Michelle’s Brachioplasty Surgery Recovery – Day by Day

Michelle's Brachioplasty Surgery

Michelle has done a great, 4-part YouTube video, documenting her journey from a woman happy with her body – but she felt like her arms weren’t hers. To discovering the perfect, highly qualified surgeon, through to 14 weeks post-surgery where her arms look fabulous, in fact the surgery seems to have enhanced her whole body and overall attractiveness.

Here’s some highlights from the 4-part video.

Pre Brachioplasty Surgery

I exercise, I’m toned, but arms aren’t. Having liposuction won’t work – as the excess skin is still there. Surgery is the answer for what I want. I tried laser; I’ve tried everything. A friend originally recommended  my surgeon, I just hit it off with him straight away.

I looked for someone who would do what I wanted, how I wanted. It’s important to feel comfortable with your surgeon ad it’s an ongoing relationship for 12 months. I am really happy with the choice I have made. Plus, I really liked his before and after pictures.

I know I’ll have a scar – but my surgeon planned to position the scar on the inside of my arm, I won’t see it and most other people won’t notice it because of where the scar will be placed. My Surgeon is a fully qualified plastic surgeon, and the price of the procedure includes the complete package – everything is included. That left me with nothing to think about, except being a good patient.

Post Brachioplasty Surgery

Everything went great! My Surgeon was really pleased with how it all went. I spent two nights in hospital. My private health insurance covered the hospital stay. I had to sleep on my back with my arms on side. I had pillows under arms, drains, it was definitely more uncomfortable than it was painful.

Day 2. I went home. Ice packs on my arms (from Chemist Warehouse) and pain medication. I had to be careful not to do too much.

Day 5. I’m still wearing the pressure garments, though I don’t need the pain medication, but the ice packs really help. I sleep with 2 pillows under my knees, one under each arm, and a couple under head. It’s actually very comfortable.

Day 7. The dressings are removed and changed. My surgeon checked everything, and he was very happy. It’s very important at this stage that you are fully supported, and your surgeon is happy with how everything is going. Everything was great according to Dr Barnett. I had a heal light treatment and my padded dressing was reapplied.

Day 10. I’m feeling great – and I’m even starting to get bored! There’s a bit of tingly feeling in my arms, but there’s good movement.

Day 14. The dressings are off, and then fresh ones are replied, though it’s with a different tape, not the soft padded ones I had for the first two weeks. This new tape is really easy to take off and reapply when you have showers, because I’m still wear the pressure garment, and this helps to keep everything in place. One of the best things is the ice packs! The ice was really relieving, it really helped.

14 Weeks Post Brachioplasty Surgery

People ask if I’ve lost weight, but I just tell them, no but my arms have! I’m now looking at scar treatments and talking with the dermal team at the clinic. Naturally I was worried about the scarring. I really wanted to know that wherever I had my surgery done that they had a good post-surgery scar regime and they do at the clinic.

The arms can scar, but the benefit far outweighs the scar. Scarring can take up to 2 years to settle. But I saw the dermal clinicians for a consult today and we might do some Fraxel, or skin needling, or laser. There’s a whole lot of modalities available and all of these will help.

I’ve been asked would I do it again. And the answer is absolutely! I just felt so supported. And I just felt before surgery like my arms didn’t belong to my body. Now look at them!

*They do look great! Really great!

I’ve also been asked how much time do you need to take off work? I think if you can work from home, you could be working again within a week. If it’s physical work that you do, you might need that full two weeks off. But the great thing about this surgery is you will be wearing the pressure garments and you can cover those up with sleeves, so no one notices.

And now shopping is so much more fun. Now I can just get what I like to wear, what’s flattering, everything is the same size now – including my arms. I’m a lot happier, and I feel so much better about myself and my body.

*The scars really don’t look bad – at all – and the arms overall look so good!

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