Crowdfunding for Plastic Surgery – what an eye opener!

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Is the world going friggin crazy? Breast Augmentation Financing – where are you getting your money for your plastic surgery procedure? Plastic Surgery funded by strangers is the latest wave to float round the world. Crowdfunding for medical procedures otherwise unaffordable has been a popular way for the masses to contribute to a needy child requiring a new heart, or other worthwhile causes; however it has taken on a life of its own and you can now crowd fund almost anything – including your plastic surgery procedure.

Social acceptance of this method of funding your boob job is definitely still out with the jury. The concerns lay with what expectations lie with the men (and yes, it is mostly men doing the donating and funding) have from the women they are financing. What do they want in return? The founder of one of the bigger and more established sites says it’s a completely safe environment where contact between donor and benefactor is limited to communication on the website so it is monitored.

However, there have been reports from women from both sides of the story. Some have said they were approached to be involved in pornography movies or other mostly undesirable offers; and others have said they never received any requests from their donors other than a thank you and perhaps a chat or two through the website. Indeed, there appear to be several happy endings.

However, we here at the Plastic Surgery Hub think you need to be beware. Example, having your photo posted on one of these sites may mean you end up being obsessed over by men you’ve never even met. We’re not saying all the men on these sites are undesirable, horny men (many of them could be genuine and generous and one of them even says it’s just his hobby!) but there is definitely the possibility of that element being present. It also means you; your information and your photos are out there on the World Wide Web, linked to a subject that unfortunately might attract some unwanted attention.

There are several other ways to finance your surgery. Besides good old fashioned saving, you might also be able to take out a low interest loan or credit card. There’s alsoDollar crowd funding - Breast augmentation financing some new payment plan schemes that have just come onto the market to help people that are not so good at saving (like me!).

There are also instances where some patients can access their super funds to pay for their procedure/s. Whatever you decide, you need to identify the right method of finance for you, both morally and practically.

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