and the nose. As mentioned, this area of the face tends to increase with age and can make lips look thinner and the overall balance of the face more aged. The typical length for the upper lip to the bottom of the nose is approximately 1.5 centimetres.

For younger people, they may have simply the genetics to have an elongated upper lip, that they may deem unattractive regardless of their age. The cohort may have tried lip fillers and haven’t achieved the look they want from fillers. These fillers can also make their lips look unnaturally plump or duck-like, hence they may prefer a lip lift.

In Summary – The Lip Lift Surgery

Lip lifts are an elective cosmetic surgery that can make the upper lift look larger and more pronounced. Unlike lip implants or injections, lip lifts are a permanent solution. As with any elective plastic surgery, it is essential to find a reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr Raymond Goh to perform this surgery. It is also important to follow all the surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery.

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