Comprehensive Breast Surgery By Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Eddie Cheng

As part of our job here at the Hub we’re constantly researching and getting out and meeting new plastic surgeons, most of whom we’ve heard about from happy patients or industry colleagues. Dr Eddie Cheng based in Brisbane QLD is one of these surgeons, and while this FRACS surgeon is fully trained and experienced in all plastic and cosmetic surgeries I chatted to him about why he’s considered one of the best specialist breast surgeons around.

Beautiful, natural results

Dr Cheng is known for his natural looking results and says he draws from both his reconstructive and cosmetic background to get the most beautiful breasts possible for each patient. “Results are tailored to your physical structure, needs, goals and desires. I work with a supportive team of patient coordinators and plastic surgery nurses, who are highly experienced in managing the complexities of each individual situation.”

Dr Cheng is also highly regarded for his ability to listen to and identify what each patient wants and needs and working with them to achieve their own personal goals. He understands that each patient has unique physical characteristics and combines that with his aesthetic eye and technical expertise to ensure each patient reaches their goals.

Exemplary Aftercare

Another thing I’d heard about Dr Cheng and his team that patients love is his before and after surgery care. I asked Dr Cheng why he and his team stand out when it comes to patient care. “I am passionate about the care each and every one of my patients receive before, during and after surgery. For me I personally believe that the recovery is just as important as the surgery itself.”

Dr Cheng gives his personal mobile number to each of his post op patients because he knows that recovery can be an anxious period for most. “To be able to contact your surgeon at those times can really help patients feel comforted.”

Dr Cheng says it’s essential that patients feel safe and cared for by their plastic surgeon and his/her team. “No one understands better than we do, that your breasts can have a significant impact on how confident, and feminine you feel. Your decision to have breast surgery is a very personal one. It’s no doubt something you’ve been considering for a while. Yet taking the first step can be overwhelming. We offer our patients a comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery service in a safe and caring environment. We take the time to understand your goals and to ensure that you are comfortable with your decisions.”

Dr Eddie Cheng performs all breast surgeries including:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Breast Reduction
  • Breast Implant Revision Surgery
  • Tuberous Breast Correction
  • Gynaecomastia (male breast reduction)

Learn more about your breast surgery consultation with Dr Cheng and The AR Plastic Surgery Team.

Pre op

Recovery, Breast Implant Journey

Returning to the gym after breast implant surgery:

If you would like more information about Dr Eddie Cheng and his team you can visit his website, or phone his clinic and speak to any one of his friendly and knowledgeable staff on 07 3870 3960. You can also check out Dr Cheng’s Instagram and Facebook profiles to see his before and after results @arplasticsurgerybrisbane and snapchat: ‘arplastics’.

breast surgery Dr Eddie Cheng

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