Dr Mark Hanikeri
Dr Mark Hanikeri

Dr Mark Hanikeri is a highly-trained plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeon. He practices at WA Plastic Surgery Centre in Subiaco, Perth. Dr Hanikeri offers plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures. He does a lot of cosmetic procedures like breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, facelifts, liposuction, and more. Already known to many, Dr Hanikeri is a volunteer for Operation Rainbow, a nonprofit organisation that holds medical missions to give children in underserved areas free reconstructive surgeries.

Dr Hanikeri plays a significant role in this charitable organisation. Volunteers like him are the very heart of the group’s work. They travel to developing countries to visit rural communities, or to calamity-stricken areas. Volunteers devote their time and expertise to all Operation Rainbow missions, with some of them being exposed to the harshest environments just to help those poor children in dire need of surgical procedures.

When on one of these missions, Dr Hanikeri joins a team of between 18 and 30 members, including paediatricians, technicians, anaesthesiologists, and nurses from various medical facilities. He has trained and practiced both in Australia and abroad in performing surgical procedures on the cleft palate and lift. Dr Hanikeri believes there are not enough of these cases in Australia for him to practice and improve his craft. This was one of the major reasons he joined the Operation Rainbow medical missions.

Dr. Hanikeri found an opportunity in this organisation to practice his skills on the needy. Cleft palate and lip procedures only take about 45 minutes, and can truly change the patients’ lives. In the countries Operation Rainbow operates in, it is really the only way these patients patients have the opportunity of obtaining happiness and living a better life.

The Philippines is one of the developing countries with a high number of kids with these conditions. These kids are poor and are deprived of good quality education and healthcare. They are also deprived of financial support for the surgical procedures that they need. With the help of organisations like Operation Rainbow, Dr. Hanikeri and others are able to help these kids in need for free! We absolutely love this way of “giving back”.

The charity work, for him, is both personally and professionally rewarding because he is able to use his skills, while making a difference. Dr Hanikeri says he finds the work mutually beneficial because the medical mission team enjoys what they do, while improving their skills in the process. Medical volunteers like Dr Hanikeri contribute significantly to Operation Rainbow. Their goal to help poor kids in developing countries would not be possible without their devotion for this cause. Makes us love him even more!

You can check out Dr Hanikeri on the hub, or if you’d like to book a consult you can do so here, or call his room. His PA Cheree will definitely look after you from start to finish.