Back Bra Lift after Massive Weight Loss with Dr Matthew Peters

Dr Matthew Peters on the back bra lift surgery

Back Bra Lift Surgery

The back bra lift surgery is a common procedure for massive weight loss patients. A procedure to deal with the “rolls” of skin around your back, usually located along the back of the bra line and upper back area, the back bra lift is also often referred to as the upper back lift. We talk to Dr Matthew Peters, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based at Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, who gives us the lowdown on this popular procedure.

The back bra lift surgery generally involves an incision from one side of the back to the other in order to remove excess skin and fat and pull it together so any scar appears under where the bra sits. Dr Peters says this procedure is becoming more common especially in combination with breast reductions and lifts. For those patients wanting to exercise and wear sports bras but dealing with excess skin and additional pockets of fat, the back bra lift can be a life changer. Don’t miss this extremely interesting podcast with Dr Matthew Peters on the Back Bra Lift.

back bra lift surgery
Back Bra Lift Patient of Dr Matthew Peters

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