Breast Implants – So Now We’re Getting Them Micro-chipped

Breast Implants Microchipped

I know it sounds bizarre and kind of strange but micro chipped breast implants are real and they could just as well be the answer to the health scares we have witnessed in the breast augmentation industry over the past few years.

A new silicone implant that has a RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip inside it, is about to hit the market.

The RFID microchip, which has already been approved by the FDA, will contain information about the implants such as the serial number, manufacturer name and other data. 

To gather this information from the implant doctors only need a handheld device to obtain all the information on the microchip, even years after the breast implants were inserted this information can be retained.

The micro-chipped implants called Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix are from a company called Establishment Labs, a major breast, body and facial aesthetic company that has offices in both Europe and America.

So far we are not sure of when or if the microchip implants will be released in Australia. 

Breast implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures sought after today. But as we know things can go wrong, like the PIP implant incident that was brought to our attention in the last couple of years. PIP stands for Poly Implant Prothese a French company that was convicted of fraud and sentenced the company’s co-founder to four years jail for using cheap, industrial grade silicone.

Perhaps micro-chipping breast implants are what we need to work towards safer breast implants? Though some are arguing that a Breast Device Registry established in Australia would do just the same thing and work better. What do you think? Would you consider a boob job with a microchip inside? Should we opt for micro-chipped breast implants or a breast registry? Mmmmmm does this mean they can track us by our boobs? 

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