Reality in Plastic Surgery Marketing Pays Off at Hunter Plastic Surgery

Reality in Plastic Surgery Marketing Pays Off - HPS Reality in Plastic Surgery Marketing

Are you tired of seeing photoshopped images of teenage models promoting cosmetic surgery?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone! Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr Nicholas Moncrieff and his wife Amber are tired of it too and have taken a stand, only featuring real patients across their website, social media and even print ads in this publication.

“One thing we are very vocal about in our industry is the importance of honesty and reality in the images of women in the marketing of plastic surgery,” Amber Moncrieff, Practice Director said.

“For example, we refuse to use purchased images of models in our marketing – unlike so many clinics, because we believe they are misleading and have a negative impact on body image.”

By way of example, when the Moncrieffs refreshed the Hunter Plastic Surgery website last year it become an industry first as an image rich site that only featured their real patients.

“No misleading pictures of skinny teenage models here! Just a mix of real patients of different ages and body types after the full range of breast and body surgery we offer,” said Mrs Moncrieff.

Why reality in marketing helps with body image

Dr Moncrieff feels strongly about this issue, “plastic surgery is not for everyone, and I believe women should be given a realistic idea of what’s achievable.”

“If a woman wants to change something about her body, such as repair tummy muscles damaged in pregnancy or reduce the size of her breasts, then she should be able to. But images of models who have never even had surgery promotes negative body image and very unrealistic ideas about what surgery can achieve.”

“We not only invest in beautiful images of our patients who are happy to share their journeys, but we also have hundreds of proper before and afters for prospective patients to review before they invest their time and money in a consultation. We pride ourselves on being very upfront, not only on our results, but even with the total fees associated with surgery being outlined on our website.”

A focus on breast and body surgery

A strong emphasis on reality in marketing, along with a dedicated focus on breast and body surgery, has paid off for Hunter Plastic Surgery Dr Moncrieff in very hot demand with patients from across Australia.

Amber Moncrieff explained, “we have now grown to be one of the most popular plastic surgery practices in Australia for women, with almost 50% of our patients travelling for more than 50kms for surgery with us, and half of them from more than 100kms away.

“I think women are increasingly looking for surgeons who focus on a particular area of aesthetic surgery – and they are prepared to travel from right across Australia for the right person. In our case, that’s Dr Moncrieff!” Mrs Moncrieff concluded.

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