Lip Enhancement Options with Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Lip Enhancement
Dr Gavin Sandercoe
Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Most of us have heard about the Kylie Jenner challenge, but what if we want gorgeous, full lips for real, a little more permanently? Great lips can make a huge difference to your appearance and are said to say a lot about your personality and life path! It is important though that your other facial features are taken into consideration to make sure you get the right lips to enhance your face; be in harmony with it; and balance with the rest of your features, not detract from them.

With all the advancements in aesthetics over the last couple of years, there are several options for lip enhancement. We spoke to Dr Gavin Sandercoe from Bella Vista in NSW to find out how he ensures his patients have some of the most luscious lips around. He says, “Not all of us have the genetics to have lips like some of our favourite movie stars. As we age, some of the fat overlying the lips loses thickness. In addition, the normal movements of the lips contribute to extra lines around the lips, especially in smokers.”

More than just lips…

Lip volume and shape are what makes perfect lips, but just how do we get that perfect pout? Dr Sandercoe gives us his list of options they offer at his clinic Norwest Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

Dermal Fillers

An injectable dermal filler is the most common method by which to plump up your lips. There are many different types of dermal fillers on the market. Make sure you ask your practitioner what sort they use and do your research. Some longer lasting fillers are firmer to touch. This makes your mouth move more stiffly, and can be noticeable when kissing! Choosing a well reputed, trained and experienced practitioner or plastic surgeon will reduce your risks but you still want to know what they’re injecting into your lips.

Dermal Filler - Before & After

Dermal fillers to plump up the cheek

The cheek? What does the cheek have to do with lips? Dr Sandercoe sheds some light, “Considering the overall facial balance is an important part of a lip enhancement. Surgically enhancing the size and shape of your lips can create significant visual changes to how your chin, nose, and cheeks appear. In some cases, another procedure, such as a rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) or cheek enhancement may be performed along with the lip enhancement, to achieve the correct overall facial balance. Additionally, surgical or non-surgical procedures for the other parts of the face may help to achieve the overall desired results from the lip enhancement. Different patients may benefit from different procedures, so you’ll need a consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon to determine what would be best in your case.”

Fat Transfer to Lips and Cheeks

Fat injections are a great option but can be unpredictable. When fat is transferred into an area, it needs to rest and be still whilst new blood vessels grow into the newly transferred cells. ‘Rest’ and ‘being still’ does not happen in lips. All fat transfer procedures have a ‘take rate’ of 60-80%. No one can predict which third of the fat cells will not make it, so patients should understand that some volume loss, and the need for a top up, is part of the risks for any fat transfer procedure.

As Dr Sandercoe mentions above, there are other things to consider to really make your lips shine. Those with lines and wrinkles around their lips may wish to have anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, micro-fat transfer, micro-needling, laser skin resurfacing or dermabrasion to reduce their appearance and then there is the surgical option to completely reshape your lips.

If you’re interested in getting those kissable lips you’ve always dreamed of, arrange a consultation with a couple of practitioners and have a chat about it! All of these surgical and non-surgical options, including dermal filler injections, anti-wrinkle injections and laser skin resurfacing procedures, are performed at Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery under local anaesthesia by Dr Sandercoe.