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Surgery Post Weight Loss
Dr Rohit Kumar
Dr Rohit Kumar

If you have made a concerted effort to lose a lot of excess weight – then firstly congratulate yourself. Losing weight that is, or can effect your health is a great first step in achieving wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, as many people who have achieved massive weight loss will tell you; there can be another hurdle to overcome to really start feeling good about yourself – and that often includes addressing excess skin caused by massive weight loss.

While no two people are alike after losing a dramatic amount of weight, Dr Rohit Kumar will design a surgical plan that will be tailored to you, and your exact needs. As with any plastic surgery, the final results will reflect your individual body, prior to any surgery.

Plastic surgery after extreme weight loss is both reconstructive and aesthetic. Excess skin after weight loss can cause anything from mild irritation, to infections, so post-weight loss surgery can be beneficial for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

A typical plastic surgery strategy after extreme weight loss would generally include a breast and body lift. This surgery can help to remove the extra skin and improve the shape and tone of your body tissue in your arms, thighs, breasts, buttocks and abdomen.

Body contouring, also known as body lift surgery, is one of the more common procedures that is used to help to improve the body’s appearance after massive weight loss. It’s important to realise the results of this surgery are long-lasting – as long as you keep your weight stable post-surgery.

As with any surgery, post-weight loss body surgery is not without risk. For example, you need to understand there will be scarring. However, as Dr Rohit Kumar is extremely qualified and experienced in this complex field of plastic surgery, any scarring will be as minimal as possible.

As well as the time required to recover from this surgery, some people will continue to have problems with loose skin. For these people, some may need a follow-up cosmetic procedure. Dr Rohit Kumar will discuss in full all the risks and benefits in consultation with you before your surgery. But for most people, the result of surgery with Dr Rohit Kumar post weight loss is a smoother, more normal and healthy body shape.

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