Cosmetic Surgery and Spirituality

Cosmetic Surgery and Spirituality

Cosmetic Surgery and Spirituality

Cosmetic Surgery and Spirituality, this is a consideration which I struggled with for many years. I must note I still do not have a clear right or wrong answer but I can offer my contemplation’s and conclusions as they stand.

You should know my spiritual path began way before ideas of cosmetic surgery took place, even though I did have the same body “defects”.

15 years ago I began to look at myself on all levels, behavior, habits and beliefs which in turn is the cause of most of our physical surroundings.

Whilst diving deep into who am I? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? I looked at my physical life noticing it was not what I had desired but a default. The effect of not consciously choosing. I was simply a result of my parents (drug addict, jailed and death), due to heroin addictions, my mother’s extended family (completely unable to show love), and my friends (small country town, pot smoking, you know). PS love you all for being exactly who you are, for if I had not met you all, I would not have gone in search for a higher frequency. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I learnt that I do have a choice and my choosing creates my world, (totally wish someone had taught me that at school). Yeah – like we use the square root of anything. Anyway, this clear understanding which came from mostly hippies and the kind of people that are brushed off as “out there” are actually right “in there”, in the matrix, doing exactly what they choose, being happy, having time to breath, laugh, dance, live, and generally enjoy life.

After that it took me maybe 7 years of turning my world upside down and inside out to realize the simple truth of life and it’s magic. Looking inwardly for answers and letting go of so many old patterns. I noticed my body no longer fitted me, just as if someone had lost a lot of weight and their dress no longer fitted but fell away. So too did my skin.

My first surgery was hurried I was still partially in an old state of mind and was trying to fix a part of me from the outside in. I knew I was not completely, emotionally, mentally or spiritually ready but I went ahead anyway. Of course I was unhappy with the result and now I have a great reminder of what happens when you don’t listen to your inner knowing. The old pattern I still held at the time was to go for the cheaper option and get it now. Yes this mentality comes from my dear parents. Had I listened to my spirit I would have been patient and waited for the money to come and found a better surgeon. At this stage I first realized that the all mighty spirit, God, the Universe or whatever you call it, has no judgment about our choices but rather we put our own judgment onto ourselves and each other.

The universe answers all wishes and everything you desire will come if you allow the magic to happen. Simply put – if it is your true innate desire to change your body through weight loss, surgery, dress style or tattoos, God is not going to judge you and your spirit will be happy if you are truly happy. Not the kind of happy like, OMG! I love my new shoes, but the content and at peace kind of happy. This may seem like a contradiction but I have another surgery a further 7 years on my spiritual path to draw experience from. In this surgery I was content and happy yet there was a piece of my body that didn’t feel like mine, still I wore it proud and I was internally at peace with myself. This was one of my examples of the universe working its magic and the surgery just kind of happened. The finances, the right situation literally came to me.

The truth is the only judgment put upon us comes from ourselves and others. I’ve spent 15 years clearing my internal non physical self and now I am clearing my external physical self. I am a spiritual being, love myself and all other amazing earthlings, I’ve had plastic surgery, I will always meditate and grow spiritually and I am comfortable to say I may have plastic surgery again.

Love and Light

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