From Big Nose to Beautiful Nose – Rhinoplasty Recovery Time with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

How long does Rhinoplasty Recovery Take? – Sydney plastic surgeon and Nose Expert Dr Jeremy Hunt answers

If we had a choice, most of us would want a nice, petite nose that blended in with the rest of our face. Dr Jeremy Hunt, Plastic Surgeon from Sydney, says one of the most common complaints he hears from patients when it comes to their nose is that it’s too big. It’s also probably one of the most common topics we get asked about at the Hub. So we asked Dr Hunt to tell us how to go from big to beautiful – rhinoplasty recovery time.

Dr Hunt says nothing determines your appearance quite like your nose. “It’s the central feature of your face – literally – and deciding to have a nose job by changing its shape, size or position can have a huge impact on both your looks and your confidence.”

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, can help you change the shape of your nose, including reducing its size. As a highly experienced Craniofacial Surgeon, Dr Hunt says it’s never more important to be confident in your surgeon as you should be with your rhinoplasty surgeon. “There’s nowhere to hide when you don’t like the results of your rhinoplasty. You want to make sure your surgeon knows exactly what you want to achieve from your rhinoplasty surgery.”

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time
Dr Jeremy Hunt

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

The important thing to remember about a rhinoplasty is that the recovery is an essential part of the healing process and that your final results will not be apparent straight away. Dr Hunt says one of the most popular questions for nose job patients is how long until they will see the final result, “A rhinoplasty is one of those operations where the final result will unfold over time, and if you look on the internet it will say it often takes a year to see the final results of rhinoplasty!”

There are several aspects to a rhinoplasty recovery and these are:

  • Swelling – Your nose, eyes and often whole face will be puffy for at least a few days. Most surgeons suggest it will be at least 10 – 14 days before most of the swelling and bruising disappears, sometimes longer. Dr Hunt says, “There is certainly some swelling after the operation and I do caution patients that they won’t see what is close to the final result for at least six weeks.” So, patience is required!
  • Bruising – this usually disappears after ten days but in some patients can last up to one month.
  • Minimise movement after your rhinoplasty – one of the most important things to help get the best results possible is to minimise movement after your operation. Depending on what you do for work, it is suggested you take at least 2 – 4 weeks off work for a rhinoplasty recovery.

Dr Hunt says, “In the weeks and months even after most of the swelling goes down there will be still be further little changes out to around 12 months when the patient can confidently say they have their final result. However, in my practice, we generally see patients have their final results around the 6 week mark.”

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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time
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