Dr Steven Liew teaches injectors all over the world with the Complete Face App

Complete Face App
Dr Steven Liew
Dr Steven Liew

Medical practitioners continue to educate themselves with the latest research and technology to help improve their patients’ lives. A globally recognized plastic surgeon, Dr Steven Liew teaches injectors all over the world with the Complete Face App. Dr Liew and Dr Callan co-created this revolutionary mobile app for medical professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and techniques on facial fillers and injectables. This educational app is suitable for beginner to highly-advanced practitioners, and is equipped with detailed information on facial anatomy and facial dissection. Read on to know more about this new interactive educational app and how it can help level up your game in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Complete Face: The first digital face app for doctors

The Complete Face mobile app is the very first digital app in the world that covers any topics related to facial injectables. According to Dr. Liew, the idea came six years ago, when he organized a small workshop for medical practitioners. Dr Liew realized the increasing demand for such workshops, but he does not have enough time to sit down and share his knowledge with other doctors. This was the point where Dr. Liew decided to create an educational app that allows people to look at it for reference. The goal is to make it look like a private facial anatomy and cosmetic surgery techniques workshop, which you can access anytime and anywhere you wish – and by “you” we mean medical practitioners.

Complete Face AppOver 200 instructional videos in HD quality

The app has over 200 educational videos recorded in high definition. These videos cover facial anatomy, patient assessment, patient marking, as well as injection techniques. You will also see pre- and post-injection videos, where you will learn about the material and products used for specific parts of the face. The Complete Face app is intended to promote safe and successful medical practices. The videos contain graphic imagery that will help medical professionals better visualize the procedures and facial anatomies.

Revolutionary medical app for beginner to advanced practitioners

The Complete Face app is available through the company’s website: www.completeface.net. You simply go to the website and sign up, this will then take you to the main menu of the app which can be used on any device. It is designed for beginner to advanced medical practitioners who perform facial injection techniques. It covers everything, from the basic frown line and lip to the highly advanced parotid gland and neck lifting.

Complete Face AppA gateway to the future

Dr. Steven Liew and his colleagues have opened a revolutionary way of spreading the latest discoveries and techniques to medical practitioners in the world of cosmetic surgery. The app contains hundreds of well-researched videos, images, and protocols that are instantly available at your fingertips. It is an essential tool that every medical professional in the aesthetic industry will surely find indispensable.

Of course if you’re lucky enough to be in Australia, especially in Sydney you can visit Dr Liew for your own injectables! Bear in mind, this guy is incredibly busy, so forward planning is an absolute necessity. To read more about Dr Liew, you can check him out here on the hub.