Leah’s Story “surgery has motivated me to lose weight”

Leah's Story "surgery has motivated me to lose weight"

“I haven’t owned a swimsuit since I was 25 and the surgery has motivated me to lose weight!”

Leah had a breast lift and implants performed by Dr. Pouria Moradi in December 2013.

It was something she had always wanted to do. At 40 years old and after having 2 kids, Leah’s 10DD breasts had sagged and she hated them.

With a family, mortgage and not believing she deserved it, Leah put the procedure off until she stumbled across Dr. Moradi’s blogs which was informative and outlined the procedure and the benefits that could be claimed through Medicare and Health Funds. (Read more on the Medicare Rebate here)

Leah contacted Dr. Moradi with her queries and he got back to her straight away with compassion.

Leah explained that any hesitation that she had towards the procedure was soon extinguished once she had met with Dr. Moradi. Leah says that Dr. Moradi’s patient care was absolutely phenomenal. She felt so supported and cared for by Dr. Moradi and his staff throughout the whole process.

“I always thought am I just being selfish? There are people out there with real illness but after I met with Dr. Moradi I found that he was so supportive and caring and realized afterward that I am much happier person now that I have taken the time out to do something for myself” explains Leah.

After her first email to Dr. Moradi, Leah had a consultation with him within 2 weeks. Then she was booked in for surgery 2 weeks after that.

Unfortunately Leah’s nan died within the 2 weeks leading up to her surgery.
And the funeral fell on the same day that her surgery was booked. Worried that all the money she had saved for the appointment Dr. Moradi kindly rescheduled her operation free of charge!

Leah explains that from the initial consultation through to the complete operation Leah couldn’t fault Dr. Moradi and his staff in any way.

On her initial consultation Leah took her best friend along who had previously had a breast augmentation completed in Thailand. Her best friend explained;

“If I had of known about Dr. Moradi I wouldn’t have gone to Thailand. Knowing that the surgeon is close by is always a plus if there are any concerns”.

Dr. Moradi’s price for Leah’s procedure was almost the same as the price Leah’s friend had paid for her procedure in Thailand.

As with anyone going in for a major surgery should, Leah did all her research beforehand. She researched everything about him; where he went to school, where he graduated, which surgeons he studied under and read all his reviews.

None of the reviews had anything negative to say and she found this to be true for her experience as well.

As for the end result Leah is completely thrilled. She says she was worried about her breasts looking fake, but they actually look completely natural.

“You need to do them in proportion with your body” is what Dr. Moradi explained to Leah. In her consultation Dr. Moradi went through all sizes with her.

The only advice Leah gives post surgery is to persevere throughout the first few days. She says they were the most uncomfortable to the point where she felt most top heavy. All in all it took about a month for her swelling to go down and her breasts to reach what they were meant to look like.

Now Leah isn’t afraid to buy nice things for herself and spoil herself like she deserves to.

“Now I can just go buy a bra or buy some nice lingerie and it looks great” explains Leah.

Leah highly recommends booking a consultation with Dr. Moradi if they are looking into a breast augmentation.

“Dr. Moradi was very caring, listened to I exactly what I wanted, answered all of my questions and left me feeling as if I knew him. Dr. Moradi and his staff are so patient orientated, I can’t fault them in anyway.” explains Leah.

“Even now 2 months post op he still responds to messages and answers straight away if I have any questions at all”.

If you would like to any further information or to book a consultation with Dr Moradi,
you can contact him here.