Defining your Facial Profile with Neck Liposculpture by Dr Vlad Milovic

You can’t underestimate the difference a well defined neck and jawline can make not only to your profile but your overall attractiveness. A thick neck can detract from an otherwise beautiful face. There are various options for creating a more well-defined jaw or neck and this includes surgical and non-surgical. Dr Vlad Milovic, Melbourne Plastic Surgeon, is getting some absolutely amazing results with neck lifts, neck liposculpture and liposuction. We had a chat to him about the different techniques and approaches.

Liposculpture patient of Dr Vlad Milovic

While many undergo a neck lift to tighten loose skin due to ageing, often a fatty neck and ill-defined jaw area is genetic and a patient may have the issue from a young age. It may not necessarily be just an issue of ageing and loose skin but of predisposed fatty areas that have just always been there. That is why in these cases liposuction or liposculpture to the neck/chin area, can resolve the issues.

Liposuction or liposculpture

In some cases traditional liposuction is used to remove excess fat that is contributing to a fatty neck and jaw area with little definition. It may or may not be combined with a neck lift depending on the patient and their individual needs. Liposuction alone is more effective on younger patients as their skin on their neck is more likely to remain taut and tight after the liposuction removes the fat.

Neck lift

A neck lift is able to remove fat and tighten the area above and below your platysmal muscle, a wide band of muscle going from your pectoral (chest) and shoulder muscles, to rise over the collarbone up the sides of your neck. The area around this muscle can store excess fat making the neck and chin area appear thicker and less defined.

Neck liposculpture
Facelift and Neck liposculpture patient of Dr Vlad Milovic

If you think you may need one or more of these procedures you can contact Dr Vlad Milovic at his clinic on 03 9819 3786 or to find out more visit his website.

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