It’s Getting Hot in Here! with Dr Graham Sellars

Summer Body

When the weather starts to warm up (it’s gonna be a hot summer!!), we start to notice the extra bumps, folds and wrinkles we may have gathered over our winter months of body hibernation! Besides having that shade of white that seems to be glowing on our little (big!) legs that have been hiding behind long pants, it’s the time of the year when we are more conscious of our bodies as we start getting out, being more social, and prepare to show more skin.

It’s also our favourite time of the year for a little rejuvenation! Little pick me ups to help us bounce into the warmer months with a spring in our step. There are so many options for rejuvenation nowadays. We spoke to Michelle from Plastic Surgeon Dr Graham Sellars’ office in Sydney to help us get a better idea of some of the more popular procedures and treatments on offer. Dr Sellars is a well respected Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and Michelle, his wife and practice manager, is also a highly experienced nurse and cosmetic injector at the forefront of the industry and its latest trends.

Michelle says, “I love showing clients their before and after photos. It is one of the greatest satisfactions of our industry. Clients come into the office wanting to improve some part or several things about themselves and we are able to help them with that.” Michelle says that although it is hard to identify any patterns for different procedures being performed at different times of the year, they do tend to perform lots of mini face lifts in the months coming out of winter. This assists with those wrinkles and lines on your face that will just not budge with the best skincare, or even more intensive non-surgical treatments.

Michelle also tells us that laser resurfacing is really popular for clients wanting to erase a few lines or wrinkles without being ready for a full surgical facelift. “We also have fillers and a great medical grade skincare at our clinic. A good surgeon or practitioner’s office is able to cater for clients at every level of their personal improvement journey, whether that is surgery for a tummy tuck or breast reduction, or non-injectables such as laser.” At their offices in Wahroonga, Sydney, Dr Sellars and his team are able to offer patients a wide variety of options to ensure you’re getting an individualised treatment, suited to the results you are looking to achieve.

Some of the surgeries and treatments offered by Dr Sellars’ clinic to give you a fresher, more youthful appearance and enthusiasm are:

It is this all-inclusive approach to beauty and rejuvenation that is becoming the norm. Even if you are not sure exactly what you want (the choice of procedures and treatments is vast!) Michelle and her team can help address any of your body issues and determine the best course of action for YOU.

To make sure you’re ready to bare your body in the hotter weather as this El Nino continues to roll across the country – you can contact Dr Sellars and the team through our website, or phone them on 02 9473 8577.

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