Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches and Techniques, A BOOK

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery industry is an ever evolving industry where the latest developments and techniques are being updated all the time. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons now have advanced tools and technology to continually discover new ways to ensure a better outcome for patients on a daily basis, and over the last few decades it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of the various procedures and methods by which plastic and reconstructive surgeons achieve their outcomes.

Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryAlthough it is near impossible for patients or the general public to fully understand exactly how a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon may go about their work unless we undergo years and years of training, it is also extremely difficult for surgeons themselves to keep abreast of the various new innovations and discoveries in their field by other surgeons and scientists (new materials, technologies and human anatomy understanding); especially considering the availability of information and insights into the industry across the world through the internet and the media.

This is why several leading surgeons and industry experts have come together to create a textbook with an overall rundown of the approaches and techniques that are currently used by surgeons worldwide in a comprehensive list of procedures and issues. We here at the Hub also think this book will be an extremely interesting read for anyone wanting to get more detail about any surgery they may be researching and interested in undergoing for themselves.

This book is a collaboration by some of the world authorities in varying specialties to share their knowledge to assist in bringing the almost endless world of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery together. Whilst it certainly does not assume to replace any comprehensive learning texts for university students or trainee doctors, it will almost certainly assist to give its readers a broader and more comprehensive (and practical!) understanding of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries that are performed around the world today.

One of the contributors who was also the chief editor and architect of the book is Mr Ross D. Farhadieh, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Australian National University, Panthea Plastic Surgery in Sydney & Canberra. We were able to ask Mr Farhadieh about what it took to bring such an amazing new textbook together.

PSH: Who do you think will benefit most from this new book, ie. where do you think the biggest percentage of readers will come from?

MR FARHADIEH: This is a textbook intended for training and established surgeons. It brings together experts in their filed from the corners of the globe all sharing their experience and knowledge with the readers. Dispensing pearls of years of experience at the highest levels. This textbook is intended to become an international textbook in the field of Plastic surgery. We have been very lucky that so many of the good and the great contributed to this compendium.

The Aesthetic component has an outstanding set of contributors from the US, Canada, Europe as well Australia.

PSH: Do you think that perhaps considering society’s growing interest in plastic surgery it might be a more widely read book than first anticipated?

MR FARHADIEH: It’s a technical textbook for experts and those trained in the discipline of plastic surgery. Its more unlikely that this textbook would find an audience amongst cosmetic physicians, “surgeons” with no surgical training or the wider society.

PSH: With the industry moving forward with new discoveries at such a fast pace, are you concerned that the book may be outdated within a few years of it being published? Of course, this may give you reason to create further updated volumes!?

MR FARHADIEH: That is a very good question. These textbooks are now constantly updated on their electronic websites to indicate all the advances. The second editions usually come out within 5 years to reflect this update and consolidate a textbook’s reputation amongst the experts.

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