Kate Hudson – “will everyone stop being judgemental!”

Kate Hudson - “will everyone stop being judgemental!”

Kate Hudson was born into a celebrity family. Her mum is Goldie Hawn, and her father is actor/musician Bill Hudson. Her stepfather is also a renowned Hollywood Actor – Kurt Russell. It seems only natural that Kate would have followed in their footsteps. She rose to fame with her breakthrough movies Gossip, 200 Cigarettes, Almost Famous and The Four Feathers, plus many more hits under her belt.

But since 2010 Kate has been on the receiving end of scrutiny from press, bloggers and paparazzi about her appearance changing. In some interviews Kate has been asked if she has ever had any cosmetic procedure enhancements and her reaction has often been defensive.

Kate has often said that people shouldn’t judge those who choose to opt for plastic surgery. Instead she insists the public should focus on how each person treats another person, and not ask why surgery was undertaken. She believes each person is entitled to their freedom, to do whatever they think they have to do for themselves in order to make things better for them, without the need of being questioned by the public.

Kate admits that she dislikes paparazzi and openly told in her interview, “I just look at the paparazzi and mentally cut their heads off.”

“The negativity is just so vast. Will everybody stop being so damned judgmental?” she claimed.

I think we’re with Kate on this one. Who’s up for living and let live? Onya Kate.