Heal Faster with Stratacel


Heal Faster with Stratacel

Trish: Hello. It’s Trish from Transforming Bodies and Plastic Surgery Hub. We’re here today and I’m talking with Lynne Charisis from Stratpharma. We’re gonna have a talk about a new product that’s just come onto the market from Stratpharma. It’s called Stratacel and it’s basically … It’s a post procedure care product.

When I’m talking post procedure, I’m talking … This is the non-surgical stuff. The laser stuff, the injectables, all that sort of thing. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had laser treatments before and sometimes it can be not a lot of fun. So, this is a great way to help you get less sore and heal a whole lot quicker, I believe.

Thanks Lynne for joining us today.

Lynne: Thanks, Trish. It’s a pleasure.

Trish: Tell us about the Stratacel.

Lynne: Yes. Stratacel is a new product that we’ve brought to the market, which is … As you said, a post procedure care product that is actually a wound dressing. So, it’s a dressing that you put on after you’ve had a rejuvenation procedure that will have damaged your skin. It helps it to heal faster, reduces the down time so you’re back out in the world faster, and gives you the best outcome from sort of that rejuvenation procedure.

Trish: Okay. So, if I was having a radio frequency treatment or fractional

Lynne: Fractional laser. Yeah. Or even micro needling, dermabrasion … Those sorts of things. All of those procedures wound your skin so that you then get the skin to rejuvenate itself when it repairs itself.

What most of the procedures do is either damage the surface of the skin or they dig the layers. When they do that, then you lose a lot of moisture out of your skin. One of the side effects of having those procedures is that you get very dry and flaky afterwords, which is not necessarily what you want.

What Stratacel will do is put a film over the skin, keep it hydrated … And by keeping it hydrated, helps it to heal faster. You won’t get as dry and flaky, and you’ll be back out in the world much faster.

Trish: Okay. Can … Does it leave a shiny residue on your skin or

Lynne: It leaves a slightly shiny residue, because it’s waterproof. By putting it on you, you’re actually putting a waterproof layer over your face in most cases. What happens is when it dries into a film, then you can just apply your makeup straight over the top of it.

Trish: Oh. Good. That’s what I was gonna ask.

Lynne: So, you can put your makeup back on and go straight back to work.

Trish: Great. Basically, you put it on … A really thin film all over. Let it dry … Which takes about how long?

Lynne: Five to six minutes.

Trish: Okay. Five to six minutes, let it dry. And then, you can just put the makeup on and you’re out there. Really, it’s almost like a protection between your face and the makeup, anyway.

Lynne: Exactly.

Trish: It’s sealing it at the same time.

Lynne: Yeah. It’s like putting a second skin over the top.

Trish: Yeah. Right. How long do you have to use this post treatment? I suppose it would depend on the treatment?

Lynne: It does depend on the treatment and how much damage the treatments done to your skin. You would normally do seven days for something that’s very light like a light chemical peel or micro needling. But, if it’s something that’s more in depth like your fractional laser, then you would do 14 days or more depending on how fast you heal.

Trish: Okay. Alright. Awesome. Well, that’s been really helpful. For someone whose actually got naturally inflamed skin like someone who has rosacea or … Is there any benefit to them just putting it on at all?

Lynne: No. Rosacea’s got a lot of other causes from within your body, so no. It’s not gonna treat your rosacea at all. What it does do is it takes down inflammatory responses. So, redness, itching, and pain caused by inflammation.

Trish: Right. Got it.

Lynne: So, that’s how it works.

Trish: Yeah. Okay. Great. Oh. That sounds great, I can’t wait to go have a laser treatment and try it out.

Lynne: Me too.

Trish: Well, thanks Lynne. Guys, if you’re out there and you are one of these people who have treatments and you do … Like I do. I flare up like god knows what. If you are, definitely check out the Stratacel. You can actually buy it on the plastic surgery hub shop website or you can drop us an email to “[email protected]” and we’ll send you a list of where you can get it from.

Thanks, Lynne.

Lynne: Thanks, Trish.