Men and Plastic Surgery – Which procedures and non-surgical treatments are most popular?

With Men’s Health Week from 11 – 17 June 2018 we thought it was appropriate to check out men and beauty – which male plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments are popular. Beauty is no longer just a domain for women – more and more men are seeing the benefits of looking after themselves and getting a tweak here and there. We had a chat to Dr Jeremy Hunt, one of Australia’s most in demand plastic surgeons, about what men want when it comes to treatments and procedures.

Dr Jeremy Hunt
Dr Jeremy Hunt

There are several reasons why there’s been a massive increase in the number of men undergoing plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments; these include:

  • To look good – men aren’t the only ones who want to like what they’re looking at in the mirror, especially the younger generation where treatments and procedures are offered in every clinic and their girlfriends are likely having them;
  • To be competitive in the job market – whilst it may not be fair, it has been proven that those who present well are going to have a better chance of getting a job than someone who doesn’t;
  • Bodybuilders – having a sculpted, well defined body is definitely part of the body building culture and more and more of them are undergoing plastic surgery to get the “ideal” bodybuilding body.
  • Mid-life crisis, or male “mummy makeovers” (or “daddy do-overs”!) – instead of buying the porsche and having an affair, men are having liposuction, breast reductions or anything else to fix those parts of themselves they don’t like or are making them feel old.

Dr Jeremy Hunt agrees that in today’s age men are just as concerned about their appearance as women. “They’re increasingly seeking plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures to improve how they look. This is particularly evident in a country such as Australia, where our harsh sun not only means that we often experience the effects of premature ageing, but also that we spend a lot of time exposing our bodies on the beach.”

What treatments and procedures do men have?

Dr Jeremy Hunt tells us that the most popular male plastic surgeries include gynecomastia or male chest reduction (“man boobs”) along with rhinoplasty but gave us his list of those procedures he commonly performs on men:

  • Gynecomastia – having extra breast tissue can be extremely embarrassing for a man and can affect his confidence and willingness to show off his body in a swimsuit which is more of a problem in Australia than it might be in other countries due to our sun and surf culture;
  • Liposuction – as we age men are also affected by those stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge and not all men have the time or inclination to head to the gym;
  • Rhinoplasty or nose surgery – this is probably the most popular surgery for men. Besides our sports culture where a vast majority of men play contact sports as kids and young men (broken noses, etc.) unfortunately men tend to be more physical with each other resulting in broken noses!
  • Eyelid surgery – men are recognising that having surgery on their eyes can not only turn back the clock a few years but can help with their vision as well;
  • Neck lift – Dr Hunt says this is popular amongst men hoping to look younger;
  • Chin Surgery – this is a popular one for men because of its ability to transform a man’s appearance and profile. Often men ask for a more masculine look which can change the way they are seen by the world. Studies have shown that a man having a more masculine or defined chin or jawline can him more attractive to the opposite sex as well as make him be seen as more trustworthy!

Dr Jeremy Hunt featured on the Channel 9 show “This Time Next Year”. He presented one of his male plastic surgery patients who experienced massive weight loss with a lower body lift. The patient received one of the biggest reactions from the audience because of his amazing body transformation. See that story here.

Men and Plastic Surgery

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Jeremy Hunt, you can phone (02) 9327 1733 or visit his website to find out more.

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